Supercharger in Bloomsburg, PA!

Supercharger in Bloomsburg, PA!

Comment on Treehugger article included this quote:
" I-80 here in Buckhorn, PA, Tesla just put in what I would call a "charge lot" with 8 Tesla superchargers. It is in with Ruby Tuesday's parking lot area."

Article containing this comment:

I just called the Ruby Tuesday's there, located at:


And the person at the restaurant indicated that they do have Tesla chargers being installed in their parking lot. Anyone able to go have a look and post pictures?

I'm not seeing it on yet...

jordanrichard | 20 September, 2016

I don't know anything specific about this particular site, but a while back it was announced that Tesla and Ruby Tuesdays had struck an agreement to place superchargers at something like 95 Ruby Tuesday's locations.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 20 September, 2016

Yes, Electrek had an article on the partnership:

And of course it was covered in these forums, as well. So not unexpected, but nice to see it actually happening!

Pictures would be much appreciated. I'm over two hours away, and won't have time to get up there this week.

Tarla's Driver | 20 September, 2016

I am extremely happy about this. This summer we drove to Pennsic (a camping event in Slippery Rock, PA), and we had to go about an hour out of our way to have Superchargers. The timing of the stops wasn't optimal, either, so the two combined cost us about two hours on the trip. It looks like next summer we will have a much better drive (assuming they put at least one more along I-80 in western PA).

I poked around a bit online, and I couldn't find building or electrical permits online in PA, so I don't know if there's a way to find these before they start construction.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 20 September, 2016

Yes, looks from the 2016 map that another near Rt 219 is likely planned. DuBois or Falls Creek. There's another conveniently located Ruby Tuesday in DuBois, so hopefully that will follow Bloomsburg!

dsvick | 20 September, 2016

@Tarla's Driver - "assuming they put at least one more along I-80 in western PA"

That would be nice, we travel from the Cleveland area to near Harrisburg once or twice a year. The turnpike is faster but 80 is much nicer drive. It'd be nice to be able to do it in my M3 when I get it.

Dofpic | 20 September, 2016

Does not seem logical as it is only 60 miles from Tannersville. some place like where I-180 crosses over or Bellefonte would make more sense in getting initial coverage of I-80 in PA.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 20 September, 2016

@Dofpic: Certainly I-180 or PA-15 would have been better to facilitate N/S routes, similar to how Bellfonte you mentioned would give access to I-99.

Will be interesting to see how they flush out the route, but my understanding is that the primary goal is to connect Tannersville with Macedonia. However Tesla decides to accomplish that is OK with me. Better N/S connections are helpful, but bridging I-80 will itself be huge, and Tesla has to find property owners who want to work with them.

David N | 20 September, 2016


PV_Dave @US-PA | 21 September, 2016

Anyone closer to Bloomsburg able to stop by and post a picture? I think some evidence is required in order to get the location listed as permitted on

bflatley | 22 September, 2016

The superchargers in Buckhorn (Bloomsburg, PA off I80) is up and running. Am charging my Sp90D now). 8 stalls. Very convenient.

bflatley | 22 September, 2016

I took some pictures but not sure to post them

bflatley | 22 September, 2016

Also, was told before I bought my Tesla that the other two planned stations on the works along I80 were in fact Dubois and Bellenfonte. Should be up early 2017

SamO | 22 September, 2016 will allow you to post

Rocky_H | 22 September, 2016

Whoa, crazy how this one came by surprise. It's not listed at all on, Tesla's own "Find Us" page, or at I just created the thread for this at TMC in the mid-atlantic section.

PBEndo | 22 September, 2016
PV_Dave @US-PA | 22 September, 2016

@bflatley: If you use (which seemed to me to be the easiest to get working), upload the image, click on it to see the details, and there should be a "direct link" which you can copy. Then you put the direct link text into an image tag, using the format below, with a less than sign before it and a greater than sign after it to make it into a tag:

img src="direct_link" width="600"

But if you prefer, email them to TESLA at KB3JKO dot NET, and I'll upload and post them for you.

Bighorn | 22 September, 2016

You may get promoted to asharpley if you're not careful:)

PhillyGal | 22 September, 2016

Email a pic to jen@Teslarati . com and I'll post

I need this proof anyway because it may help us make a decision about the darn fair. (Long story)

Rocky_H | 22 September, 2016

Eh, it's proved--looping in TMC. Someone had put a picture on it in Plugshare, and then it got put on the TMC thread.

PhillyGal | 22 September, 2016


Half Dollar Bill | 22 September, 2016

Been itching to add to my supercharger count and since Laurel MD is taking forever I'll just have to go exploring this weekend :)

PhillyGal | 22 September, 2016

I highly recommend the fair. I don't think it's in the cards for us but you won't be sorry if you gulp a large cup of Kohr Brother's Orangeade. Or if you spend $1.00 each on very generous bags of spices from the spice man :)

Half Dollar Bill | 22 September, 2016

Oh, Jen, no need to sell it.
Walking the quilt, 4H and animal displays was an all-day family affair for us as kids and adults. We've been back a couple of times since moving out of the area. So many nice memories.

Half Dollar Bill | 23 September, 2016

So hey, just putting it out there. Any interest in a ribbon-cutting meet-up for either this Saturday or Sunday?
Short notice, I know. I'll post on TMC as well.

wrkn4thman | 26 September, 2016

I stopped there yesterday morning (Sunday Sept 25) around 10 AM, and they don't seem to be operational yet. I posted a picture here: Supercharger - Bloomsburg, PA

wrkn4thman | 16 October, 2016

It is now operational!