model x range

model x range

Dear All

I have a question regarding the range of the model x.
how many miles has been shown on the screen when the car is fully loaded for a normal day or fully loaded for a trip?
On 90D and on P90D?

vperl | 3 April, 2016

More than 10 less than 300

jdsmith19 | 3 April, 2016

Charged to 90%, mine shows 238 miles. Surprised me since that's about 7 miles more than what they promise. Haven't tried charging to 100% yet. My S has never charged to 90% of the advertised range (only about 2 miles short).

Brad | 3 April, 2016

238 is the same on mine too.

mercc3650 | 3 April, 2016

On my P90D model X, 100% charge shows 256 miles.

jhbeak | 3 April, 2016

At 100%, 254 miles...

Redmiata98 | 3 April, 2016

P90D w/ludic shows 224 at 90%. As far as actual mileage, I ran 181 odometer miles yesterday using 193 projected miles. That was at speeds of 55-70, most at 60. Charging at the Supercharger in Potomac Mills gave me back 123 miles in the first 30 minutes and 70 miles in the last 34 minutes for a total recharge time of 64 minutes/193 projected miles. That is an average of 180 mph vice the top charge of 49mph on my home dual charger setup.

The mileage is close enough now to provide confidence in long rang travel. I have 1200 miles on the odo and noted a significant change for the better after about 800 miles. It does get better with bedding in.

elguapo | 3 April, 2016

@marcel A 100% charge will give you between 250-258 miles as it relates to rated range.

If you're interested in real life range, it depends on a bunch of conditions, like the S. Outside temperature (real cold temps reduce range meaningfully), average speed, precipitation (rain, snow, etc), topography, etc. You can pretty easily get the rated range of approximately 250 if you aren't crushing the go pedal and are in the 50-70mph range with reasonable temps. A/C and heat use have a relatively small effect, in my experience.

Bottom line - the rated range is a real number and you can actually get more if you stick it on TACC and go 55 mph in 60 degree temps.

marcel.pfister | 3 April, 2016

thx to all, so i realised that the P90D X delivers similar miles or in my case km then my P85D S

elguapo | 3 April, 2016

@marcel I the X has about 1,000 lbs more of GVWR, so you have to take that into account. As in, that's probably the biggest reason for the variance.

marcel.pfister | 3 April, 2016

I am happy as long the range of the 90 X is similar or better then my P85D....for the S they always talked about 500km range but in fact it is 350-400km.... so i was scared that for the X its the same; they talk about 450/470km.... so i expected even less available km then with my S.

now i just have to think if the 90D or thr P90D of the X is enough for me after driving the P85D S.......

keith | 3 April, 2016

Driving around San Francisco up and down hills; I am getting around 190 miles on a 90% charge.

speyerj | 3 April, 2016

Mine shows 228-229 on a 90% charge. Depends on the day. Couple times I've seen 230.

loganboyd | 3 April, 2016

I've never seen 500km for a Model S. That would be over 300 miles. They are rated around 288 miles. Of course mileage varies with driving conditions. I've yet to see anyone who doesn't get their rated range when driving 60ish on flat roads on moderate temperature days.

elguapo | 3 April, 2016

@marcel With ludicrous it's .1 seconds slower than your P85D. Unless you have ludicrous on the P85D, in which case X P90D is a second slower or .3 seconds with ludicrous.

You probably know all of that, but as someone who test drove a P90D with ludicrous (an S) and now drives an P90D X, I can say they're both insanely fast and I can't really tell the difference.

There are a lot of other tradeoffs between S and X to consider. I personally wouldn't put speed at the top as they can be configured to be very close from 0-60. Cargo space, how many people to carry, size of car (X is a beast), etc. are items I would place higher, but everyone must make the right decision for themselves.

OR - keep the P85D AND get an X - can't go wrong there!

rossRallen | 3 April, 2016

+1 @speyerj, P90D.

ernie | 4 April, 2016

MX P90D initially 230 at 90%, but overnight it loses 4-5 miles. Hope that improves over time. It could be that the car will recognize that my consumption is less than it anticipated. Maybe I should set the charge time for early in the a.m. but probably not necessary unless I am doing a longer cross country get stuck in the snow type trip. Otherwise there is at least a 75 mile cushion if going east and 100 mile cushion to the south. So far, less than 400 miles on odometer so we are learning about each other.

So far no range anxiety.

