Bolt - Brake Rotor

Bolt - Brake Rotor

HI Guys,

I'm trying to discover what is the bolt size from this Bolt located in the brake rotor (see image)

Does anyone know the are the exactly size? Thank you

bruryan | 2 April, 2020

From previous posts, it has been called a temporary installation connector. IOWs you can take it off without effect.

PECo CT | 2 April, 2020

10 mm.

And, as @bruryan pointed out, it’s not required. It simply holds the rotor on when the wheel is removed. When the wheel is installed, it holds the rotor on.

PECo CT | 2 April, 2020

Oh, and the rotor can’t be removed unless you remove the wheel, the bolt AND the caliper.

Bottom line: Just take the bolt off of it’s in the way.