Fog lights

Fog lights

I am using model3 long-range/dual motor past one year.
It is proving difficult to go on control panel and push button for FOG lights.
If I am not wrong I am thinking to introduce system to detect the fog and prompt the option to the driver to switch on/off.
I know TESLA can do it.

Bighorn | 30 June, 2020

Should eventually be a voice command.

RayNLA | 30 June, 2020

Just leave them on!

syclone | 30 June, 2020

i leave them on all the time also. But, with the low angle of light dispersal of modern headlights, fog lights are an anachronism. Actually, in the day, when conditions warranted use of fog lights, they were used in lieu of regular headlights.

jordanrichard | 30 June, 2020

Technically no Tesla and next to no other modern car has real fog lights. A light positioned low in the front end doesn't make it a "fog light". Fog lights have fluted lenses and ideally be yellow. They are marketed as fog lights, but they aren't.

bp | 30 June, 2020

On a related note, I’d like to know if anyone has swapped out their fog lamp bulbs with yellow bulbs.

mknewman | 7 July, 2020

@bp I don't think they are bulbs, they are LEDs and are sealed units. I think it might be quite difficult to change them.

bp | 7 July, 2020

They are LEDs; I was referring to swapping those with yellow LEDs. | 7 July, 2020

@bp - They are Tesla specific and would be difficult to unsolder and replace. Also, I thought they proved the yellow vs white fog lights make zero difference for visibility, but I could be wrong. Still the yellow sort of looks cool :)

ravi | 17 July, 2020

I am just asking easy way of turning on/off fog lights or even automatic on/off with prompt

RayNLA | 17 July, 2020

Easy way of turning on/off fog lights in Model 3

Step 1. Turn them on and leave them on.

carolljohnston | 17 July, 2020

Anyone know if Tesla does rear fog lights in europe where they are mandatory? Is the hardware present in our cars in NA?

ChrisModel3 | 18 July, 2020

@carolljohnston. We in Europe have the fog light instead of the rear left reverse light.

bp | 18 July, 2020

@ChrisModel3 can you elaborate? You have one less reverse light, and it’s been replaced with what - another tail light, or a brighter red light? And this comes on when the front fogs are illuminated, or is there a separate control? | 18 July, 2020

USA Tesla's have two reverse lights. My understanding, In Europe, one side is used as a reverse light and the other is used as a fog light. Both are the same white color and technically identical - just how they are used is changed in software. I suspect most carmakers do the same thing. I don't think there is a separate fog light control, but perhaps someone from Europe can confirm.