Wind Noise?

Wind Noise?

Anyone else feel they have excessive wind noise from the driver or passenger windows? I have a passenger window that makes a high-pitched wind noise, similar to a leak in an old pop-out vent window from the 70s. My Model S is silent compared to my X. Going in for service next week, I want to know beforehand if other cars have this issue, and whether or not it be fixed.

borodinj | 10 August, 2016

I had it, but it only seemed to happen one time. It seems like the window didn't return to its normal closed position after the door is closed, which may have caused the problem. It hasn't happened again. In any event, the car is going in soon to replace the FWD sensors, and I'm having them look at the windows for wind noise while it's in.

jwh8000 | 10 August, 2016

I had the same problem shortly after receiving my X, the window closed on the outside of the trim and left a small gap at the front of the widow that let in air. I called service and they had me calibrate both widows which corrected the problem. They have worked fine ever since.

aesculus | 10 August, 2016

Lots of folks have had issues around the small fixed pane in front. A few have had issues with window alignment and the gasket in the rear of the windows. They should be able to fix either.

I have had some cross wind issues myself. Today I went and looked that the glass and it's making good contact at the rear. So not sure if the wind is getting under the glass and forcing it out or what.

snlnk | 10 August, 2016

Not uncommon. Quite a few previous posts about it. Our X had a problem similar to jhoppers but the service center had to replace the motor that rolls the window up and down to fix it.

speyerj | 10 August, 2016

Ugh. Yes. My X is loud. It's been in once and they said they fixed it. Clearly no one actually took it out for a drive because while the noise did get better, it's still much louder on the driver's side than the passenger I know they can do better.

ghgregory | 11 August, 2016

I had the same problem. Much noise, then after a few days, power window would not close properly. Went up too far, then apparently hit frame and came back down. Did some googling and recalibrated the windows. Took 3-4 tries, problem solved.

rossRallen | 12 August, 2016

I've had my X in the SC three times for wind noise (and other issues). It never gets fixed, but it's better than it was originally.

The latest is that the technician said he thinks it's related to the triangular piece of glass, but it was a Ranger visit and he couldn't fix it.

carlk | 12 August, 2016

Mine doesn't until it gets close to 80mph. Just like my S.

carlk | 12 August, 2016

I do remember once that I heard loud wind noise from passenger side window which got louder as I got on the freeway. Then I remembered I took a coworker to lunch he might not have closed the door properly (I always use the screen to close doors). After I got off the freeway I turned into a parking lot and open/closed the door. The noise is gone after that. I think a lot of problem probably came from how good the window glass is sealed against the rubber. One thing I would try is to use a good rubber cleaner/lub to really clean those seals. It worked before with my other car that also has frameless door. Not wind noise but window glass would make rattling noise when car hit a bump.

MyXinTx | 13 August, 2016

This is an ongoing issue much worse in the beginning than now...

The first time I drove an X was when they toured the country with Founder's models trying to get non-confirmed reservations wrapped up...I was sick and depressed with how bad the road noise was and after I complained to Corporate they set me up in a newer model demo with great improved window and door seals.

So my X is much "road and wind" noisier than my Cayenne diesel, mostly due to the great sound proofing Porsche does, similar to Lexus (60's decibels compared to 70+ in my MX same highway and speed)

However, recently I had a rush of air while on the highway, then I cycled the window which refused to stay up, even after stopping and re-closing....had to struggle with it until service appointment.

To get to the point, I learned that the window needs to "learn" the closed position, and if this is not perfect air can rush in and be noisy. There is a trick to resetting the memory function, which the SC can do to reset your windows. If this fails then the seal need to be replaced....push them to do so if they's your $100+ car and it should be tight.

Hope it gets resolved...

aesculus | 13 August, 2016

@MyXinTx: Did you try the reset techniques yourself? If so what did the SC do differently?

lilbean | 13 August, 2016

Mine does that sometimes. I just open the door all the way and close it. Or if you have a passenger there, they just need to continuously push on the plastic piece between the windows. Cool huh?

rossRallen | 13 August, 2016

@aesculus: what is the reset technique? I saw it somewhere, have forgotten it.

lilbean | 13 August, 2016

From inside the vehicle, do a scroll wheel (touchscreen) reset.
Open the door from inside (the manual handle will always release the door).
Manually push the door to the full open position, then slowly and deliberately push the door manually closed so that it will latch. Close it slow enough that it takes about 5 to 10 seconds. If the latch pulls the door in, all is working okay.

carlk | 13 August, 2016


Try this to clean rubber seals around the door frame and those window seals window glasses are running against. It helped me to get many years of trouble free services on my cars with frameless doors including my Model S.

lilbean | 13 August, 2016

Cool! Thanks, @carlk. | 13 August, 2016

My X had passenger side wind noise that was corrected at the SC before delivery by replacing the small triangular piece of glass. Recently, while my driver's side door latch was akimbo, I would get random loud squeals of wind noise while driving at 70. It sounded like something was scraping against my door. After replacement of the door latch, this has disappeared.

rossRallen | 14 August, 2016

Thanks @lilbean. Will try the reset if needed.

