Model 3 HD Pics from the 28 Oct Event !

Model 3 HD Pics from the 28 Oct Event !

Hi Model 3 Enthusiasts and Reservation Holders,

Look a bit close to your future ride, I assembled some nice shots here:

thanks !

Tarla's Driver | 31 October, 2016

The image that shows the 15" display seems to have the bottom looking much like the S/X display. Navigation is on the left 2/3 of the screen, with music on the right third. I don't see any app bar; it likely is set to disappear all the time like the S/X does with navigation. Of course, the final software will be different.

This does tend to confirm some sort of heads-up display, since there is no driving information on the 15" screen. I would assume that various regulations would require a speedometer and such in a more forward location, so this is no surprise.

robsurvey16 | 31 October, 2016

95% sure this is just one the cars seen during the unveiling. So it has unfinished interior.

xautoworld | 31 October, 2016

Yes,,, I found another better clearer shot photo and posted to my forum here:

sp_tesla | 31 October, 2016

Unfortunately seem to be with copy cat not elegent (cheap) looking unadjustable headrests

Nic727 | 31 October, 2016

This car is so beautiful. I think this one has full glass top.

Pkalhan | 31 October, 2016

that silver color looks really nice. I was thinking about getting the solid black just to save some money, but silver with that while interior looks really nice.

zp | 1 November, 2016

My current car (A3) is silver, so I'll rule that out. Hopefully they have variations in the show room or at least paint + panel samples before we need to choose. I'll probably go with matte black + white or beige interior. If a burgundy leather interior is offered, I might switch up the exterior color.

Pkalhan | 1 November, 2016

@ zp My current car (A3) is silver, so I'll rule that out". Do you have a negative opinion of the color silver or are you just passing on it because your current car is silver? I was also thinking black, but people say it is very hard to keep clean.

andy.connor.e | 2 November, 2016

It looked like the same Model 3 from the March 31st unveil. I dont think Elon has any intention of leaking the fully completed Model 3 design until hes ready to deploy.