Powerwall/Solar Edge No Solar during Outage

Powerwall/Solar Edge No Solar during Outage

I just upgraded to the Gateway 2 (UK) and simulated a power outage. Although the Powerwall takes over the power, all solar production stops (so no battery charging or power from the panels) only power from whatever remains in the battery.
During the outage the battery was at 44% and I had the grid off for 17 mins as i read the inverter can take some time (5 mins) to kick in. But still no solar production. Do i need to change the setting on the inverter now that i have upgraded the gateway? As i didnt have backup in the previous older gateway. So i am think maybe its a simple setting somewhere that im missing?

Jones | 26 June, 2020

Your powerwalls may require a firmware update. I had a similar problem with an earlier version (sorry - don't recall which one). Currently on 1.47.0 and the problem is gone.

mcooke76 | 26 June, 2020

I am on firmware 1.47.0 also.