Just installed the Model 3 Referral Wheels!

Just installed the Model 3 Referral Wheels!

Hi guys, I just installed the Model 3 Referral Wheels. All I have to say is they they look so amazing in person. Much better than the pics.

Posting from my phone so not quite sure how to post pics.

yudansha™ | 16 April, 2020

Could you provide more info? How did you get them? I had a referral for wheels but they reset system so many times I don't know where to start asking.

WW_spb | 16 April, 2020

pics bro. Use imgur app.

Raffim | 16 April, 2020

Here are pics... hopefully this worked.

Joshan | 16 April, 2020

very nice

rob | 16 April, 2020

Can you feel any difference in the driving?

WW_spb | 16 April, 2020

Super sexy! Congrats.

Raffim | 16 April, 2020

Thanks all! The ride feels smoother although that may be because of the new tires. I would think the ride would have been less smooth but it is not.

lbowroom | 16 April, 2020

Same tire size front and rear?

lbowroom | 16 April, 2020

Did Tesla contact you that they had them for you?

chyap1975 | 16 April, 2020

nice... how I wish I could get them on mine.

Raffim | 16 April, 2020

@lbowroom, yes same in front and rear. 235/35/20

No, per Tesla’s updated Referral Program page, you have to schedule an appointment to “Install Model 3 Referral wheels.” Before they had indicated that you need to wait for an in-app notification, but apparently that is no longer the case since the update to the Referral page.

njelectric | 16 April, 2020

They look super sharp. Enjoy the ride!

njelectric | 16 April, 2020

They look super sharp. Enjoy the ride!

mrburke | 16 April, 2020

Two points.
1) Those are some of the nicest wheels I have see on any car ever.
2) You are going to cry when that first case of "rim rash" shows up. I know I would and have.

Raffim | 16 April, 2020

@mrburke... thank you, I agree!
Lol about the curb rash! Maybe i should just intentionally do it just to get it out of the way!

Thank you so much @njelectric!

mknewman | 17 April, 2020

How many referrals did you do to get these?

lbowroom | 17 April, 2020

Were you able to fit all 4 of your original wheels in your car to take home?

stingray.don | 17 April, 2020

I’m jealous! Those are sharp!

Raffim | 17 April, 2020

@mknewman: 3
@lbowroom: easily yes
@stingray.don: Thank you!

nperumbeti | 26 May, 2020

@raffim did they come with new tires? Or did you purchase new tires?

lbowroom | 26 May, 2020

The referral wheels come with tires. 235/35R20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S