Battery 3.0 Upgrade

Battery 3.0 Upgrade

Tesla told me that the 3.0 Battery Upgrade is not Supercharging or CHAdeMO capable. What's the point?

Here is my response:
When is Tesla going to have a battery upgrade that is Supercharging or CHAdeMO capable? I hope Tesla realizes this pretty much tethers Roadster users to their homes. This completely goes against Tesla’s vision for the future since all chargers do not even support Roadsters then. This is Tesla’s coming out vehicle and made Tesla what they are today. Elon Musk said how the Roadster would be the future, but Tesla has constrained it to 3 year dinosaur. I am very disappointed.

Is Tesla going to come out with a Supercharing of CHAdeMO capable battery in the future? This would be very easy, because all you would need are bigger gauge wires between the battery and the charging port.

Red Sage ca us | 7 November, 2016

I think the point is that the Roadster was originally built using completely different techniques, strategy, philosophy, and tactics. They got it to work, but the learning process simply taught them to do things differently in the future. So they have. The Model S, Model X, and even the upcoming Model ☰ are all larger platforms. There is more space and volume to work with to conceal, hide, stash, or put away an accessory devices that are needed to make those vehicles work better than was possible with the Roadster. The exercise at hand was to increase the overall range of the Roadster by replacing the battery pack with a version that uses never, higher capacity battery cells. That's it. Tesla made that rather plain well over two years ago. From the very outset they were asked whether the new battery pack would be Supercharger capable and they gave a firm "No." as an answer. The cooling systems and DC Fast Charging hardware simply has nowhere to go in the car, and even moving to the battery management system would require redesigning the whole car again. That's why Tesla had instead considered releasing a completely new spiritual successor to the Roadster around 2019 or so. They learned from their exercise with the Roadster, smart EV, RAV4 EV, and B250e that building an electric car out of an existing platform is far more trouble than it is worth, and it is far better to start with a new project from the ground up. It is highly unlikely that there will EVER be a Supercharger compatible upgrade to the original Tesla Roadster. And if there was to be something like a Model R or Model Z, those have been postponed indefinitely due to the need to release Model ☰ and Model Y, and any new pickup truck products first.

Phil | 10 November, 2016

I appreciate the detailed response!

welby4731 | 29 November, 2016

Yeah thanks

brando | 18 December, 2016

probably need a new motor controller min.
yeah, fresh sheet of paper for a complete redesign - Tesla knows that is the better way.

Peter15 | 21 December, 2016

I would rather have less capacity/range with superchargering. Using the newer battery technology should give more room, etc.

leoo | 22 December, 2016

Red Sage, you make some good points, but QuickCharge Power's CHAdeMO upgrade product for the Tesla powertrain equipped 2nd-gen Toyota RAV4 EV and their offer to do the same for the Roadster seems to show that there is actually no serious technical reason why DCFC can't be added to the Roadster.

richardean412 | 16 January, 2017

Elon Musk once stated in the early years, that Tesla would eliminate " Range Anxiety " for the Roadster owners by installing HP 70 AMP chargers coast to coast.
Well it happened on the west coast, and then the Model S was born and the supercharger stations were installed across the U.S. and the Roadsters " Range Anxiety " for first time buyers of Tesla products were no longer important.
Tesla could have installed the HP 70 AMP charging connections along with the supercharger stations as they were installed( with minimal cost ), but there were only approx. 1500 Roadsters in the U.S. and the driving needs of the Roadster owners were considered to be local driving only and not county to county or interstate.
As Phil indicated, Roadster owners were tethered to local driving only, such as the Nisan Leaf. Example,
a trip from Houston, Tx. to Austin. Tx., normally would be 3 - 4 hours with a stop over for charging via HP 70 AMP connection at a supercharger station thats in Columbus, Tx., ( midway ) , to top off batteries. That trip would not be practical using a level 2, 30amp public charging station, which would extend the trip by 8 hours,without the HP 70 AMP charging connection Tesla failed to install , to prevent " Range Anxiety " for Roadster owners.
There are many Roadster owners who have deposited their down payment with Tesla Motors for the battery upgrade, many of them have been on a wait list to have the upgrade installed for over a year, according to comments on the Tesla Motor club website by owners of roadsters. Once again forgotten due to Model S and Model X production needs, Roadster owners are no longer top priority with Tesla.