What on Earth? (Motor Week P90D Review)

What on Earth? (Motor Week P90D Review)

Motor Week did a review of the P90DL, and reported the 0-60 as 4.0 seconds, and the 1/4 mile as 12.4 seconds in their tests.

What on earth? How could they be so far off the published time?

Did they not engage the correct mode? (Sport/Insane/Ludicrous)

tesla | 23 April, 2016

Additional PS> I can obtain those numbers with my 85D on a hot day and a very high SOC.... so clearly they did something wrong.

Bighorn | 23 April, 2016

When this came up on original airing, it was attributed to the poor track surface.

tesla | 23 April, 2016

Interesting. Are there any indicators on the cluster that would denote if the traction system was limiting power?

Silver2K | 23 April, 2016

would the range setting effect it so much?

KdotB | 23 April, 2016

I believe Sport setting would get you a 4 sec 0-60

But who knows what they were doing. Clearly something wrong

DTsea | 23 April, 2016

They say right in article that they had probs with track surface.

Son of a Gunn | 23 April, 2016

MotorWeek could've easily redone the video shoot if they had problems with the track. No, it's not in their interest. They are a show mostly for traditional ICE car companies. They showcase a lot of CNG buses as well to appear balanced on the Eco side. EVs? Forget it. Not if they don't want to pay up to MotorWeek.

Dramsey | 23 April, 2016

Right, Motor Week's in the bag for the ICE companies, and taking under-the-table payments from them to boot. That must be why their review ended on this note:

So while EVs and even the Tesla brand continue their march to the mainstream, vehicles like this 2016 Model S P90D are pushing in an entirely different direction; taking on high performance sport sedans, and boasting exotic car levels of acceleration. Further proof that the best in automotive performance is yet to come!

Seriously, do you whacko conspiracy theorists even TRY to make your ranting sound reasonable?

MilesMD88 | 23 April, 2016

Their track looked like a dirt road. I watched the show on PBS. It was a joke, very poorly reported & tested. Drag strip looked like it hadn't been used in 50 yrs.

Motor Trend magazine earlier this year did a nice article on P90DL. They quoted Tesla's advertised 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, under their actual testing on 3 runs it was 2.5 or 2.6. Don't remember. Very nice article.

hcwhy | 24 April, 2016

It's always seemed to me that Motorweek was anti-Tesla.

hcwhy | 24 April, 2016

It's always seemed to me that Motorweek was anti-Tesla.

Haggy | 24 April, 2016

It seems like a fair piece to me. People can read the published speeds and various reports as well as this one and decide for themselves. Anybody who would choose a different car because it might do 0-60 a few tenths of a second faster or slower on one test might as well not get a Tesla. It's about far more than 0-60 speed.

af9y | 24 April, 2016

They wanted to be fair so they did the runs with the battery charged to only 25% (just like an ICE test with 1/4 tank to reduce weight).

finman100 | 25 April, 2016

yup. them there E-lect-trons are HEAVY. better not fill it up and weigh 'er down! too funny.

Red Sage ca us | 15 May, 2016

I saw this a while back and got the impression the drive tried to launch the car the way you do an ICE: holding the brake and 'revving' the 'engine'. All they had to do was turn off creep, put it in Drive, and STOMP the ever-lovin' strawberry cream cheesecake out of the GO pedal. There is now a launch mode for the car as well, that is pretty friggin' simple... You just let go of the brake when the car tells you to.