Today Ford is worth exactly $20 billion

Today Ford is worth exactly $20 billion

Stock at $5.03, that 20 billion must be way less than asset value.

And TSLA 135 billion.

Elon could afford to buy Ford outright.
What would that look like?

Concurrently, so could many others if they realised.
Amazon/Besos would be a good fit.

What do you think?
Can any of you afford that? lol :))

Ross1 | 16 April, 2020

Ford Motor Net Current Asset Value (NCAV) Benchmarks
Name Ticker Net Current Asset Value (NCAV)
Ford Motor Company NYSE:F -111.3 B
General Motors Company NYSE:GM -107.1 B
Renault SA OTCPK:RNSD.F -14.652 B
Tesla, Inc. NASDAQGS:TSLA -14.096 B
Mazda Motor Corporation OTCPK:MZDA.F -2.088 B
Lear Corporation NYSE:LEA -1.655 B
Ferrari N.V. NYSE:RACE -1.478 B
Consumer Discretionary SECTOR:DSCY.US -298.6 M
BYD Company Limited OTCPK:BYDD.F 0 K
Standard Motor Products, Inc. NYSE:SMP 140.9 M
Suzuki Motor Corporation OTCPK:SZKM.F 204.7 M
Subaru Corporation OTCPK:FUJH.F 3.478 B

Ross1 | 16 April, 2020

Ford asset value is minus $111 billion.
Help me out here!

andy.connor.e | 16 April, 2020

Buying Ford would be like buying Pentium 4 dell desktop

jimglas | 16 April, 2020

after you buy ford, buy blackberry

andy.connor.e | 16 April, 2020

and kodak

FISHEV | 16 April, 2020

Cash is king.

Ford cash $30B

Tesla cash $6B

All car companies will need Federal bridge loans for cash flow.

"That doesn’t eliminate some delays, though. Vehicles like the Mach-E due for sale this year won’t slip much, but those farther out could."

Ford's betting the house on converting its two iconic brands, Mustang and F-150 to EV by 2022. With Rivian as partner on EV light trucks and with in-house Mach-E hitting the top CUV market, Ford is positioned well for the future.

Ford noted a basic 1:1 slip on Mach-E. So a June 1 startup vs. March 1 shutdown, early 2021 for the Mach-E.

60,000+ deposits for 50,000 production. No doubt a lot of cancellations in there from Trump/GOP Great Recession II but 25% would still have Ford looking at sell out on $2.5B in sales on Mach-E.

andy.connor.e | 16 April, 2020

100% talk, 0% walk. Classic!

jimglas | 16 April, 2020

and dont forget the magnificent Taycan | 16 April, 2020

Ford debt $155B Ratio dept to cash 5.1

Tesla debt $13B Ratio debt to cash 2.1

Tesla is in a far better position, along with having the China plant producing cars people want and will pay for.
I suspect Ford is in that "Too big to fail" category and will get whatever bailout it needs. Then again, the huge unknown is Trump. He may give most of the bailout money to his real estate buddies or somehow funnel it to his own businesses.

Mike83 | 16 April, 2020
Mike83 | 16 April, 2020

Ford bankruptcy potential. Long term debt 47.6 billion dollars last time checked. Not sure ford is worth $4/share.

FISHEV | 16 April, 2020

Here's graphic of Ford and Tesla Debt/Equity ratios.

Amusing to see the "Tesla short" crew do a 180 and be "Ford short" crew and for same reason, production of EV's. | 16 April, 2020

Here's the $155B debt number I found, but not an extensive search:

Can't see anyone shorting FORD over EVs since they really don't have any. Perhaps shorting because they don't have any viable EVs to speak of? Still of the big 3, I'd rather see Ford survive over the others. At least they are making a real attempt at an EV next year. Don't see much out of the others.

FISHEV | 16 April, 2020 "Can't see anyone shorting FORD over EVs since they really don't have any."

Well this hot house group is was the point. The hubris that they think 15 fanbois on a low traffic forum are worth influencing is astounding.

I think Ford's F-150E with Rivian is going to be the big EV breakthrough for Ford.

"Rivian Is The Reason Ford's F-150 All-Electric Demo Makes Sense"

akgolf | 16 April, 2020

I thought the Bolt was the big EV breakthrough?

I’m sure it was touted as such by someone.

Sure would be nice if they were serious this time.

FISHEV | 16 April, 2020

akgolf | April 16, 2020 "I thought the Bolt was the big EV breakthrough?"

More evolutionary from Volt.

