Elson Musk and Trump Advisory Council

Elson Musk and Trump Advisory Council

As a long-time Tesla supporter, participant in its referral program, and owner of an early Model S, I am wondering why Elon Musk is continuing to support Trump's business advisory council (aka Strategic and Policy Forum). Although the sentiment to be a close advisor may be well-intended, it seems to me to be an implicit endorsement of anti-environment, anti-science, and other anti-American stands that Trump has taken. Trump doesn't appear to take advice that is contrary to his personal view point, so I'm predicting he will not listen much to Mr. Musk, but is happy to use him as window dressing. I would like Elon Musk to reconsider his support of Trump. I will be reconsidering my support of Tesla.

makobill | 2 February, 2017

By all means, let's not try to impact anything over the next 4 years and just whine about it. Lets just sit in the streets and protest and denounce the leader roughly half of us elected. Maybe burn something...

(Not directed strictly at you - but this mindset accomplishes nothing and is mob thought process)

Bighorn | 2 February, 2017


carlk | 2 February, 2017

Totally agree with makobill. The bottom line is Elon is there to influence Trump but Trump will never be able to influence Elon. Elon is just so much smarter than Trump. We should all be happy to see Elon there instead of Trump be surrounded by only the dreadful type.

carlk | 2 February, 2017


He may not be as idiotic as you might think. But calling him a troll maybe appropriate.

SO | 2 February, 2017

Oh for F sake. Elon has stated many times he doesn't endorse Trumps policies. He is trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Sometimes you have to play the cards you are delt. I'm glad Elon is on the board. Try to mitigate Trump from doing something even more stupid.

RedShift | 2 February, 2017

Not dealing with Trump might mean much more downside for Tesla and Solarcity. This calculus might change, depending upon how his royal awfulness behaves from here on.

rxlawdude | 2 February, 2017

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. That's Elon's method to respond to the madness.

AlMc | 2 February, 2017

I'll take pragmatic EM over Ideologic EM when it comes to Trump. If we lose 4,000 model3 reservation that represents less than 1% of the total

We all have different 'circle of friends'. Mine are not Trump voters but I know no one who wants EM to resign.

carlk | 2 February, 2017

Seems to me enemy of Trump do not want Elon to resign but enemy of Elon want him too.

Bighorn | 2 February, 2017
AlMc | 2 February, 2017

@BH beat me to it (but he usually does ;) )

Perfect response by EM......Thank you.

ram1901 | 2 February, 2017

Thank God there's a thread of common sense on this topic.
Shorting Tesla to punish Trump makes absolutely no sense.

SCCRENDO | 2 February, 2017

I agree that he should stay on the council. This way he has a possibility to influence Trump. Although it may be futile. He can try influence him on climate change. He can also show him that industry can function in a clean environment just as easily as they can function in dirty environment. He could also try get Trump to create a favorable local and overseas trade environment for the benefit of Tesla. An perhaps even get clean energy subsidies extended. The one danger is that he doesn't give up his soul.

dros | 3 February, 2017

I'm so surprised and saddened to see Elon Musk sell his soul for what amounts to little more than a Trump photo op. Elon's participation in the advisory council can only be viewed as an implicit endorsement of Trump's many dangerous and hysterical populist proclamations. I love my Tesla, but if the brand is connected to the policies of this administration, it will be my last. Elon, you are better than this.

JHB10 | 3 February, 2017

4000 people canceling their model 3's means I would get mine a day earlier :)
More people shorting Tesla stock means my shares would go up an extra bit when they have to buy it back after model 3 starts production :)
Musk is not a fool, he knows what he is doing. You accomplish nothing from the outside.

AlMc | 3 February, 2017

@dros: So, what brand will your next vehicle be based on your criteria that you don't want a manufacturer that has 'implicantly endosed the POTUS'?

Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

alexanmh | 3 February, 2017

I guess the CEO of Uber decided a different tact than Elon. For Elon, the road is paved with good intentions. Expertise in one area does not mean expertise in another. Politics is a completely different game, and particularly so in the current environment. I do wish Elon the best of luck, but anticipate it will not work out as he planned.

J.T. | 3 February, 2017

If people only did those things that were guaranteed to work as planned precious little progress would be made in any field.

