recharging power wall from grid in backup only

recharging power wall from grid in backup only

we had 2 powerwall-2 installed in 2019 with green mountian power as our energy company in 2019 they used our powerwalls 6 times during peak demand time for 3 hours
after each event they would recharge our powerwalls off the grid! in 2020 they no longer recharge our powerwalls we have to wait for our solar panels to recharge the batterys which means we may have to wait at least 12 hours or more for the batterys to be useful in case of a blackout. any one know why the deference between
2019 and 2020.
Thanks Joe B

dougk71 | 20 June, 2020

It is probably your utility calling the shots.
FPL in SW Florida will not grant Time of Usage (TOU) to customers with power walls. Utilities like higher prices as much as possible so the powerwalls have very very most often only the sun to recharge them. There could be a limited exception like we are in an immediate threat of a hurricane outage and you can fill your powerwalls from the grid to provide backup power during the blackout. It's complicated since you can back up your computer with a small UPS. Anyway powerwalls are perceived as a revenue threat beyond even home solar generation.

gregbrew | 21 June, 2020

Set your reserve higher.