"Chevrolet increased Q1 2020 sales of the Bolt EV by 36.1% compared to a year ago. The rise in purchases of the all-electric Bolt defied the gravity of a dismal quarter for overall Chevrolet sales. With help from attractive discounts and incentives, Chevy sold 5,873 Bolts — an amount that could make it the second most popular EV in the US."

I would be driving one if it had had power seats, a must have item for me.

jimglas | 17 April, 2020

You would chose a Bolt over a model 3?
The few, The proud ......

FISHEV | 17 April, 2020

jimglas | April 17, 2020 You would chose a Bolt over a model 3?"

Looks, functionality, price/value. Real blind spot indicators, hatchback with wiper, lane keeping, solid adaptive cruise. size, height. Only thing it was missing was power seats and gotta have'em.

Bolt's fastest charge is 50kWh/200 miles an hour, so it would have cost me a bit more time on charging.

Glad I got the Tesla, an eye opener in a lot of ways not all of them good.

SO | 17 April, 2020

No vehicle is perfect. But to say they’d prefer a Bolt over a Tesla Model 3? Um...okay. I certainly wouldn’t. And I have experience with both. But to each their own.

I also find it humorous how some put so much emphasis on “real” blind spot indicators. I have witnessed two near accidents from people relying on those indicators. False sense of security. People need to adjust their mirrors properly. | 17 April, 2020

Yep, using blind spot idiot lights seems like a recipe for disaster instead of using mirrors and M3's real visualization that Tesla provides. Considering the Bolt is tiny, has much less cargo space, doesn't have safety features like side collision avoidance, no AP, tiny screen, very slow charging, requires the very limited and obsolete CCS network, and styling from the 90s with an ugly unneeded rear wiper, I can't imaging anyone trading a Model 3 for the Bolt unless they were a GM dealer and were forced to get one. The market agrees the Bolt is a failure in so many ways as it sells in pitiful numbers. Time for GM to scrap this compliance car and try again.

Mike83 | 17 April, 2020

GM has had trouble in the past making ignition switches. EV's seem way out of their league unless they just want people to believe Evs are bad and ICE is better; at least for their profits.

SamO | 18 April, 2020

Ford and GM are headed for bankruptcy unless bailed out by Drumpf.

FISHEV | 18 April, 2020

@ SamO | April 18, 2020 Ford and GM are headed for bankruptcy unless bailed out by Drumpf."

As is Tesla and many US mfgs, few companies have cash on hand to stand a 6 month shutdown with no revenues.

The bailout is Congressional as Congress allocates the funds. Executive branch is tasked with giving out the funds per Congressional requirements. Trump admin has failed in that as has GOP controlled Senate which is holding up needed funding for hospitals, states and small businesses while encouraging Trumpers to gather in large groups and wave guns around.

akgolf | 18 April, 2020

Tesla has plenty of cash on hand and are still selling cars.

FISHEV | 18 April, 2020

akgolf | April 18, 2020 Tesla has plenty of cash on hand and are still selling cars."

Tesla had $6B cash on hand per last statement, Ford $30B but these are normal cash reserves and with no production or sales, all companies, not just car companies will go bankrupt, no cash to pay bills.

The purpose of the $2T stimulus was to provide for the cash flow during government mandated shutdown.

Mike83 | 18 April, 2020

@SamO Not sure they can be bailed out a second time. They already own the US governement(funded by tax payers) millions. Cash on hand minus debt = negative numbers.

Mike83 | 18 April, 2020

millions error is actually billions.
More interesting and pertinent(which the bot ignores) is that Used car (ICE) sales are collapsing. Changes are coming.

blue adept | 18 April, 2020


I'd rather see Chrysler since they seem more inclined to actually do something as opposed to merely favoring a photo op over anything of real substance.

andy.connor.e | 18 April, 2020

Ford suspending their dividend is not a position of financial security. Just sayin.

SamO | 18 April, 2020


Bailouts have little to do with worthiness or logic. They are about influence. Ford and GM have it. For now. But if they stop spending their billions of $ on advertising, the good will will evaporate and the emperors will be revealed to have no clothes.

Bankrupt very soon for these shitty industries can’t come soon enough. Tesla is in a much better position than the other US and EU automakers. Toyota will be fine. For now.

FISHEV | 18 April, 2020

Mike83 | April 18, 2020 "Not sure they can be bailed out a second time."

This is third bailout for Wall St banks so no reason much more valuable car mfgs and jobs should not be provided with bridge loans/credits.

Trump is screwing it up of course as far as small business and working people but that is to be expected from an inexperienced and incompetent person like Trump.

blue adept | 18 April, 2020


You got yourself spammed.

Congratulations and flagged.

SO | 18 April, 2020

I noticed.

blue adept | 19 April, 2020

Don't fret, it's happened to almost all of us by now.