Jsonroman | 3 February, 2017

Dear Elon Musk/Board of Directors,

You once stated, “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” This statement could not be more relevant to my life right now. It’s important for me to be part of the Tesla Inc. team because it has significantly impacted and revolutionized the auto industry. I recently applied for a Service Technician position at the Springfield, NJ location. I was interviewed by Sr. Adam Williams and by Service Technician Andy Shenkman. After following up with my application, Human Resources rejected it due to screening of a prior criminal record. This incident happened more than a decade ago in my youth and since then I have worked hard on moving forward with my life in a positive, productive manner. In pursuit of bettering myself I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Electric Engineering, a Master's degree in Theology, and an ASE Certification in Electrical and Electronic Systems. I have 13 years of experience as an Automotive Technician that has led to my current residing as a Master Technician for American Honda motors. I am also married, have a son, and I’m a homeowner. These are all things that a screening report can not show you. I graciously ask that you look pass this screening to see that I am a high-energy, confident professional, with an infectious enthusiasm for technology who will be an amazing asset to your company. In conclusion, I desire to challenge myself, continue moving ahead in my profession and continue to provide a better future for my family. In your own words, "Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.” Elon Musk, I am not ready to give up!
Thank you for considering this information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jason Roman

David N | 3 February, 2017

J.T., well said.
I for one am sorta fed up with all the whiners and doomsayers.
If the President didn't ask Elon, they'd all be whining and complaining about why he wasn't asked, so it turns out the President did ask him and they are still whining and complaining. What makes it even worse is now they are turning on Elon.
I don't think they even realize what they sound like.
I'm dissapointed in some of the topics and downright tone of a lot of the participants here on the forums. I guess I didn't expect it from Tesla owners. But, that's my fault.
I know that personally I've found my participation and interest severely cut way back, it's kinda been a big turn off to read some of the discussion(whining and constant complaining) on the forum.
Perhaps one day we will again focus on EV discussion and helping each other and newbies understand the awesome potential that lies ahead for us.

J.T. | 3 February, 2017

@David N There are some decent people here of a liberal bent who are thoughtful, fair and not given to hyperbole over a situation that has been settled. There are also conservatives here who would have given anything for a Republican candidate who could have mounted a successful campaign against Trump. But, again, it's settled. Now what do we do?

One idea that seems to get a lot of support is to find every which way to call Trump an idiot and to then dismiss anyone who supports the President of the United States of America as an idiot.

Then you have people like Elon Musk, who have read the tea leaves, have absorbed the common knowledge of the day, have no time for grandiose gestures and see no profit in the wasted efforts of those who yell at the rain, because they realize that like it or not Trump is the POTUS which makes him the most powerful man on Earth.

I appreciate the discourse from some people here but as time goes on I stop responding to a few of them. I know what they'll say and how they feel and no appeal to reality will jar them from their cause: Trump bad, Republicans stupid.

I enjoy the give and take with those who respond thoughtfully. I ignore those who don't. And considering how smart the people on this forum are I learn something new every day. But, will anyone's post teach me that Trump is an uncouth buffoon? Nope. I've known that for years. I think we all have, so what's their point?

makobill | 3 February, 2017

J.T. - On point and agreed 100%. I didn't vote for the man, but roughly half the country did. We need to start finding some common ground as we are going to be here for a while (4 years or more).

Have a glass of wine/beer/favorite beverage and take a breathe America. Now is the time to come together with your neighbor - and get the best out of the next 4 years we can.

alexanmh | 3 February, 2017

J.T. - "If people only did those things that were guaranteed to work as planned precious little progress would be made in any field.As usual,"

As usual, you start by mischaracterizing a post. No one has said anything to the effect that one should only act if there was a guaranteed result. As stated, I find it unlikely that things will go as Elon plans. What I didn't mention, is that DT has a history of using people, and what I mean by that is that he does not negotiation for a "win-win" situation, but for a "win-lose," with him winning. That is not the kind of person you usually want to work with. DT and Congress are already rolling back environmental matters. Elon hasn't had any effect on this, and is unlikely to. This will not help his brand. Uber had to cut and run because of who their customer base is. Telsa's customer base is a different demographic, at least up until now. With the Model 3, car for the masses, this is new territory, and there are new things to think about. By the way, on your political point, no I don't need to start finding any common ground, just like the GOP refused to find any common ground with Obama for 8 years.

makobill | 3 February, 2017

"By the way, on your political point, no I don't need to start finding any common ground, just like the GOP refused to find any common ground with Obama for 8 years."

