Volkswagen fudging numbers to look better than the M3

Volkswagen fudging numbers to look better than the M3

lilbean | 19 September, 2016


KP in NPT | 20 September, 2016

It's just silly they would do this. How many people attending this car show will fall for that? I get hyping your product, but what's that saying? Figures lie when liars figure. Boy did they live up to that one. | 20 September, 2016

VW just following my playbook from last month!

Mike83 | 20 September, 2016

dansplans | 20 September, 2016

You do realize that electrek blatantly lies in the article to support Tesla. I am not supporting VW and their bullshirt, but I do expect some honesty and integrity in news reporting.

brando | 20 September, 2016

It is hard to predict, especially about the future.

(some ol' base ball player [be]come coach would say that when asked who'd win the next game)

PBEndo | 20 September, 2016

Can you point out some of the lies?

dansplans | 20 September, 2016

Saying that a future M3 will have 300 mile range, which is "almost" 600km. I'm not saying what a future M3 might be capable of, but there is no reason to grossly exaggerate when you have already caught VW with their pants down.

Madatgascar | 20 September, 2016

@dansplans, they are converting first from EPA range to NEFZ range first, then from miles to km, and they say "pretty close" to 600... I don't think it's too much of a stretch. Maybe should be around 565km.

howie_bris | 22 September, 2016

300 miles is roughly 480Km so saying it's "almost" 600Km is way off.

Tesla-David | 22 September, 2016

Given that the P100DL will get 315 miles of range, and the yet to be released 100D will surely get much more than that, the M3 with a bigger battery configuration should easily be able to exceed 300 miles of range. We will have to wait and see what the battery options are but I would bet they will have one that exceeds 300 miles.

UnshodBob | 22 September, 2016

@howie - the conversion factor from EPA to NEFZ is about 1.2 to 1.4 from what I've read.

So, 300 miles EPA times 1.6 km/mile times 1.2 NEFZ/EPA = 576 km NEFZ. That's close to 600.

howie_bris | 22 September, 2016

@ UnshodBob - Sorry, I was using actual conversion... my bad :)