Model 3 Bike Rack

Model 3 Bike Rack

Does anyone have the Tesla Bike Rack, sold from the Tesla store, mounted on their Model 3? It looks nice. I am always afraid of metal clips against glass. also, Has anyone has issues with scratching the paint?

For the price of the Tesla roof rack, I was also looking at the Seasucker suction cup rack. I have had Bike racks that mounted to the trunk of 2 of my other cars. Both of those styles did damage to the trunk paint. That is making me leery about putting a trunk rack on my Model 3.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Xerogas | 9 April, 2020

@Pg3ibew: Tesla makes a bike rack for Model 3? Can you link to it?

Pg3ibew | 9 April, 2020

@Xerogas, Yes. I know that. I am sorry. I am re-reading my original post and I didn't make that clear. The Tesla model 3 rack is th rack that puts the metal clips on the glass. I should have been clearer. I will edit the original.

Pg3ibew | 10 April, 2020

I guess noboby uses their Model 3 to transport bikes.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 April, 2020

Hey, welcome back. Some of us resurrected your "just drive the damn car" thread as a wellness check. All good?

Pg3ibew | 10 April, 2020

@magic, thanks. How are you doing? Hopefully everyone here is safe.
I have been busy with my model trains and trying to stay sage here in NYC.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 April, 2020

Good to hear from you. I have a Marklin Z scale collection that I will start back in with in a few years. The show "you can't take it with you" has a nice train episode that I watched last night.

We are doing well, how is your Model 3 treating you?

hokiegir1 | 10 April, 2020

@Pg3ibew - I don't have the roof rack for mine...just an aftermarket hitch. There's no way I was lifting a 50 pound bike onto the roof (my bike is electric assist).

Pg3ibew | 10 April, 2020

@ magic, my model 3 is treating me like I am a king and my bride, a queen. Thanks.
@hokie, 50 pound bike? You are a beast to even be able to ride it.

Pg3ibew | 10 April, 2020

@magic, my trains are post war O scale Lionels. My dad's from 1951. I have been adding to the collection. I have seen a few shows on collecting. All fun

hokiegir1 | 10 April, 2020

@pg3ibew - It's because of the electric hub motor. :) I have an older version of this one:

Tronguy | 10 April, 2020

My son who has a M3 and a bike often has reason to haul the bike back and forth; that is, he rides the bike to work, goes clubbing, gets home late, but then has to go get the bike and drag it home.
He had the rack I gave him that fit my old (now sold) Honda Civic, but the brackets didn't fit right on the rear.
So, it was an Xmas gift. I did some searching around on bike racks and found this one that had good reviews: Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DB.
It's a trunk mount, which means it has to come off if he wants to use the trunk. He says that the clips go fine over the top of the trunk and miss the rear window glass. There were more expensive ones, but what the heck.
He said he likes it. Your call.

Pg3ibew | 10 April, 2020

@hokie, the is not a bike. It is an electric motor cycle. lol.
@tron, I have had the trunk mounted type. It has scratched every car I owned. I don't wanna scratch my model 3.

illyB_96 | 10 April, 2020

First time posting... yay me.

I looked at the Seasucker and found the price a little hard to swallow. Wound up going with Rock Bros version. Has worked well for me over the past year. I have been happy with it.

rdavis | 10 April, 2020

I won’t ever use a roof rack again after driving into a parking deck with my Ridley Noah on top. 3k damage to car and 1.5k damage to bike. I use a trunk mounted Thule Raceway Platform PRO 2 that I use.

As a note on that rack, I don’t hook the top straps under the glass on the top trunk Lid.. I hook off to the side so as to not risk breaking the glass when you close the trunk lid.

Thule doesn’t list this as a model for my car, but I already had it and it has worked just fine to date. YMMV.

hokiegir1 | 10 April, 2020

@Pg3ibew - nah. It doesn't go unless I pedal it. It just makes hills easier for my out-of-shape self. :)

jamespompi | 10 April, 2020

I use the rockbros suction double bike suction rack. works great.

Manjushr | 10 April, 2020

the telsa rack is divine and we throw 3 yakima high roads on it, with the band clamp. takes literally 30 seconds to put on.

johnpickensavl | 10 April, 2020

For me its remove the front wheel and slide the road bike in, with a cover on the reclined rear seats.

I am a newbie, perhaps that will change. But Ive never seen a roof rack I trusted.

Tronguy | 10 April, 2020

@P3ibew: The son says no scratches. There's pads. But that car's on the left coast, I'm on the right, so don't know if there's some other paint damage.

pete | 10 April, 2020

Too funny a buddy and I purchased M# on 12/30 and were discussing this just this morning. I'm not a fan of the roof rack for a few reasons, I have forgotten about one once before and pulled in my garage, you can figure out the rest of the story. And although I can deal with the on/off, my wife or daughter would never be able to use it. I too am worried about the truck mount, I've never had a nice one, but they seem very risky and in the way every time you want to use the trunk. Until now, I have always had a hitch and I have an old heavy bike rack for that. I found this this morning, anyone have any thoughts on it:

benichols | 10 April, 2020

I have had the Torklift Stealth Ecohitch on my 2018 TM3 for 16 months. Works great for hauling 1-2 bikes (Thule 2 bike hitch) and hitch is easily removed so 95% of the time you can't tell I have a hitch. There's a magnetic cover that covers the hole that has to be put in the undercarriage if that's important to you. No regrets.

hokiegir1 | 10 April, 2020

@pete - That's my car in their promo shots. ;) We love it.

Pg3ibew | 10 April, 2020

Thanks for all the ideas.

Xerogas | 10 April, 2020

+1 for Torklift Stealth Ecohitch. No danger of scratching the car or breaking the glass or driving your roof-mounted bike into a garage door

Orthopod | 10 April, 2020

Saw some pics online of a cracked panoroof from sea suckers

Might want to avoid those for a Model 3

bp | 10 April, 2020

Thread is tl;dr. I have the OEM roof crossbars and Yakima Highroad (x2). Used for mountain and road bikes. Works awesome, looks lit, negligible efficiency impact.

ODWms | 11 April, 2020

I can take off the front bike wheel and fit the whole thing in my trunk. I could be mistaken, but I also seem to remember lowering the rear seats before and fitting the bike in my trunk, completely assembled.

Pg3ibew | 12 April, 2020

I would rather not stick the bike in the car.

eugenepark81 | 26 May, 2020

@rdavis or anyone using a Thule trunk mount bike rack, what dial setting are you using and how did you go about finding the right dial setting?

aperfectecho | 27 May, 2020

Been using a SeaSucker, and it's working well. Use their specific M3 instructions

mortallity5991 | 26 June, 2020

What about racks not from tesla shop? Looked here: and it seems cheaper. I think they are universal, do you think, can I install to Tesla 3?