Then you are now part of the problem. We are a lot less divided than the 3% of the extremes wants us to believe. If you are part of that extreme, then I got nothing else productive to say. If you aren't, then you NEED to find some common ground. This developing "West Bank" US mentality needs to be stopped at the grass roots. If not, this country is lost and it has nothing to do with Trump...

carlk | 3 February, 2017

The only downside I can see is those same people who were bashing Tesla for taking government subsides will take credit for its eventual success. All of sudden government involvement in business becomes a good thing now. Nothing is new of course you can never stop hypocrisy.

Another case of hypocrisy is those who claim that they canceled their Model 3 reservation because of this. What are you going to buy for your next car then? An ICE from companies whose CEO is not only on Trump's panel but has also been totally silent on the immigration order?

carlk | 3 February, 2017


Nothing beats what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine. It would be nice if you can have it both ways--NOT!

joemar10 | 3 February, 2017

I think I read that less than 1/2 of the registered voters actually voted. Less than 1/2 of those voted for that guy. Whatever the actual numbers, far less than 1/2 of the country voted for him. Shame on us. I guess we got what we deserved. I have mixed feelings about Musks association with him. I am sure "His Orangeness" will spin anything good that comes from it as his own idea, and anything bad as someone elses. I trust Elons far superior intelligence and business acumen to not allow the stench of the association rub off on him.

makobill | 3 February, 2017

". I am sure "His Orangeness" will spin anything good that comes from it as his own idea, and anything bad as someone elses."

I'm of the mindset that "I don't care" who gets the 'credit' for the good - as long as the good keeps rolling. I'm not worried about any confusion on Elon's part in that...

finman100 | 3 February, 2017

"Now is the time to come together with your neighbor - and get the best out of the next 4 years we can"

What if my neighbor is getting deported. F$%k Trump and all he 'stands' for. C'mon people wake up.

SamO | 3 February, 2017


You set up a series of strawmen.

1. Nobody says DT isn't POTUS.

Of course he is. Just very unpopular, insecure with fascist tendencies.

2. Just because Musk strategically is using his position to influence policy is analogous to what individuals should do to help be the change they want to see in the world.

Private citizens (99.99% of hunanity) only have the ability to change the world by going in the streets and demanding redress. Aka First Amendment solutions. Being nice and polite to DT won't help and will likely hurt.

3. Trump supporters are dismissed for their support of DT.

Trump supporters are rebuked for their positions on trade, immigration, liberty, AGW, science and alternative facts. Just because someone voted for Trump or refused to support HRC doesn't make them bad or evil. The system is broken. Paid bribery is the law of the land and DT knows since he admits to paying the bribes.

Our job as citizens is to take responsibility for the consequences of elections. To hold those in power accountable, and to put forward concrete solutions.

rxlawdude | 3 February, 2017

"This developing "West Bank" US mentality needs to be stopped at the grass roots. If not, this country is lost and it has nothing to do with Trump..."

See Tea Party for origins.

makobill | 3 February, 2017

"What if my neighbor is getting deported. F$%k Trump and all he 'stands' for. C'mon people wake up."

Neighbor was used loosely for 'those you interact with'. "all he "stands" for" is a tricky wicket. There were PLENTY of people interested in some of his platform - such as job creation and stopping the bleeding of the middle class. I'm not going to get into DT's genuineness or intentions - but you need to keep that in mind when you start dropping "F bombs" in the same sentence as it can be translated as "F$%k all he stands for" - which gets to my point entirely.

makobill | 3 February, 2017

rxlawdude - Don't disagree. I'd also credit the authors of the terms "libtard", "con", and other choice terms that get thrown around. This country is ANGRY. I think part of that has to do with the lack of community and involvement with your 'neighbors' (see previous post on that term). Isolated and divided is far from United....

rxlawdude | 3 February, 2017

@makobill, Agreed, and that's what makes this period in our country very disturbing. The lines of demarcation with each unwilling to work with the other to come up with compromises that benefit the people.

finman100 | 3 February, 2017

Seriously? How can ANYONE support ANYTHING this crazy person has done and is willing to do? Seriously? WTF$#ck. F-bombs be damned. Of course people are angry. Pay attention to the lies donald speaks. to ALL the people he has surrounded himself with. How do his supporters sleep at night. Just throw up now.

judge | 3 February, 2017 may be a genius, but if your brains are in the right place you'll resign from this Trump "honorarium".
I love my Model S. I'm soured to ever buy another Tesla product by your participation with Trump, The "Uber" people got their guy to resign by showing their strength and Tesla people should do the same. I was going to order a Model X to replace my wife's Lexus..... not going to happen as long as you're in bed with Trump.

