Today's Announcement about equipping all "future" cars to fully self-driving

Today's Announcement about equipping all "future" cars to fully self-driving

We read today's announcement in shock, having written the check for our new Model S less than a month ago. Will someone please tell us that our new car is not worthless in light of today's announcement? We need to know that our Model S with 300 miles on it either presently contains all it needs to take advantage of the fully automated driving features in new models or that Tesla is going to upgrade our brand new car or trade it for one that has these features.

Bighorn | 19 October, 2016

Your new car is not worthless in light of today's announcement. Your next statement is fanciful however.

lou | 19 October, 2016

If it had been disclosed there was going to be a major change to the car within weeks of our taking delivery, we certainly wouldn't have purchased when we did.

Jeff Hudson | 19 October, 2016

Enjoy your Model S for what it is and realize that waiting for the future hardware mentioned in this evenings announcement would deprive you of your Tesla driving enjoyment for an unknown amount time most likely measured in months and maybe as long as a year.

Jeff Hudson | 19 October, 2016


I'd like to amend my previous comment after taking a look at the Tesla website. It appears you can order a car with the necessary hardware described in tonight's announcement with a December delivery date.

I still maintain you should enjoy your month old Tesla without any regrets. It's a great car and will grow on you day after day.

McLary | 20 October, 2016

Your car is not worthless but is definitely worth much less at resale than you thought it would be. Hopefully you leased it, so Tesla can take the loss instead of you.

Ross1 | 20 October, 2016

Just enjoy that a heap of people are shortly going to pay $8000 for a feature which is still only a twinkle in Elon's eye, and will not be legal to use 'soon'. Years, depending on where you live.
You pay now, but you cant use it.

Chtiluxo | 20 October, 2016

Do you think Tesla will offer an option to retrofit ?

Chtiluxo | 20 October, 2016

I refer to the posts about the location foreseen for a second frontview camera

Remnant | 20 October, 2016

@lou (OP, October 19, 2016)

<< Today's Announcement about equipping all "future" cars to fully self-driving ... Will someone please tell us that our new car is not worthless in light of today's announcement? >>

If added to production, it's going to take several PAID SW upgrades to become fully functional.

You haven't lost anything and Level 5 AP won't come for free.

If you want Level 5, you'll be able to get it by trading in your MS and getting an L5-endowed MS by paying for the difference, in a couple of years.

StarKiller | 20 October, 2016

Well said. I have the 2013 S PreAautopilot (without many other bells and whistles) and it is still a great car.

Great point. It may depend on the State one resides in, but something to consider.

jordanrichard | 20 October, 2016

Did you buy your car as an financial investment, if not, then why worry about it.

jordanrichard | 20 October, 2016

Also, essentially you want Tesla to announce a change before they announce a change........

lou | 20 October, 2016

Appreciate the comments. When we ordered our car in the showroom I specifically asked if the 2017's were going to have any substantial changes in terms of auto driving abilities and was told by the salesperson that anything like that would be automatically included in software upgrades which are included in the price we paid (cash) for the car. Had we received a different answer we would have waited to make this purchase. Owning a vehicle for 29 days with 300 miles on it and having this announcement depreciate the car dramatically is something Tesla needs to address. We trusted that what we were told prior to purchasing was true, and obviously it was not.

dsvick | 20 October, 2016

The sales people on the floor do not have access to all of the future plans of the company. He gave you his best answer to the limits of his knowledge. In fact, if he really did say software updates, he was even more correct in that the excluded hardware updates from being included in your purchase price.

