Model 3 rims

Model 3 rims

Hello, I'm wondering if Model III will be available with smaller rim sizes, such as 17" or 16". I know that they won't be the "coolest" rims for this car, but I've read that smaller rims are more efficient, and the tires are quite cheaper to replace and more durable.


zakeeus | 16 July, 2016

I believe the rims on the silver Model 3 were 20" for the Motor Trend Gigafactory exclusive. Don't remember if front and back were the same size.hopefully they don't make you get large rims if you want the best looking rims. I don't see why you have to go aftermarket to get a 19" turbine or grey rim for the Model S. It's not my fault my local roads are bad :-) I'm sure they will do this again with the M3 though. Probably 18" standard and 20" optional.

Ehninger1212 | 16 July, 2016

Seeing something like an 18" would be nice. most of the roads i drive on are sketchy.

melinda.v | 16 July, 2016

xescol43 - as zakeeus mentioned, the general consensus is the model 3 will have 18"/20". Also, it's likely to be designed to have brakes that fit within the smaller stock size, so you would not be able to put 16-17" aftermarket wheels on.

Ehninger1212 | 16 July, 2016

I hope it doesn't look goofy with 18" rims though, my neighbor wrecked his 21" turbine wheels real quick where i live. Tire and all.

Red Sage ca us | 16 July, 2016

zakeeus wrote, "Probably 18" standard and 20" optional."


warren_tran | 16 July, 2016

It will come with 18" as standard. Tires are getting cheaper for 18". Bigger than that is where it start to get expensive.

Ehninger1212 | 17 July, 2016


dave.m.mcdonough | 17 July, 2016

+1 for making the low profile tires an option. Nothing wrong with a little sidewall.

Badbot | 18 July, 2016

They had a 17 way back. if you can find some in a junkyard