2020.16.2.1 Dashcam

2020.16.2.1 Dashcam

Recently updated to current FW (2020.16.2.1) and noticed that the dash cam feature has changed, or I never understood it in the first place. Previously, the dash cam stored video files in one of 3 sub-folders in the TeslaCam folder, SENTRY, RECENT, SAVED where SENTRY stored sentry related files, RECENT stored the last 60 minutes in one minute clips, and SAVED the last 10 minutes if purposely saved. Now I see SENTRY, DASHCAM, TRACK, with no evidence of the RECENT clips (ie last 60 minutes). Whenever I hit SAVE on the DASHCAM icon, all I get is the most recent 10 minutes (and sometimes not even that). I presume TRACK is for track mode only. Am I doing something wrong or has TM changed the rules again.


EVRider | 25 May, 2020

The feature hasn't changed as far as I know, but the dashcam viewer on the touchscreen only shows videos from SavedClips and SentryClips, not RecentClips. I wasn't aware of the Track clips, but I don't have track mode.

bjrosen | 25 May, 2020

BTW now that they have added formatting I felt it was a good idea to reformat my drive in the car. Before reformatting all of my clips were going into the Sentry directory, after reformatting the Dashcam footage goes into the Dashcam directory.

EVRider | 26 May, 2020

@bjrosen: Are you saying there’s a folder that is actually named Dashcam? That would be new. The only video that goes in SentryClips is video from Sentry Mode events. That hasn’t changed.