Supercharger hygiene.

Supercharger hygiene.

It would be prudent for those charging up at Superchargers or Destination Chargers to use gloves or a paper towel to handle the charging nozzle. Might be germs/virus on it from the previous user, or worse, you might be a stealth infector and leave virus for the next guy.

Same with any public items you might handle when away from home.

FISHEV | 22 March, 2020

I use wipes after touching it. Saw someone had thrown away rubber gloves right at the charger. Now who's going to pick that up?

mbirnie51 | 22 March, 2020

I've charged twice at Superchargers(SC) since our multi-county shelter in place order here in Contra Costa County. I start by leaving my vehicle with a clorox wipe in the palm of my hand, grabbing the charger end with the wipe and plugging into my vehicle. I then wipe down the cable about 3 feet, and discard the wipe in my cars refuse container. It was coincidental that the driver's side was in the sunshine (this may or may not help disinfection), but after 40 mins of charging, I felt secure in holding the charger end bare handed. Last SC session was 5 days ago and I'm still here with no symptoms of covid-19 (tech name SARSOCoV-2).

rob | 22 March, 2020

@Uncle Paul
Timely post. I just filled up my wife's Lexus and took sanitary wipes with me. Wiped up after refueling. I do the same when I charge my car at work. Not so much when I charge it at home.

Orthopod | 22 March, 2020

Wipes or wash your hands after