Tesla model 3 Indian release

Tesla model 3 Indian release

Its great news that the new Tesla model 3 will be avilable in India sometime next year. While it boasts of superb features such as auto pilot i can't help but think how such features can ever be used in India. With one of the the worst road quality in the world and easily one of the worst traffic conditions, the auto pilot in the model 3 will be a complete failure in India. Suggest to the Tesla team to skip the auto pilot in India as it could really cause a lot of accidents, especially as, apart from the above absolutely terrible road and traffic conditions, the traffic sense of the people too is one of the worst in the world. Availing the auto pilot should therefore, not be an option here.

bj | 19 July, 2016

While the hardware to make autopilot possible will be built in to all Model 3's, it won't do anything unless you pay the software fee to activate it. So your solution is - don't pay for autopilot activation. Easy.

India is a RHD market, so unfortunately along with England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc, we are at the end of the global delivery cycle. It's unlikely any RHD Model 3's will be delivered before Q2 2018.

Gaurav.sanghavi | 20 July, 2016