Bighorn | 3 February, 2017

Idiots galore.

alexanmh | 3 February, 2017

makobill - Not part of the problem, just someone that doesn't agree with you. I'm not part of the extreme, unless you are defining "extreme" as anyone who doesn't agree with you. While I love Elon's vision for the future of energy and transportation, maybe he should stay out of politics.

As an update, I've noted in the news articles today that Elon is spending a lot of time justifying his involvement in Trump's Advisory Council. I'm not sure if it's just that he is feeling defensive, or is trying to convince himself. If the pace of Executive Orders keeps up, we may see sooner rather than later what his moral bearing is.

makobill | 3 February, 2017

@Bighorn - you can lead an idiot to water, but its against the law to drown them....

ken.hixson | 3 February, 2017

I am the only person with whom I agree all the time. I suspect each of you has the same experience.

I have no clue where the next administration will take us anymore than I liked everywhere the last administration went. That said I did like some and others I did not, I suspect the future will be both good and bad in like manner.

There are great people on both sides and at the end of the day I have found almost all people really want the same things, they just don't agree on how to get there.

I for one am glad Elon is continuing to make a difference. I hope he has success and can contribute positively to the outcomes. I am glad and grateful to own a Tesla. Thanks Elon.

makobill | 3 February, 2017

KH - +1000

carlk | 3 February, 2017

Jon Stewart just had a great line about Trump. "If we survive, he’ll have accidentally proven America’s greatness". Just hang in there guys.

SCCRENDO | 3 February, 2017

@carlk, @johnstewart. +1

sosmerc | 3 February, 2017


Remnant | 3 February, 2017

@sftownsend (OP, February 2, 2017)

<< [Elon] Musk and Trump Advisory Council >>

It is advisable for you to correct Musk's name in your OP from Elson to Elon. You owe him at least the effort to spell his name correctly.

<< Trump doesn't appear to take advice that is contrary to his personal view point, so I'm predicting he will not listen much to Mr. Musk, but is happy to use him as window dressing. >>

On the contrary, according to his staff and many of his visitors during the "transition", Trump is a very good listener and is able to change or put on hold his own viewpoint when approached with reasonable arguments by reasonable people. A case in point was "waterboarding", where he deferred to his Secretaries of State and Homeland Security.

<< I would like Elon Musk to reconsider his support of Trump. I will be reconsidering my support of Tesla. >>

It is very unfortunate that you allow your political disappointments cloud your considered scientific, technical, and/or shopping considerations.

Elon has made it clear that his acceptance of Trump's appointment to his Strategic and Policy Forum was pragmatic in nature and meant to allow for a free and civil, non-hostile exchange of ideas, rather than a renunciation of his principles or opinions, and he felt this would be more conducive to favorable changes of policy than keeping aloof, silent, and uninvolved or hostile. Trump's Policy Forum has been joined by quite a few top CEOs of major companies who share such hopes.

AlMc | 3 February, 2017

@Remnant: Excelkent post :)

Bighorn | 3 February, 2017

Someone changed his mind about abortion rights apparently or did they?

Efontana | 3 February, 2017

Bighorn, Words did not change his mind for sure.

Trump listens with his life experiences... Needs actions. Who better than Elon to communicate actions and experiences with relavant speed?

BozieB | 3 February, 2017

Just returned from a 120 mile AP drive, (v2.52.22) The car handles better than it ever has. We only had a total of -4- nags, Smiles all around.
Then I came here, to the forum, to get in some bragging on Elon and his team. Instead, I am overwhelmed by those here who seem to be resorting old fashioned playground bullying.
Good Grief People. You do have the right to NOT buy Elon's products but you do not have the rights to demean his intelligence or dictate his choices in what he does. I will not second guess someone whom I know is helping us - Mankind

BozieB | 3 February, 2017

Count to 10, Sheesh