Who fixes damaged charge cords?

Who fixes damaged charge cords?

I had a slight mishap with my charge cable a couple of years ago and the part that plugs into the car got bent and is no longer operational. I ended up buying a new kit but would love to have this repaired if possible. I've already checked with Tesla; they said they do not repair them. Does anybody Who may have had a similar situation know if these can be repaired and if so who could do it?



Efontana | 19 January, 2017

I don't see anyone accepting the liability. Destry and dispose.

Efontana | 19 January, 2017

Correction: Destroy

Rocky_H | 19 January, 2017

It seems that by accident, you have gotten the perfect opportunity to convert your UMC to a Jesla. The company called Quickchargepower offers a service where you can send in your Tesla UMC, and they will cut off the proprietary Tesla plug (which you say is damaged) and attach a J1772 handle, so it is compatible with all kinds of electric cars. Obviously you can then use the J1772 adapter that came with your car to still use it.

So yeah, it's basically like a repair. The service is $179.

campusden | 19 January, 2017

It could be done. The problem is getting the Tesla connector part is the hard, maybe more expensive than would be worth it, part. I don't know the supplier of the connector but the actual reconnection is not difficult. I am quite certain that Raychem makes a heat shrinking sleeve that will insulate and waterproof the connector/cable interface. It may require smaller "shim" Raychem for the individual wires. Raychem is not cheap.

Silver2K | 19 January, 2017

just get a new one. | 19 January, 2017

The connector is designed by Tesla, so it's not available from some third party. It looks like it is also epoxy filled, so that may be difficult to duplicate without some kind of special filling system. The conversion to J1772 seems like the best approach.

Babaron | 19 January, 2017

Rocky_H, a splendid idea! I will definitely look into that. It is the perfect solution! Thanks for the link.

SCCRENDO | 19 January, 2017

I had 2 UMC cords. 1 kept at home for charging and the older one was used on the road particularly for charging at the office. the spare started playing up about a month ago. I had my car in for a service and they found nothing wrong with and changed the adapter. It worked for a couple weeks but has now completely failed. Just installed an HPWC. Same price as the UMC ($550). Permit was free. Cost me $814 to install but my city gives a $500 rebate. Now using my other UMC on the road. When I get my Model 3 will get the quicker charger on the car. Can daisy chain up to 4 HPWC on the same connection. If I leave one outside and open to the public can get a $5000 rebate. I am taking my car back in to Tesla tomorrow. If they can fix it I will keep it as another backup. Otherwise will discard.

Babaron | 20 January, 2017

SCCRENDO, what locality gives out these rebates?

Rocky_H | 20 January, 2017

@TeslaTap, Quote: "The connector is designed by Tesla, so it's not available from some third party."

Yes, it is. You can buy as many of them as you want from QuickChargePower for $70 each.

They have those extra Tesla connectors because they are constantly cutting them off of the UMC to sell those ones that are converted to a J1772 handle. They don't want to just throw them away, so they sell those cut off handles in case someone does want to do the wiring themselves.

So yeah, I forgot to mention it to @Babaron earlier, but if you are electrically handy enough, you could just buy that replacement Tesla handle for $70 and rewire it onto your cable yourself. | 20 January, 2017

@Rocky - Good find! A quality splice on the high-power leads is really important. Clearly could be done but not quite as ideal as getting a bare connector so no splice is involved.

SCCRENDO | 20 January, 2017

@Babaron. It's my city in Southern California. Check on your city website or call them.

charlesacarroll | 12 March, 2020

You can find them on eBay - Part For Charger Cable for Tesla Model S/X/3 1058221-01-F Universal Block