296 Wh/km avg energy consumption after 20.000km

296 Wh/km avg energy consumption after 20.000km

Hello everyone,

i just passed my first 20.000km milestone, and the average energy consumption is as high as 296 Wh/km.

If i'm not wrong, with my Model S 85P this means about 287km per full-charge

how is it?

I think pretty bad actually

eric.zucker | 30 March, 2016

Seems high to me. What is your driving style? Hard acceleration and braking is sure to drain your battery much faster. Is this with heat or A/C full on? Is your tire pressure correct? Did you check for any uneven tire wear? There can be many variables.

DTsea | 30 March, 2016

Must drive lime a madman or live in tbe far north. In WA state i average about 320 Wh/mi over 50000 mi (200 Wh/km)

DTsea | 30 March, 2016

Like a madman oops