Lexflex5235 | 26 April, 2016

just completed a road trip into the black hole of Superchargers, a portion of the South. Max range on gauge at 100% was 256. drove safely down to ~20 miles of range left.

sklei | 26 April, 2016

Drove from SF Bay Area to Santa Barbara. Left with full charge and made it to Atascadero where we spent 30-45 min at Starbucks and Vons right there then a quck 15 min in Buelton then on to SB. We did not think ahead well enough to stay somewhere with chargers so on the way back, it was much slower because we didnt start with a full charge. So we had to stop at 3 places and stay a little longer. A little frustrating and lesson learned. For longer road trips you need to allow and be comfortable with a longer trip or take you "normal" car and avoid the time and potential for anxiety.

aesculus | 26 April, 2016

@sklei: +1

Because I am new to all of this too I over compensate by charging a bit more often and keep the charge higher unless I know I am going straight to my final destination with no possible chance of deviating.

I like the flexibility of having the car at a high SOC so I can switch routes or add destinations randomly. This is also one reason I opted for the 72 amp charger. I can see me planning on getting home and staying there with a low SOC, only to discover other forces are in play to make we go out sooner. By having the 72 amp charger I have a better chance of that happening.

eddiemoy | 26 April, 2016

with the 22" wheels you lose 10-15% range so says the website when you choose them.

lilbean | 26 April, 2016

I only charge mine to 60% and I get 158.

speyerj | 27 April, 2016

90% puts me at 228.

Driving 65-70 mph tends to yield about 200 miles of actual range on that charge. I'm a bit disappointed by that. I'd say that even driving 60-65 with range mode on, I use about 12 miles of range for every 10 driven.

loganboyd | 27 April, 2016

What's your Average Wh/Mile?

speyerj | 27 April, 2016

Around 390 most days. If I get on the freeway only, it is 330-350.

aesculus | 27 April, 2016

I think 330 is about as good as it's going to get at freeway speeds.

elguapo | 27 April, 2016

Using AP/TACC helps considerably. I just took a highway trip of 45 miles with AP on 80% of the time and 60mph. Consumption was 272. I was pleasantly surprised at how low that was.

elguapo | 27 April, 2016

That's 272 Wh/mile.

speyerj | 27 April, 2016

We did 180 miles with AP/TACC on. We did occasionally get down to <300. But never durably.

speyerj | 27 April, 2016

We did 180 miles with AP/TACC on. We did occasionally get down to <300. But never durably and we were still burning about 20% over estimated the whole way even at that Wh/mile.

mkbs94 | 27 April, 2016

Max to 255.7 with adjustment to maximum charge for range. We just completed cross country from a factory pick up in Fremont, California, to metro New York City (4600.6 miles in a 2 weeks and a half). A P90D. The car is a beauty. Interior fit and finish excelled. Exterior as well. The best touring car I've dealt with. Once the range anxiety disappears it is a dream to plot and plan destinations and routes even without the ability to plot continuous routing to sequential destinations as one trip (that affects the computer plotting to supercharging waypoints)....and yes it is the first car I've kept to the speed limits or lower (in order to extend range). Even with the persistent door control problems, screen lockups, heating control issues (lack of..) and lack of map pockets on the backs of the front seats (6 passenger configuration), it was a great trip. We went from Fremont to Santa Barbara, on to Santa Monica and LA; from there to Lake Tahoe; on to Salt Lake City over the Rose pass (8200ft; the electric motors love high altitude). On to Vail pass to Denver in snow and sleet - the all wheel drive system and regenerative braking really are good in such slop. From Denver to Kansas City and then on to Chicago - really easy with the auto pilot and adaptive cruise control. The assist takes a load off the driver once you learn its limitations - drop out when the shoulder drops away by exits that don't have marked dashed lines (Missouri) especially when the road curves away to the left; left lane passing a truck; the early warning anti-collision radar is quite nice; lane change warning is still not perfected - you must look! On to Erie, PA, and Penn Yan, NY in the finger Lakes region (terrific B&B there with a destination charger). Using hotels with destination chargers (or close proximity to a superchager) from the Tesla Website made for a smooth trip. From there on home via Binghamton. This was so great a trip that we're already planning another one - to eastern Canada. For now the car will rest briefly at the Mt. Kisco service center, hopefully coming home fully debugged.


aesculus | 27 April, 2016

Nice report. Hope they fix all the minor shake down items you found to your satisfaction.

lilbean | 27 April, 2016

So glad you are enjoying it. I'm not there yet. It is too painful for me to see bugs on the car.

PJJAVA | 27 April, 2016

Wonderful report. You might very well be the first cross country driver in your X. #Jealous

mkbs94 | 27 April, 2016

Besides the bugs in the system, there was such a collection on the front of the car passing through the Great Plains that I got a dashboard warning that the forward looking radar could not be activated and therefore the autopilot was disabled. I stopped at the next gas station (ironic isn't it) to wash the front center cowling with a gas pump squeegee - I did the windshield too.

mkbs94 | 27 April, 2016

The range sweet spot for three of us with luggage was about 60 to 65 for level driving. For a nearly 3 ton vehicle, it is positively amazing. Every now and then when entering the expressway it was necessary to punch it, and that was positively amazing. Am I being repetitive?


eric.zucker | 28 April, 2016

@mkbs94: You could repeat that all day long, it's so good to read...

