"Roadmap To Repeal" for oil/gas regulations disheartending

"Roadmap To Repeal" for oil/gas regulations disheartending

How will deregulation affect electric cars and alternative fuels?

brando | 13 February, 2017

Economics is probably the over riding factor in the longer term.
In other words, the cost.
electricity, natural gas, petrol, diesel, hydrogen, alcohol - you can do your own calculations when ever prices change.

codyb12889 | 13 February, 2017

We are pretty close to the cost of an electric car being competitive with a gas car covering the cost aspect for consumers.

Consumers secondly look towards convenience. The greatest convenience of all is never having to pump gas again. Never needing to count miles for an oil change is a pretty nice perk also.

The biggest issue of all for ICE vehicles is autonomous cars. Ride sharing applications making use of self driving cars will be the biggest jump in their desire to kill vehicle ownership completely. Basic economics says that a ride sharing application using ICE vehicles could not even come close to competing with BEVs. The cost of all those oil changes alone would llikely put them into the red if they were to charge the same price as an operator using BEVs.

SO | 13 February, 2017

I say let them repeal. You can't tell these people anything.

Tesla will still continue to go down the path of EVs. Others companies probably will not.

When another administration comes in or people actually wise up that fossil fuels are a dead end and hydrogen is just ridiculous, Tesla will be in an even better position.

The only bad thing about this is that the environment will suffer.

DonS | 13 February, 2017

Fuel has subsidies to get it out of the ground, but has significant taxes at the pump. There are lots of fights coming because EVs do not pay their share for road maintenance. Even hybrids pay too little. The greener solutions will lose much of their cost advantage if they pay their share of road maintenance.

Mike83 | 13 February, 2017

Funny viewpoint as there are so few EV's compared with ICE and trucks that destroy the roads. Subsidies? Lets take a look boy.

SO | 13 February, 2017

In Michigan (and some other states), EV registration is higher to pay for the road maintenance.

And in my case where I only will drive my Model S during the (off winter months), I will have to pay for a full year of EV maintenance costs while it is idle for 4 months.

Besides, semis cause much more damage to roads than most passenger vehicles do. Do trucking companies pay their fair share compared to the damage they cause?

Mike83 | 13 February, 2017

I guess if you live in a state run by lazy bums you have to have to expect to be a victim of thief. I personally would not live there for several reasons but now I won't ever visit or spend money on any product made in those states. Thats just my way of protest.

carlgo2 | 13 February, 2017

Musk's tunnel digger is just a prototype for the new burrowing model Tesla. No roads needed, nor road taxes.

More realistically, EVs could have to keep track of charged energy and taxes would be based on that to mirror gas taxes. This might be the fairest system.