Android and Android Wear app with full control - including Summon

Android and Android Wear app with full control - including Summon

Demo video:


I became tired of seeing iOS and Apple Watch receive all the love, so a friend and I decided to bring us Android users the attention we deserve with Induction! In addition to basic controls, Induction's unique features currently include:

Faster connection to your car
Android Wear integration*
Voice commands through Wear
AI-assisted Predictive Waking **
Light and Dark UI
Full panoramic roof extension
In-app representation of your unique car
Multiple range estimations
Individual driver/passenger temperature control
Camping mode - keep the HVAC on through the night!

* Fully functional, though UI is under development.
** When enabled, Induction's predictive AI will take note of your usage habits and begin to wake your car when it thinks you're likely to begin interaction.

Here's every main screen in the phone app, taken while connected to my 85D and the current Watch UI:
It's currently a barebones UI while we develop a more fleshed-out and appealing release version (Developing for Wear is MUCH harder than you may think). Clicking the mic allows you to send voice commands to your car (Voice command list pictured above), while clicking "More" brings you to a list of button commands. Since I'm sure no one wants to see a long list of images, here's the list of commands:

Wake up car
Reset valet PIN
Open charge port
Charge Limit: Standard
Charge Limit: Max
Start Charging
Stop Charging
Flash Lights
Honk Horn
Unlock Doors
Lock Doors
Start HVAC
Move Roof
Remote Start
Open Trunk
Summon Forward
Summon Backward
Summon Abort
Ready Car

Login credentials are never stored in plain text and are encrypted using AES 128, CBC, and PKCS5 padding. This app only communicates with Tesla's official servers over HTTPS.
This is only the beginning of Induction. Please let me know if you have any feedback of any kind! Criticisms, compliments, feature requests - let us know how to make this an app that best represents our community!

George with SacEV | 5 October, 2016

Sounds promising. Looking forward to more details and user reports.

caseyspen | 6 October, 2016

Thanks George! So far we aren't currently aware of any major bugs or shortcomings (Connection issue and lack of Metric mentioned in the user reviews has long since been alleviated). We're currently working on an asynchronous connection for instant loading and Widgets for easy function access on your home screen.

caseyspen | 7 October, 2016

New major update!

+ Ability to cancel wear service and camp service from notification shade. No longer requires having to open the app to close the service.
+ In-app temperature display now optional. Getting temperature requires the car to toggle HVAC and increases loading times. Off by default.
+ QuickStart Mode. Immediately shows main UI which shows cached info while the current info is loaded in the background. Actions can be selected and will be executed when a connection is made with the car.
+ Login with a user generated access token. Summon and remote start will be unavailable.

dacastro4 | 5 October, 2018

Hey guys.. I made my own standalone android watch app

acegreat1 | 5 October, 2018

@dacastro4, I got the Samsung gear 3 frontier and it says it's not compatible

dacastro4 | 5 October, 2018

@acegreat1 I'm checking why It says that.

dacastro4 | 5 October, 2018

@acegreat1 I googled your watch and it says that is a "Tizen-based wearable platform 2.3.2", I'm so sorry, this app it's only for Android Wear (WearOS)

acegreat1 | 5 October, 2018

Figures!? *# Thanks for getting back to me with answers. Any chance you add other devices for this app?

dacastro4 | 5 October, 2018

@acegreat1 my apps supports any device greater or equal than Android Wear 2.0 and I think almost every smartwatch is getting WearOS 2.0 so I should support almost everything Android smartwatch. The thing is that Tizen is not an Android operative system and that's why I cannot support it. Sorry

acegreat1 | 5 October, 2018

Thank you, time to upgrade my watch lol. I like your prompt response and clean answers. Good luck

justin.rogers77 | 6 October, 2018

Have a Huawei watch on wear 2.1 and it also says not compatible.

dacastro4 | 6 October, 2018

@justin.rogers77 let me check yours

dacastro4 | 6 October, 2018

@justin.rogers77 If you search the app from your watch on the Google Play Store, you should be able to install it or... are you checking the store with the account that you have associated with your watch? that could be another one, because your device is supported

justin.rogers77 | 6 October, 2018

That was it Dan...doh...

risquared | 6 October, 2018

I assume your app works trough Tesla's API. The question is did Tesla change the API with the release of version 9.0 which is a big overhaul new software version.

dacastro4 | 6 October, 2018

@risquared hopefully they did not but if they did, I'll update my app so it keeps working. BTW if you happened to have the new version and my app, please let me know.

Skandshus | 5 January, 2019

I was wondering.. does the google assistant require additional support or will it be able to be used from your app? I don’t quite know how/when assistant will be able to use aspecific app

rklokk | 14 May, 2019

@acegreat1 Check out the DRIVE-Electric app on Galaxy Store for the Tizen based watches.