Thanks for the report.Another few months for me - coming this summer. (hoping July). P90DL.

davediep | 28 April, 2016


Nice report and thanks for sharing your experience. I wish we can do that someday.

aesculus | 29 April, 2016

Getting better range last night. Outside temp was around 65 F and front cabin was set to 76F. Driving at 70 mph on mostly flat freeways and slight breeze crosswind. Consumption as average 325 Wh/mi. Car has about 1000 miles on it. I do need to put some more air in the tires too I think.

johnse | 29 April, 2016

@aesculus I don't know about with Tesla, but in my C-Max the heater can heavily degrade range. Much more so than cooling. If the heater is on full, it can suck as much as 5kw which at 60mph would be about 83wh/mile.

aesculus | 29 April, 2016

@johnse: Yeah. When I turn the car on and it really needs heat my Wh/Mi jumps to about 1000.

Mom2Dancers | 10 May, 2016

Does anyone else notice a big discrepancy in what they are actually getting, compared to what's shown on the instrument panel?? I compared my mileage traveled the other day and found I got LESS THAN HALF what was projected at the start of the day... And I was driving conservatively (no lead footing!), and about half highway miles, half in-town...

lilbean | 10 May, 2016

@mom2dancers... I haven't noticed that. In fact, I gain miles when I take my kids to school 12 minutes away because of driving downhill. I will say, however, if I had followed the recommended time to supercharge on a road trip to Mammoth, I would have definitely run out of juice. Going against the wind, cold temperatures and driving up inclines will decrease range.

Mom2Dancers | 10 May, 2016

@lilbean Thanks for your feedback. I'm in So Florida, so no hills to speak of, really... I would like to hear from other users, so I can better determine if this is something we need to bring up to the SC or if it's normal. We've only driven the car for a few days, so I'm still on the learning curve!

ernie | 10 May, 2016

After my weekend excursion, I will personally plan on the almost mandatory 10 percent plus another 10 percent cushion to reach destination. For me that means 50 miles left when reaching destination. Sure do wish I had another 50 miles range. happy.

aesculus | 10 May, 2016

I have not yet decide if I should shoot for % or distance when planning on going near empty. The other day my car reported I would be at 10% at my destination 110 miles away. I would pass a supercharger along the route, but once I got about 30 miles from it, it was going to be the point of no return. The 10% would have given me about 30 miles reserve according to the Nav.

I opted to skip the supercharger and also turned range mode on. It made the cabin a bit cool, but not bad since it was only 60 outside, but raining occasionally too. I also slowed to 65 mph for a while to see what the mileage did. It went from 10% and started climbing so I felt that I had a good chance at it. At about 50 miles out I turned off range mode (it had climbed to 14% reserve) and went back to comfort setting. Arrived with 12% left.

PixelatedEngineer | 12 May, 2016

My 90D (20" wheels, 400 miles) lost about 90 miles of range yesterday on a 50 mile trip to Portland and back. There's one good sized hill in the trip and I used A/C all the way. I used auto pilot almost all the time.

loganboyd | 12 May, 2016

Your 50 consumed 90 or your 50 consumed 140?

loganboyd | 12 May, 2016

What was your Avg Wh/Mile ??

rhartson | 12 May, 2016

dont have my X yet, but have noticed the same in our S...the bottom line is its an in town vehicle for the most part....we thought about this when we bought the S, but then realized it was a nonissue b/c we aren't big on car trips anyway....if we really had to do that I'd rent a Suburban/Tahoe etc-I can envision the need taking my daughter to college next year (east coast-we live in San Antonio-probably need trailer as well)....I would be willing to road trip in the X, but at this point TX is a bit of a Supercharger desert (wonder why-oh yeah TX auto dealers bought the legislature..)...I am willing to accept these issues for a superior driving experience. My wife's S is better than any of the numerous Benzs we have had, and that includes cars I have driven in AMG driving courses-they are nice but dont have the refinement and functionality of a Tesla-that said I'm keeping my SLK 55 b/c I love convertibles-maybe trade for a Roadster later! Sounds like most of us use the cars this will only get better I figure as battery tech evolves-course that means either a battery swap or a new car......

elguapo | 12 May, 2016

I am about to have some good data here as I have two 500 mile road trips coming up. I will report back.

I don't think the range "loss" is worse than my S, by it does depend on conditions and the rated miles shown are really for good conditions. Not as crazy as the "Ideal", but typically always higher than real miles.