@carlk: my Tesla service mgr warned me against using ArmorAll and other vinyl preserving materials on the seals. Evidently, they dry out plasticizers and other components of the elastomers over time. Is this Meguiar's product different?

BTW: I was told that the seals are made of recyclable materials. SAY WHAT!??? You mean they might degrade faster than traditional automotive materials? Not having that!

carlk | 14 August, 2016

I don't know but checking Amazon reviews no one seems to mention any problems with using it. Some in particular mentioned how this is superior to ArmorAll and does not mess up plasticizers. You can read through them before deciding if it's OK to use.

TKDey | 17 August, 2016

Yes! My X (sig) has had continuous wind noise since I picked it up. The sc says they have fixed it as good as they can, but its pretty loud. There is no way that this is the best they can do. Everytime I have anyone in the car, they ask me if I have a window open because it sounds so loud. This is my number 1 complaint about this car.

eric.zucker | 17 August, 2016

Try another SC.

rossRallen | 18 August, 2016

Unfortunately not all SCs are the same. Try another as Eric suggested.

madodel | 18 August, 2016

@TKDey My Sig X never had a wind noise until they replaced the window seals without telling me when my X was in for the 3rd row replacement. Then I had a wind noise on the driver's side going over 45mph and a really annoying whistle on the passenger side at low speed. Just had my X in to have the passenger FW door latch replaced (first time with any door issue in 6 months) and they fixed the window seals. It is so amazingly quiet now. Just road noise and some outside wind on acceleration. Tell your SC to call the Springfield NJ service center and ask how to fix the window seals. Maybe it was luck but I have my perfect X back again. ;-)

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Spprcv | 18 August, 2016

@madodel how do you like you red exterior and white seats. That is what I'm getting and I have not seen an X with that combo yet.

madodel | 18 August, 2016

@Spprcv I agonized over the color but went with the Sig Red because it was the only option limited to Signatures. The blue and the Titanium looked gorgeous on the screen, but when I confirmed my order there were no showroom models to see.

I'm really happy with the ultra white seats. It was a big gamble but everyone loves them and many have complemented on how soft and comfortable they are. Clean up so far has just been wiping with a damp cloth except when I got some ink on a seat. Then just used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to lightly clean it off.

I really miss my X the few times I had to drive anything else in the past 6 months. Even the Model S loaners Tesla gave me when they serviced my X, which were beautiful and felt like driving in a jet plane cockpit. But no ICE can come anywhere near driving an X.

rossRallen | 19 August, 2016

Thanks @madodel. I will have Rocklin call the Springfield SC re wind noise. Mine comes and goes. I did a driver's door reset a few days ago and now it's worse. Go figure.

teslagiddy | 19 August, 2016

Check the panel on the top of the car which sits between the two falcon wing doors. Mine was sticking up a little and I think that was causing my cabin wind noise.

urrivera | 20 August, 2016

This happened to my car and found it to be that the drivers window did not close completely to cover the small gap it creates when opening or closing to equalize air pressures. I exited the car and locked it with the key fob and it fixed itself.

Spprcv | 20 August, 2016

@madodel Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Sluggo | 21 August, 2016

I have wind noise from my passenger side fixed triangular window and my driver's side door. Tesla tells me a new improved triangle window with attached weatherstrip is coming. Waiting for new parts to arrive. Other than that my X90 is about perfect.

Remnant | 22 August, 2016

Aside from seals and panel issues, the mirrorless MX version will have much less wind noise and much improved rearward visibility.

Gary an Rachel | 22 August, 2016

Sluggo, interesting bit of information about new part comming. I may need to ask about that at SC. I have wind noise on passenger side while driving over 55 mph. I can put electrical tape on that little support piece between the little triangular window and passengers window on the outside and all the noise is gone. I have an appointment for that and if the new piece is not in yet I'm thinking a reschedule is in order. Thanks.

