Rear trunk space

Rear trunk space

A few weeks ago I created a thread about the rear trunk space in the Model 3. I said that I did not see why Tesla could not move the cross member closer to the rear seats. The trolls came out in force and kept repeating that Tesla would not do it. I gave up on the thread because the technical questions were not being addressed, but rather ignorant, personal attacks were being made. Well, now Tesla have moved the cross member as I suggested, so hopefully the trolls will learn that their ignorant opinions were incorrect.

lomunchi | 11 July, 2016

Good call. Congratulations. What do you want next?

bb0tin | 11 July, 2016

I want the Tesla to be able to connect to the Powerwall.

SamO | 11 July, 2016

You trying to rewrite history?

Still no hatchback.


Drdpharris | 11 July, 2016

I do not see evidence that the cross member moved -- only that the 'bigger trunk opening' was sorted. You may be disappointed. Wait for the Y.

Ehninger1212 | 11 July, 2016

Slow clap*... But he doesn't elaborate AT ALL what has been done.

bb0tin | 11 July, 2016

You said "You trying to rewrite history? Still no hatchback."
Tesla have done exactly what I suggested. In the original thread I repeatedly said I was not talking about a hatchback. You were one of the trolls in the original thread. The fact that you once again talk about a hatchback demonstrates that you are still a troll.

bb0tin | 11 July, 2016

@Drdpharris @Ehninger1212
You are correct.
When the article said:
'Elon explained that the “only way to get enough rear passenger headroom was to move the rear roof cross-car support beam”.'
I took that to mean that it has been moved again, but it more likely refers to the original position.
I still believe that Tesla will have moved the beam, but we will have to wait and see.

SamO | 11 July, 2016

Yummy shoe mmmmmm

bb0tin | 11 July, 2016

Will you cut it out.
When I realised I had likely misinterpreted a statement I immediately acknowledged it. That misinterpretation does not mean that Tesla have not done what I was suggesting, but we will still have to wait to find out. There is no shoe to eat. You however, keep repeating something which I have told you is not true. If Tesla does do what I suggested, you will not admit that you were wrong. That is why you are a troll.

jordanrichard | 13 July, 2016

bb0tin, which beam are you talking about. When Elon says "moved the beam to gain more rear seat headroom" he was talking about what is traditionally over the heads of the rear passengers, like in the MS.

There is no beam across the aft part of the prototype M≡'s roof to be "moved". So in Elon's apparent recent Tweet, I am sure he was referring to the "beam" that goes across the upper opening of the trunk. I am further guessing that means they may have reduced how far down the rear glass goes. This would allow for a larger opening.

In your previous threads you kept going on about how other companies were able to have a all glass back end. with no cross beam and a hatch. Even going to the point of posting a pic of a European Ford, I believe, which was just a hatchback. Sure the struts were off to the side, but there was still a cross member (beam) that the hinges were mounted to. All hatchbacks or lift backs have to have a cross beam up top to support hinges.

dsvick | 13 July, 2016

@bb0tin - "I repeatedly said I was not talking about a hatchback"

Right, you kept going on about a liftback. Well, a larger trunk opening is not a liftback either. There may well be a lift/hatchback option that we'll find out about at the second reveal, but as of right now all we know is that Elon said they took care of the small trunk opening. No one that doesn't work for TM knows what that means.

How about we all agree to stop starting new threads about the trunk and just wait until Tesla tells us what it's going to be. All we're going to do, just like in the new thread someone started yesterday, is rehash the same old arguements since no one has a clue what the final version is going to be.

bb0tin | 13 July, 2016

You asked "which beam are you talking about."
I am talking about the same one as Elon. Tesla moved it well aft of the headrests. You can see this in photos and of the Model 3. They can move it forward, still heap all the headroom, and make a larger boot.

You saod "n your previous threads you kept going on about how other companies were able to have a all glass back end. with no cross beam and a hatch."
No I did not.

bb0tin | 13 July, 2016

The Model S is a liftback.
Do you not think it works?
Do you not think it is a sedan?

You said "How about we all agree to stop starting new threads about the trunk and just wait until Tesla tells us what it's going to be."
How about you read the thread and see that's why I started it.

SamO | 13 July, 2016

I am a situational troll and I only have bridges for you . . .

If Elon turns the Model 3 into a liftback, I will be incredibly happy. But since I always claimed that a liftback was possible, my enormous ego will remain intact.

Now the hatchback you proposed . . . lulz

bb0tin | 13 July, 2016

You have done it again.
I never proposed a hatchback, as I have repeatedly told you.
You are a repetitive liar.
You have also repeatedly said that Tesla will not be doing as I suggested, otherwise why argue with me about it?
You are a troll.

wrightmikeb | 13 July, 2016

I think worse case scenario it will be slightly larger then Audi A3 sedan.

dsvick | 14 July, 2016

@bb0tin - "How about you read the thread and see that's why I started it."

I did read it, it just sounded like you trying to tell us all that you were right and we were wrong, when in fact there is nothing new to be said one way or the other. So yes, this is just more equine bludgeoning with a piece of dismembered tree.

bb0tin | 14 July, 2016

Yes, that is why I started the thread. I received a lot of ignorant naysaying and insults for a valid thread.
You are one of the posters who have no valid reasoning for your posts, but are quite happy to insult others for having one.

dsvick | 15 July, 2016

I don't recall ever actually insulting someone, at least not intentionally. If I did I apologize.

In my mind I have valid reasons for everything I've said, just as you consider your reasons valid. The problem is that everyone keeps trying to explain why their reasons are more valid. Some people listen and can be swayed others can't - we can just agree to disagree and be done with it.

jordanrichard | 15 July, 2016

bb0tin, there is no cross member/beam aft of the rear headrest. Unless you are talking about the cross member that goes across the trunk opening which would be the bottom of the rear glass.

I am not an engineer, but the only way I can see how they can make the trunk opening larger is shortening the rear glass, raising the rear "parcel shelf".

bb0tin | 15 July, 2016

That is the one I am talking about. It is the one which makes the trunk small. It is the one which can be moved.
As you say, the glass needs to be shortened, which I believe is a good thing. I previously posted than I believe it will make for a better looking car since it will line up with the lines of the side windows. It will also reduce the amount of heat hitting the rear passengers without reducing their view, unless they have eyes in the back of their heads. It will also hide more of the storage area from prying eyes. It will also, most likely, increase the structural strength close to the rear passengers.

bb0tin | 15 July, 2016

I attempt to support my reasons with evidence and factual statements, not just opinion.

Coastal Cruiser. | 16 July, 2016

The Model 3 Owners Club Show covered the trunk opening updates yesterday. Not sure if this helps or is an over extrapolation of what Tesla indicated.

Trunk coverage starts at about 1:50 in on Part 1 of the show.

EaglesPDX | 17 July, 2016

The Musk stated modification to small hatchback should do the trick. The hinge appears to be moved to right in back of the rear passengers head and provides a large enough opening to be a practical hatchback.

mos6507 | 18 July, 2016

^^^ That is speculation. Nobody knows exactly what the exact change to the opening is yet.

Badbot | 18 July, 2016

Eagles reads things and then decides what he wants it to say.

"The Musk stated modification to small hatchback should do the trick."
Please show all of us where Elon said the above!
He said they would enlarge the opening, without using the H word or the L word.

Ehninger1212 | 18 July, 2016

It will probably just be a widened opening. That's what i am expecting (not dreaming) to see.