Few observations after 3 months 2020 Model X

Few observations after 3 months 2020 Model X

Open letter to Tesla - To start off, I really love this car!! Driving it is great. However for a $100,000+ car there are some disappointments:

1. The windshield glass, when looking in the direction of the Sun, has a milky look, and also many many small bright flaws in it. I've never owned a car with glass that looks this bad in the sun, ever. And yes, the glass is clean, using Invisible Glass and clean micro-fiber. It's IN the glass not crap on the surface. All of the glass has the micro flaws in it, you can see them clearly at some angles to the sun.

2. The cupholder with the sliding door is aggravating. That door slides closed "on its own" (not really, you just touch it then...). Human factors botch.

3. If you use a fob cover with a key ring (I have house, locker, and mailbox keys), and you carry the fob in your pocket, you will discover a wing door opening "all by itself". The worst was when I locked the car then started walking into the market facing away from the car. I don't know what made me look back... OMG. I know it takes a double click, but with the keys, and in your pocket, it's easy for the key to act a lever and effect a fast double-click. I think it's because it accepts to presses in very rapid succession. It needs to filter to two clicks somewhat slower.

4. The Slacker/Streaming system (after three software updates) still won't log in with Tesla Account. Well, Slacker no longer exists. It is now LiveXLive, and appears to have no knowledge of any arrangement or integration with Tesla. Really guys? I might suggest switching to Pandora now that Slacker is no more.

5. Incoming text messages are not alerted, nor are they read to you by voice. My wife's Toyota and every car I've rented in the last 3+ years has this feature. Actually Android Auto is totally brilliant. But I get it Apple is big in Fremont CA ha ha.

6. Insufficient USB charging outlets from the front. There are two on the front wall of the arm test, however the car came with the inductive charger cradle (which is cool!!) and that uses one of the two USB, and once I installed the uSD for the dashcam, no more USB from the front seat. My wife's Toyota has 4.

7. The "approach unlock" activates from too far away. I can't hang my fob/keys on the keyholder next to the garage door. If I do, the car keeps "lighting up" from like 20 feet away through the garage wall. If you have the keys in your pocket and are in the kitchen near the garage door, it will light un randomly as wwll. 5 feet or less would be just fine.

As I said I do love the car. I suppose my #1 disappointment is the glass.

rdenny | 2 May, 2020

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Triggerplz | 2 May, 2020

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jimglas | 2 May, 2020

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richard99green | 11 May, 2020

Hmm. I was working at for several years to have the same Model X and I can definitely state that I had NO problems from the post above.

ericbox999 | 11 May, 2020

Does anybody know about the Model X charging mileage number at the dotted line before the "trip" mark? The web spec says 351 miles is including the trip mileage as a maximum in total.

ObieX | 11 May, 2020

Flag richard99green.

bentpall | 11 May, 2020

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suzannomer258 | 13 May, 2020

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@rdenny - Ono #1 - is there any chance you are wearing polarized glasses when you see the items on the windshield? It seems to be a common issue with a number of different brands in some lighting conditions. Some cars don't have the effect. Not sure what causes it. If you use regular glasses or no glasses the effect disappears. If you have aftermarket tinting, it can be much worse - caused by the tinting film.