Model 3 Extended Range 2020: Missing HomeLink

Model 3 Extended Range 2020: Missing HomeLink

I have just received a new 2020 M3 here in Switzerland. How do I get HomeLink to work?

Microterf | 25 March, 2020

If you haven't purchased it yet, I believe you have to buy it and it's a physical install. $300 and an appointment scheduled.

If you have purchased it, go to Controls-Settings-Homelink select Program, and it will walk you through it.

Family.Joules | 25 March, 2020

I had the same unpleasant discovery after taking delivery of my M3 Extended Range, that the HomeLink is not included and you have to pay to have it installed after the fact. You would think that something like this would be standard on the Extended Range model. If the salesman had alerted me to this fact, at least I could have had it installed before taking it home.

Joshan | 25 March, 2020

has nothing to do with lanf range. It is all model 3s. This is part of the effort to cut costs and keep the car price down. The price of the car is also lower than the people paid who got more things included.

Fastidious | 25 March, 2020

@ thardy8, that I know of, there is no way to have it installed it before taking the vehicle home. I got a M3 LR on 14 March 2020, and am having the HomeLink installed tomorrow. Will post back on what they do, as I have read several versions on what's required for the installation.

EVRider | 25 March, 2020

@thardy8: You expect the sales staff to alert you to the features missing from your car? If HomeLink is important to you, you should find out if the car has it before buying.

Lonestar10_1999 | 25 March, 2020

I see that the order page does not have Homelink as an option. It could be a sticky situation if you ordered Homelink to be installed aftermarket but before initial delivery. Maybe they could accommodate that request if you prepaid the entire car and forfeited the 7-day return policy.

RES IPSA | 25 March, 2020

A garage door clicker is $20. I would not pay $300. It came standard on my car, and yeah... it is kinda cool that is automatically opens and closes (most of the time), but I would not pay $300 for that.

NorthValley | 25 March, 2020

@Joshan..."The price of the car is also lower than the people paid who got more things included"

Say what?

Fastidious | 26 March, 2020

HomeLink install is complete. The mobile tech did not have to remove the front bumper, just loosing it a bit. It works flawlessly, and it took less than an hour, including the wait for software to install (25 minutes or so).

@RES IPSA, I could afford to spend $300. It was a lot to pay for a HomeLink, but I like the integration with the vehicle, and it works great on my garage, and the gate at my community. I wasn't going to add a clicker (non-minimalist) to my M3 (minimalist), if I could help it. After all, I paid $52.000+ for the car, what is another $300? Of course, that's just me.

Joshan | 26 March, 2020


Some things are no longer included in the car (floor mats, 14-50 charger, homelink, dead pedal, frunk hooks,etc). But when those items were included the car was more expensive.

Its a balancing act as the Model 3 is the lowest price model to keep the price as low as possible. The lower the price the larger the target audience.

lbowroom | 26 March, 2020

I think that Homelink is $300 across the board with every manufacturer. It’s a licensed brand name product