If Model 3 lives up to your expectation: Will you ever buy an ICE again?

If Model 3 lives up to your expectation: Will you ever buy an ICE again?

For me-absolutely not.
Just curious about everyone else out there.

Supraman | 24 April, 2016

Definitely not. At some point in the not-so-distant future, nobody is going to want to buy an ICE again. When this happens, the used prices of ICEs are going to plummet and I want to minimise my exposure to that depreciation.

lph | 24 April, 2016

Nope, never. NO

Mike83 | 24 April, 2016

I might buy a horse and buggy carriage if my wife wants a romantic night ride in the snow but an ICE. No way.

Tesla-David | 24 April, 2016

Never again will I buy an ICE vehicle!

mntlvr23 | 24 April, 2016

I was just pondering that yesterday, thinking that I wouid most likely be done with ICE. We will not likely be in need of another new vehicle for another 8-10 years - It will be really interesting to see what the landscape is like then - and what choices and capabilities EV's will have at that point.

kristiannobs | 24 April, 2016

Never again ICE for me.

PeterPlt | 24 April, 2016

In 1973 I bought my first foreign car. I committed to never buying an American car (and supporting the Big Three's arrogance or substandard products and services) until there was a car that earned my money. In 2015, 42 years later, I paid twice what I'd ever paid before for a car for a Tesla 85D. And the grins began.

I now have two M3s on order to replace my wife's M-B and, maybe my 85D... One thing is for certain, I will never buy another ICE. Why go back to compromises???

george210 | 24 April, 2016

No ICE will be out of my life.

I should sell my ice right now 'cause once Tesla Model ☰ ships ICE cars will plummet in value. So I should lease a car until my Tesla Model ☰ arrives -- I'm hoping that'll be by April 2018.

Any suggestions for a firm that'll lease an ICE for 20 to 24 months.

jamilworm | 24 April, 2016

Probably. If get in an accident and my model 3 get's totaled, I am not going to take the bus to work for 2 year while I wait in the queue to get a replacement. I will buy an ICE car to hold me over until I can get another model 3.

dd.micsol | 24 April, 2016

Thank you all for the feedback. I'm in the same boat. I'm sick of war for oil. I hope that can end forever. I've lost 3 close friends to desert storm and now another fighting ISIL. It's just not right. Even if oil and gas were free-I'd never go back to burning it to get to where I want to go. The only car I have is a prius that's burning oil and I hope by the time 3 comes out-I can dump that too.

kaffine | 24 April, 2016

Yes I will. The Model 3 will be by daily driver but I still need something to haul stuff with. So until Tesla or someone else comes out with a heavy duty electric pickup in my price range I will have to have a truck. I have had a few times where even a 1 ton dually pickup wasn't enough to haul something and had to rent a bigger truck.

I hope not to have to buy another truck before an electric one is available but if it comes down to it I will get another ICE powered truck. Likely diesel as that is my preferred fuel after electric.

george210 | 24 April, 2016

ICE cars will be out of my life once I get my Tesla Model ☰

Tstolz | 24 April, 2016

Almost impossible to go back to ICE once you've experienced electric. I'm in the same boat with my truck ... really hoping a compelling truck is on the market within 5 years. I can make mine last that long I think.

dd.micsol | 24 April, 2016

Excellent comment on the truck. I agree that the torque is a nice bonus of electric and the gas mileage/huge tank not to fill. I think they need to bring charging time down before the truck can be made-fully operating gigafactory. Yes, hauling that 5th wheel around will need some umph. EV truck will have it.
I do believe a truck will be in their lineup after model 3 has been finalized and rolling off the production lines for about 1 yr.
Just not sure if the super car or truck will be next, but there is a huge need for EV trucks/buses/hauling trucks-they could use the torque getting up those hills.

jarrodskrehot | 24 April, 2016

Absolutely, unless they come out with something that can haul my 34' travel trailer. It will handle my double trailer with my two 2012 Sea Doo's, but it is 1,780 lbs short of meeting the minimum towing capacity for my camping trailer before loading it with anything. For this I have my 3/4 Ton Duramax Quad Cab. Well maybe not, my truck has 100k miles and diesels can go for 300k, we'll see. Who knows what they will come out with in the future but I just don't see that kind of capability, my Duramax can tow some 13,000 lbs, not to mention where are you going to charge when hooked up. Guess they could setup something at a truck stop but I just don't see it for that type of usage. We also have a 2014 GMC Acadia and the price tag on that was the most I had ever spent on a vehicle, while I can afford a Model X or S, I just can't fathom that much money for a vehicle. I plan to option the Model 3 to 50k, get the Federal and State incentives, taking it down to 40k and put down 12k.

Haggy | 24 April, 2016

Before I had the Model S, I wouldn't have been able to answer that. Now that I do, it's clear that there's no need for an ICE as a backup. I can't use it to haul a 4 by 8 foot piece of plywood, but I had a vehicle sitting in the driveway for that. I don't any more. When I compare what I spent on insurance alone for something that sat in the driveway for all but 2000 miles a year, I'd just as soon rent something if I ever need to do something like that.