That electrical tape trick really helps to lock down where wind noise is really occurring.

rossRallen | 23 August, 2016

@Gary an Rachel: Unfortunately, my wind noise is on the driver's side, and with the window going up and down ~½" every time the door is opened, I don't see how it would work or even be testable.

Do you mean the "dark triangle" and the next small trapezoidal pane of glass with the seal for the driver's window?

Gary an Rachel | 23 August, 2016

Hmm, I get my wife into the car first so the window snugs up and then I put the tape over the small column between the triangle little window and the door window. The tape is almost wide enough to touch both Windows so to do it right I place tape on door window and small column and then a second strip of tape overlapping first tape and glass of small window. (For long drives only, not worth it most drives)

asriram | 24 August, 2016

The service center was able to re-calibrate the window and make the noise go away

Gary an Rachel | 24 August, 2016

I'm hoping your right, I'll know in about 10 days when the car goes in.

Darryl | 25 August, 2016

It has taken Tesla SC 6 months and at least 5 service calls to finally fix the problem with the wind noise. They have replaced both the main window as well as the triangular piece of glass, all gaskets and electronic latches on both the driver's side as well as the passenger's side to fix the problem. It has been in for service for 4 1/2 months out of the six months I have owned the car but finally there is no wind and very little road noise.

Gary an Rachel | 25 August, 2016

Wow Darryl, I kind of feel for you here. That's a horrible story. But one with a good ending. I'll hope that what they did on your car is now the new standard for repairing this problem.

I have to say that I would not be that picky about my problem if it was not for the fact the diver side is perfect. No noise till around 80 mph. I could be wrong in that the passenger side could be drowning out the tests.

ernie | 31 August, 2016

@rossRallen...the magic number is 12 times keeping the window from going up. Once rarely trains it. Talk to SC and I think you will find that is the case. I had it done on fine now. It looked like an overbite if you will with the glass outside the track and or going up and down, up and down ad nauseum.

Rushabhjs | 31 August, 2016

My X has wind noise, went to SC once they fixed quarter panel on both sides and now we have noise on just one. Seems like an issue in the rubber lining.

Rushabhjs | 31 August, 2016

My X has wind noise, went to SC once they fixed quarter panel on both sides and now we have noise on just one. Seems like an issue in the rubber lining.

speyerj | 31 August, 2016

My X is into the SC for its 2nd round of work. The first time they fixed a good bunch of things but other things that they said they fixed...they didn't. Really, did you check to see if your fix worked? "X sound happens when you do Y." "We fixed that." Do X. Hear Y. "Try again guys."

One of the issues is the wind noise. They DID improve the wind noise with the first attempt. They added some foam around the plastic divider, but it's still notably louder on the driver's side than the passenger's side. My wife and I both agree on this when we switch driver-passenger, it's not just the driver's opinion that the noise by their ear is louder than the noise on the other side of the car. So I told them this time to take the car out on the freeway and get it up to 70mph. I don't care if they have to drive it 20 miles outside town. Get it up to speed and listen. If their fix doesn't change what they hear, try again until they get it right. The frustrating part is that based on how the passenger side of the car sounds, we KNOW that it can be better. "This is as good as it gets" just isn't an option with an asymmetrical noise.

lilbean | 1 September, 2016

Duct tape will fix it. :)
I get the occasional wind noise and this method fixes it for me:
1. Open the door.
2. Manually pull open the door to the maximum open position.
3. Close the door with one click of the fob.

Darryl | 1 September, 2016

After months of complaining about the wind noise problem I made the service manager take a ride with me. Within the first mile after we left my house and at a speed of only 45 mph he heard the loud wind noise. This was all it took to get him to agree there was a problem. The wind noise would start at 35 mph and get louder the faster you drove. Crosswind made it worse.

After they finally fixed the problem it is one of the quietest cars I have owned.

Gary an Rachel | 1 September, 2016

Thx Darryl, good story and great outcome.

eric.zucker | 1 September, 2016

No noticeable wind noise for me - yet.

andrewf142 | 16 October, 2016

I am experiencing wind and road nose. Unfortunately I have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment because I need a loaner. If I wanted a tesla loaner it would have been double the wait. I am quite disappointed with the quality of the vehicle. Had a door latch problem the second day I owned.

andrewf142 | 25 October, 2016

Got it back from service and noise is awful.

lilbean | 25 October, 2016

Oh no. Is it worse?