Software Update List

Software Update List

Has anyone kept track of all the software updates our Model 3's have received since they came out? I'm looking for a list of the releases and possibly release notes if someone has tracked this.

M3phan | 24 March, 2020

All Model 3 updates are listed here:

Tesla Raj also listed all 124 OTA updates for Model 3 here:

M3phan | 24 March, 2020

The google docs list of all the OTA Enhancements was compiled by @R0cco_Speranza

EVRider | 24 March, 2020

If you use TeslaFi, it will track all of your updates, which aren’t necessarily the same ones other Model 3 owners get. No release notes though.

JAD | 24 March, 2020

Nice list. Hard to remember living without some of those features!

kelvincrunch | 24 March, 2020

I m in Oregon and still running 2019.35.109, However, it indicates up-to-date. Wonder why?

kelvincrunch | 24 March, 2020

BTW, it is a new delivery from yesterday.

Magic 8 Ball | 24 March, 2020

Probably because your car is up to date.

Updates can take weeks or even months to roll out to everyone.

kelvincrunch | 24 March, 2020

I see. I would think the update rolls out to every 3 owner all at once. Thanks for the clarification.

dac | 24 March, 2020

Kevin, Mine came in a couple of days after I got it. (Got mine about 3 weeks ago)

shawncordell | 24 March, 2020

I’ve kept an update of every single update that I’ve received:

Nov 1st 2018 , 10:25pm
Version: 2018.42.3 eb373a0

Nov 8th , 6pm
Version: 2018.42.8 d1a49f2

Dec 3rd, 6:42pm
Version: 2018.46.2 8f8dc1b

Dec 19th, 2:48 pm
Version: 2018.48.12. d6999f5

Jan 14th 2019 8:37 pm
Version: 2018.50.5 c9323af

January 24th 2019 7:24pm
Version: 2018.50.6 4ec03ed

March 12th, 2019 7:22pm
Version: 2019.5.15 f5def7e

March 27th, 2019 1:24am
Version: 2019.8.3 da116a6

April 4th 2019 5:32pm
Version: 2019.8.5 3aaa23d

May 3rd 2019 5:12pm
Version: 2019.12.1.2 5c87371

May 22nd 2019 2:47pm
Version: 2019.16.2 73d3f3c

June 19th 2019 5:00pm
Version: 2019.20.2.1 5659e07

June 23rd 2019 11:50
Version: 2019.20.4.1 b612f97

June 25th 2019 1:37am
Version: 2019.20.4.2 66625e9

July 23rd 2019 1:58pm
Version: 2019.24.4 73fb1ab

August 6th 5:18pm
Version: 2019.28.2 320fba0

August 16th 3:30pm
Version: 2019.28.3.1 f9e95acd

August 28th 3.09pm
Version: 2019.32 9d0d19a

September 12 2019 4:00pm
Version: 2019.32.1 53f03e4

September 12th 2019 11:34pm
Version: 2019.32.2.1 9b8d6cd

September 27th 2019 1:30pm
Version: 2019.32.10.1 0874034

September 28th 2019 9:00pm
Version: 2019.32.11 bac8c51

October 3rd 2019 5:39pm
Version: 2019.32.11.1

October 10th 2019 12:50pm
Version 2019.32.12.1 641e9fa

October 13th 12:29am
Version: 2019.32.12.2 58f3b76

November 11th 4:25
Version 2019.36.2.1 ea322ad

November 26th 12:27
Version: 2019.36.2.3 4a358fb

November 28th 4:16
Version: 2019.40.11

Dec 5th 10:53pm
Version: 2019.40.2

Dec 23rd 3:53 pm
Version: 2019:40.2.1

Dec 24th 12:13pm

Dec 29th 11:13pm
Version: 2019.40.50.5

Dec 31st 7:26pm
Version: 2019.40.50.7

Jan 28th 5:37pm
Version: 2020.4.1

March 6th 10:10pm
Version: 2020.8.1

garretn | 25 March, 2020

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I wished I had thought about keeping a list like this.

EVRider | 25 March, 2020

@garretn: Consider using TeslaFi and you won’t have to keep track yourself. It’s $5/month after a free trial period. I think it’s worth it and I use it for both of our Teslas ($5 for each car).

M3D | 25 March, 2020

ev-fw allows you to track your updates, and it is free

Joshan | 25 March, 2020

kelvincrunch | March 24, 2020
I see. I would think the update rolls out to every 3 owner all at once. Thanks for the clarification.

I am sure this is done on purpose to limit exposure to serious bugs and help ensure safety for end users.

wick | 25 March, 2020

kelvincrunch I am told, although never done it myself, that you can request a software update by going to the request service tab in the app, and then pressing software update. Again, I don’t know if this is accurate but it was a response given to another new owner still waiting for an update.