Why should this purchase be different from anything else you buy? Yes, it is bit more expensive than most other purchases but if you buy a washing machine do you expect a free upgrade to the latest and greatest when the new model comes out?

joe | 20 October, 2016

You need to google "Osbourne Effect". Announcing a new feature or product long before you're ready to ship it or take orders for it is a great way to kill sales and (in the case of Osbourne) kill your company.
Now, if you forked over $80k for your Tesla a few months ago because you felt that the car (in its current form) gave you *more* than $80k of enjoyment and utility, then the car *still* provides every bit of that enjoyment and utility. However, if you purchased the car as a *speculator*... thinking about how much you could re-sell it for later, then... yeah... you timed the market poorly (buying 1.5 years after the last major autopilot hardware upgrade).

gjunky | 20 October, 2016

We have a 3 month old Model X. I feel the same way about the value of the current car. The car is still great but its resale value just went down and it would have been great to have the option to buy the enhanced (new autopilot) version.

Agreed with the comment that the actual implementation, meaning the OTA update will activate the autonomous driving, is still ways out.

malcolm.hall1932 | 20 October, 2016

Lou: I can understand your immediate disappointment, I'm sure I would feel the same. However, after you have driven your car for a few months I think, like me, you will be amazed at the current level of Autopilot BUT you will want to drive the car yourself so badly that you'll only ever use it in stop go traffic. In other words, I believe you'll feel that the pleasure of handing over the driving to the car is vastly over rated. You will instead just enjoy the constant downloading of more and more really useful features that add to your driving pleasure. I hope I'm right.

dchuck | 20 October, 2016

@Lou Please keep in mind that as per the conference call those folks that get AP2.0 right now actually get LESS than what you ordered. Imagine spending $8k and not having a working AP.

Yes eventually it will be a better system, but how long do you think it will take for the Government to change the rules to allow a Tesla to drive itself on public roads? it could take several years in that time you can enjoy your current car, Then purchase an AP 3.0 car and the AP 2.0 drivers will be envious of you. Sitting back and reading a book while the car drives you around. :)

FunDriv | 20 October, 2016

We took delivery of our car in July - an S 70. A week after we confirmed our order in May they announced the 60. I would have ordered the 60 had I waited another week. Since they no longer make a 70, my car is outdated. What I soon realized is that if you look at it that way, almost every Tesla is outdated within a month of purchase. Tesla is constantly changing. If you think this kills the resale value, please go price a CPO without AP. You will see that change does NOT kill the resale value. What makes Tesla a great car is not AP or cup holders or Next Gen seats. What makes a Tesla great is how it felt when you first test drove it. NO other car is like that. That is why its resale value will hold up.

If you really must have those added features then sell or trade in and get them. If you can afford a Tesla, you probably can afford to do that - if those features are really going make a difference how you feel about your car. Otherwise, I suggest you wait until you are ready for your next Tesla and decide then what you really want.

When we ordered our S we put a deposit down on a 3. We don't plan to take delivery until the end of 2018 - when our Cadillac ELR lease ends. By then, I expect to know whether I really want to have and pay for level 5.

Jcollins | 20 October, 2016

As the owner of a March, 2015 delivered S85D, and one who uses Autosteer regularly, I was pleased by this announcement. Heck, my car is 1 1/2 years old and still more technologically sound than any other car (except for another Tesla.) In another 5 or 6 years, when I'm ready for a new car, I will be buying another Tesla. Maybe by then, I can be chauffeured by my car!

Jeff Hudson | 20 October, 2016

This is the best description of what happened to you lou although I'd understand if you didn't laugh.

carlgo2 | 20 October, 2016

For centuries people had the same basic tools, weapons, cooking gear, horses, wagons, etc. It took a hundred years before these sorts of things got much better. Now it takes a year. It makes people feel nervous, left behind, poor, envious, and unimportant. It is part of the reason for the rise of religious and political cults.

surichadha | 20 October, 2016

When I bought my car I was guaranteed by the shady salesman that it was "future-proof" and that it was already equipped with hardware for automated driving and it would just be a matter of a software upgrade. That was the main reason I got the car, I was clearly dooped.

@lilhorny just shut up. No need for your fanboy reply

KP in NPT | 20 October, 2016
McLary | 20 October, 2016


Lied to, just like a car