For somebody who needs a bit more cargo space, keep in mind that the Model X middle row seats don't fold flat, so Tesla is far from a well rounded overall solution. I think the popularity of the Model 3 might impact whatever is expected to come next, since Tesla has more work in store than they had anticipated.

David N | 24 April, 2016

Your question is a bit too broad.
We still need a truck to haul and plow with, and tow a large travel trailer.
We also need a large SUV. ( X is out of our affordability)
So, it'll be awhile before we can say yes to your question. | 24 April, 2016

As an S owner & 3 reservation holder, I can assure you there is no going back.

Fluvio | 24 April, 2016

i agree with David. I find that as a homeowner with a quasi-adventurous lifestyle, I have less and less use for a "car". I drive logging roads for work through remote areas far from charging stations. Weekends frequently involve hauling stuff to the dump and picking up supplies at the hardware store, shuttling buddies with climbing and backpacking gear to trailheads on forest roads, and doing overland adventures.. And I really don't want to store and maintain multiple vehicles anymore. I drive my girlfriends Model S on occasion and I almost reserved a Model 3 two weeks ago. However, it looks like my Subaru Outback and old M3 (BMW) will get sold as they are collecting dust and my Tacoma trucks will continue to serve my daily needs for the next several years. When an electric version of an overland / utility vehicle appears on the market, I'll jump in then. I'm a big Tesla fan, but cars increasingly have limited use for me.

skygraff | 24 April, 2016

As a city dweller surrounded by public transit and bike lanes, I know I'll never go back to ICE once I have my Tesla. I would love to have fast charging batteries and/or a 300+ mile range for the times I take road trips but I'll plan accordingly no matter what.

Bubba2000 | 24 April, 2016

Specialized applications like medium to heavy trucks, off road vehicles, daily long distance driving, remote areas, etc will need ICE. In the US trains could go electric like in Europe. May be some ships could go electric. Airplanes will continue using gas turbines for a long time.

bj | 24 April, 2016

Will I ever buy an ICE again? The answer for me is already no. The next new car I buy will be Model 3, and that will make us a totally EV-only household. And once you go EV you never again go REV.

I just have to suffer with my remaining aging ICE for 2 more years, although it is tempting to sell it now (before the inevitable ICE price plummet / second hand overhang hits) and lease a car until my Model 3 is ready.

@Bubba2000 - there are already manufacturers of BEV heavy vehicles such as garbage trucks, buses and the like. In many ways it is easier to make those because they are so big there is plenty of space to hold big battery packs. Over time, the "niche" vehicle applications still requiring ICE (for whatever reason) will diminish and eventually disappear.

Long range aircraft, helicopters, and space craft will probably be the last transportation modes on the planet that will require ICE for the forseeable future.

JeffreyR | 24 April, 2016

I have 67K miles on my hand-me-down 2000 MB E320. I may keep it in the family since it was my Grandmother's, but I'll never buy another ICE vehicle. If I need a truck, I'll rent one.

I do "camping" light or in other words a nice hotel near Yosemite. It's called Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal. Great location and many rooms have kitchenettes or you can do pizza/burgers at the motel. We do breakfast and dinner in the kitchenette and pack a picnic lunch or grill inside the park. Lots of fun, and you can relax in one of the many Jacuzzis at night overlooking the Merced River.

dkenta | 24 April, 2016

The model S has already accomplished that feat for me. Model 3 will be just the icing.

denkav2 | 24 April, 2016

If the charging infrastructure improves in Australia, I would not bye an ICE car again after my M3 arrives. However the M3 will still be quite expensive here. So when my 2 kids need their first cars, I expect I'll be contributing to 2 ICE cars for them. As Elon has said the M3 is suited to the middle class. What we need after the M3 is an even less expensive Tesla for those with lower incomes.

skirtsanis | 25 April, 2016

There is no force in this universe that will make me return to the outdated fossil fuel guzzler

paul_doree | 25 April, 2016

Hi all,

I live in England and I think there are some other factors that figure in this question. First of all, there are many people living in apartments that do not have access to charging at home, for whom owning an EV is not really an option. In England, this figure is in the millions. Also, having now talked to a number of people about EV's, I have found there are a not insignificant number that wouldn't own an EV because they love the mechanical noise and feel of an ICE (yes, mad I know :-))

For me personally I have my own driveway and can easily install a 240v charging point, so I'm really exited about the model 3 and will most certainly own one. When I can get my hands on one that is, which is now looking to be well in to 2018 if not later. Patience is a virtue methinks...

cquail | 25 April, 2016

Tesla needs a truck and a van in their lineup. The only ICE I drive now is a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country. I see no all electric replacement for it so will keep it running. Our other three cars are electric plus one electric scooter with a 20 mile range, the fold up urb-e.

