Truck design

Truck design

I like all the Tesla car designs. However i am a truck man. It would be amazing if you guys could design a Tesla truck.

Bradtc | 31 May, 2016

Elon has publicly said that a truck is in their roadmap. I too will be seriously looking at them when they come out.

As to when?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yongliangzhu68 | 31 May, 2016

Been discussed many times in many threads. We know Musk wants this but I hope it is put off for a decade or so. The truck market is mostly unique to the US and a SUPER hard nut to crack. Several companies have tried and not faired too well. Most others KNOW not to waste money/reputation trying.

In general truck buyers or doggedly loyal and super satisfied (to even willing to consider anything else) with the Ford and Chevy trucks offerings. Manly real truck driving men aren't going to buy some 'battery powered sissy toy'. Even with a super tough, reliable and styled product it would likely take years to 'pry' the Fords/Chevys 'from their cold dead hands.'

Rocky_H | 1 June, 2016

@wj, + 1/2, because I think it tells half the story. :)

While you are probably correct about people who drive trucks for their personal taste and reputation (insert Tim the Toolman Taylor "Arrr arrr arr" sound here), that is not the entirety of the truck market. There is a huge portion of the truck/van market that are just practical work vehicles run by businesses: plumbing, mowing/landscaping, HVAC, etc.. They have ledger sheets of the inputs and outputs of the costs of running their businesses, and fuel is a big freaking deal on the cost side. If they could switch to an electric truck that they could run for 10 years, that would increase their profit margin tremendously by cutting most of that fuel cost. Business people generally don't turn up their nose at many thousands of dollars in profit just so they can say they drive "Built Ford Tough".

brando | 3 June, 2016

Ian Wright - Tesla co-founder for garbage trucks etc. Saves fuel and brakes and other maintenance costs.

carlgo2 | 3 June, 2016

@Rocky is right, those smaller Euro vans are all over the place. They are advertised as work vehicles and people are happy enough to buy them for that purpose. Electric versions would be popular as well if buyers are made aware that a home charge could get them through a normal day. Same for trucks. Sell to those who actually use them in business or work. Poser trucks and those actually used for super duty use can be dealt with another day.