When was autopilot first fitted to Model S?

When was autopilot first fitted to Model S?

I am looking for a second hand car with autopilot. From when it was possible to have this option in Model S?

Was it under tech pack or was something extra?

steven | 17 April, 2016

All cars as from mid/end September 2014 have the hardware. It might not be enabled, but it can be for an additional cost.

GHammer | 17 April, 2016

Cars built from late September 2014 have the autopilot hardware. Since they started putting in the hardware before they actually announced the the capability, it's hard to tell from just a description. Usually it will be listed as "Tech package with Autopilot". You can not tell from the VIN number as the cars are built non-sequentially from VIN.

Haggy | 17 April, 2016

Also keep in mind that "build date" isn't something easy to find out about a car. You might be able to find out when it was first sold, but that won't tell you when it was built. If you had a copy of the email that the original owner was sent when it went into production, there's an excellent chance you'd be able to figure it out. But if you could get that, you could much more easily ask whether it has autopilot.

The bottom line is that any 2015 or later will have it or be capable of having it activated. Anything before 2014 won't have it, and with 2014, the most you could do is make an educated guess if you have the VIN. If it's below 50000, there's a strong chance it won't have it, but you can't be sure. If it's above 55000 there's a strong chance it will have it but you can't be sure. If it's in the middle, a guess won't do you any good.

steven | 17 April, 2016

I suppose if you have the VIN, Tesla can tell you everything you need to know about the car. Not sure if Tesla is selling the car, whether they would automatically enable autopilot for a CPO car because of additional sales value. I would, if I were in their shoes ;-)

Haggy | 17 April, 2016

I would also have thought that Tesla would want to enable supercharging for all CPO 60s and autopilot for all those with the hardware, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I suppose you could argue that since there were people who bought cars without the features the first time around, there would be people who would want used ones that way. Tesla has little to lose by not adding it automatically, If they wanted to do that, they'd still be better off offering it as an option for the price difference it has as a new option. Then they'd make as much as if they added it on their own, and could still sell a car to somebody who didn't need it. But unless their inventory is low, it might be a moot point because there might be another CPO that works just as well.

When you consider the range of options and possible combinations, it would be impossible to predict what people want. I wish the website would have better search for CPO/inventory cars so people could search for features such as autopilot, upgraded sound, air suspension, pano roof, etc. and see a list of cars that have what they want.

1BadNerd | 17 April, 2016

I have VIN 552XX, built in the last week of September, 2014. It was one of the first with AP hardware. VINs are not strictly date-sequential.

Haggy | 18 April, 2016

Mine went into production on September 16 2014, and the dashboard changed to "in production" status late that evening. My VIN is 50XXX. But there were cars with higher VINs built weeks earlier because they had to be shipped to the east coast for delivery before the end of quarter. Every post I've seen about cars that went into production after that date said they had autopilot hardware. Interestingly, all posts I had seen for cars that went into production earlier the same day didn't have it.

That doesn't mean that that's the day they started putting in the new hardware. It means that cars that started being built on that date got to the point in production where that hardware got put in on the day they started putting it in, which was likely a few days after that. So knowing when a car went into production would be helpful, but VIN won't tell you much. I know there are VINs that are thousands higher than mine that lack autopilot. It's not likely that there are many lower, though, since there were only a couple of days of delivery before my date that had the hardware. My delivery date got put off several times, and on the date it was supposed to be ready, it failed QA for the windshield. So I don't remember how many days after the hardware was first seen that I would have been able to pick up the car, but it wasn't the first day. So assuming the people ordered before I did, had their builds postponed because they are west coast deliveries that Tesla wanted to get in right before the end of the quarter, there are sure to be some cars with autopilot and VINs lower than mine.

donandrews508 | 18 April, 2016

If you can get to the car, or get a picture of the front, look for the rectangular radar feature low, front and center. It is smooth surfaced and not a grill. If it is not there, the car is not capable of AP.

jordanrichard | 19 April, 2016

Where or rather who is selling this car you are looking at? If it is a private seller, they should be able to tell you. If it is on a dealers lot, ask what month the car was made. It will be on the door jam. If it was made in or after Oct. 2014, then it has the hardware.

If it is a CPO car, there should be no question whatsoever because they can tell you exactly what the car has.