El3ctric | 25 April, 2016

No, I will not buy another ICE car. I actually think that the transition from ICE to electric will happen far more rapidly than most people think. People buying new ICE cars now will be stuck with products that soon noone will want. There will be exceptions of course but overall I think this will be the case. Note that we don't necessarily need a huge number of electric cars to be available for this to happen. A simple shift in what people want will do the trick. Kind of like the transition from 'dumb' phones to smartphones. After my M3 arrives I will probably keep my current (ICE) family car for a while (at least while we grow out the need for a 7 seater) but definitely no new ICE cars!

lolachampcar | 25 April, 2016

On MS #5 between my wife and I and I do not see us ever going back to ICE for a daily driver. That said, there are things a BeV can not do today. A pick up is one example. MX is nice but it will not haul a 30' trailer across the country. Also on my list is a sports car. I understand there is a following for the Roadster and it is a neat car but nothing BeV really replaces 600hp and 3200lbs with a dual clutch box. Perhaps when pure capacitance gel comes along I'll change my tune.

jschnyderite | 25 April, 2016

I plan on keeping my M3 for a long while. In 8 years or so, I'm sure the landscape of ICE cars will change. It may not be much of an option by then =p

So if I get the M3, it'll probably be non-ICE for life.

JPPTM | 25 April, 2016

My wife and I both drive S (me a May 2013 S85, hers is a June 2015 S70D. ICE free. Never again....

dachuyn | 25 April, 2016

I am wondering whether I will keep or sell my Honda S2000. This little convertible makes me feel a bit younger ... :-)

swingshiftworker | 25 April, 2016

The Model 3 (or Bolt) will be my 5th car and I have no places to get rid of the four ICE vehicles that I own now, each of which has a specific purpose, as will the Model 3.

archvillain | 25 April, 2016

The next car after the Tesla, I'll be sipping margaritas and reading a book while IT drives ME :D

Octagondd | 25 April, 2016

If I need a truck or need to replace my wife's aging SUV and there isn't a mass market version of those yet, then I may need to buy one more ICE. If I can somehow get a used MX for cheap then I would be good.

tesla | 25 April, 2016

no. Just keep existing ICE parked with car cover.

Red Sage ca us | 25 April, 2016

Sure. I'll buy a Chevrolet El Camino... And convert it to fully electric.

lock123 | 27 April, 2016

Unfortunately yes for now to tow a boat and trailers, haul stuff and be able to refuel in minutes when time restraints combined with distances are required.

Once all those issues are addressed with EV's - syonara ICE.

topher | 28 April, 2016

Even if it doesn't, I still won't buy an ICE if I have any choice. It was a close call back when I bought my last car.

If it DOES meet my expectations, it will be the last car I ever buy.

Thank you kindly.

apeter1972 | 28 April, 2016


ColoDriver | 28 April, 2016

Unless I get enough money and the urge to buy something classic like a '68 GTO convertible or a '36 Duesenberg SSJ, no I won't buy another ICE. And like topher, if the Model 3 meets my expectations it will be the last car I ever buy (fingers crossed).

dd.micsol | 28 April, 2016

See this raises a very interesting point with cars that's probably never been thought of before:
Will you need to buy another car ever? Replace the battery and control panel-new car basically.
I'm no Tesla engineer but do these motors or gears wear out? It's only one right?!
So not only is the nada losing multiple sales from us getting car after car-they are losing a permanent customer per se for some of us.
I know a lot of us will just want change or the latest and greatest, but man what a thought. Last car I'll ever buy.
How old are you 2? Colo and Topher?

TheAustin | 28 April, 2016

On the strength of the Model S alone, I won't be buying another ICE again (at least, not as a daily driver...I've always wanted a vintage Mini Cooper, so I may pick one of those up one of these days...)

Haggy | 28 April, 2016

The motor might last decades without a big problem. The battery might have enough capacity after a few decades to be adequate for a vehicle of its value. But vehicles do depreciate over time. Things wear out. Finishes don't hold up after decades. Door dings happen. You might have little problems such as a light in one place or a speaker somewhere else, and when your car has a book value of $1900 after a couple of decades and somebody plows into your door, if it's going to cost $3000 to fix it, you'll get a new car.

Red Sage ca us | 28 April, 2016

I vote that museum pieces and track only cars don't count.

Maxxer | 28 April, 2016

Never bought one.
Never will.

Maxxer | 28 April, 2016

Never bought one.
Never will.

topher | 28 April, 2016

This is why I questioned which parts of the car are steel, and which aluminum. Cars around here die of salt poisoning. If I can keep the steel parts from rusting, there is no reason the car that can't last 25 years.

I don't necessarily expect to die with this car, just by the time I have to give it up, I don't expect 'buying a car' to still be a thing most people do. I will timeshare a self-driving vehicle; only having one when I require one.

Thank you kindly.

dd.micsol | 29 April, 2016

@topher-that why I asked if the steel would be galvanized. If it is it will last a lot longer.
Just change out the battery every 10 yrs. That's what I'm planning for. Will save 1000/yr to get it.