JdeMO now for the Tesla Roadster (3rd party CHAdeMO for Roadster)

JdeMO now for the Tesla Roadster (3rd party CHAdeMO for Roadster)

I'm surprised that no one else has posted this...

The guys at have adapted their JdeMO (CHAdeMO for Toyota RAV4EV 2nd Gen (the Tesla Model S in a Toyota body)) for use with Tesla Roadsters.

Quick charger power site -

They have been discussing this on and and I realized that it's not here. -


If you look through those threads, they have posted pictures of a Roadster charging on CHAdeMO from earlier in the week.

(either here - from TMC - JdeMO article or

from - CHAdeMO for Tesla Roadster, Quick Charge Power JdeMO deposits

The QCP guys are gathering interested parties and are building 10-20 of these units as the response has been lukewarm at best...

Check it out.

eric.zucker | 25 February, 2016

If a 3rd party can pull this one off, why couldn't Tesla make a Supercharger compatible charging unit? Even if not as fast as MS/MX, like 1-2 hour charging @ 40kW - same power rating as regen ?

At least we'd be able to leverage the Supercharger infrastructure. Would be wonderful.

AEdennis | 29 February, 2016

Here are some videos of the Roadster charging on CHAdeMO yesterday:

Start of charging session. This is on a combo CCS/CHAdeMO station in Irvine.

Continuing video of the same charging session.

This one shows the X, but I check in on the Roadster a few minutes later.

AEdennis | 29 February, 2016

Well that's interesting...

First link worked,

Here's the second link:

Here's the X link -

eric.zucker | 1 March, 2016

It's good news that DC fast charging is possible on the Roadster. I might be interested when I do the battery upgrade, if the Tesla service center can install it at the same time. This would bring a lot of convenience.

Unless Tesla somehow made Supercharger access possible on the Roadster.

AEdennis | 1 March, 2016

@eric.zucker The JdeMO is a 3rd party product, not sure if the SC will install it for you. Contact the Quick Charger Power guys.