When to Sell TSLA and buy again?

When to Sell TSLA and buy again?

TSLA has shot up in price quite a bit since my SCTY stocks became TSLA, and it's still early in the year. There's a lot of room left for it to drop and rise again before the Model 3 starts production.

There seems to be a lot of people expecting a short on this stock as well.

What are you thinking? I'm bad at this numbers game.

carlk | 13 February, 2017

You can look at the stock price for fun but you should hold your shares until it goes to 3000. That's what I am doing anyway. That may take 10 or 20 years to happen and it will rise and fall a lot in between but you will never be able to outsmart the market. Timing a stock is a crap shoot. You win half the time and thinking you're smart but lose the other half time and will feel like an ass.

sentabo | 13 February, 2017

+1 carlk - Show me 10 people who attempt to time the stock market and I'll show you 7 people who who more often than not buy high and sell low.

IMHO this is a great stock to buy and hold, as the sky is the limit. If you're patient through the inevitable fluctuations, then there is a good chance your patience will be strongly rewarded.

SUN 2 DRV | 13 February, 2017

carlk +10

Pick a stock and hold long.

barrykmd | 13 February, 2017

I sold on Friday. I'll buy back after the stock tanks from a Model 3 release delay. We all know "soon" will apply to that, too :-)

Frank99 | 13 February, 2017

>>>When to Sell TSLA and buy again?
Best Advice:
Sell the day before the stock starts a long downward slide, and buy the day before it starts a long upward climb.

Anyone who tells you they've got a better idea than that had better be named "Buffett". My opinion of everyone who makes stock recommendations to me: If you were actually good at picking stocks, you wouldn't have a day job making recommendations to me.

carlk | 13 February, 2017

Even Buffet said he would never buy a stock unless he'd do the same if the stock market will be closed for 3 years right after he made the purchase. No one could predict short term stock price move since everything everyone knows has been reflected in current stock price already.

On the other hand a business will always increase in value. That's the sole purpose for a business to exist. The odds favor you if you bet for the long term. More so for a good growth company.

tes-s | 13 February, 2017

Sell it before it goes down. Then buy again before it goes up.

ST70 | 13 February, 2017

tes-s is on to something here

PhillyGal | 13 February, 2017

While we're at it... who can tell me how to get myself out of something I originally bought at $45 and is now worth $5.75?

The stock market follows no known pattern of logic in the short term.

barrykmd | 13 February, 2017

PG - Easy. Sell it. It will help offset a gain.

sentabo | 13 February, 2017

barrykind - Since we all know that there will be a delay in the Model 3 release, maybe that has already been factored in when it comes to the stock price. :)

dvanlier | 13 February, 2017

I think the fact that they are building pre-production model 3s in late February is the reason the stock has shot up, so people are assuming it will be on time now.

djharrington | 13 February, 2017

PhillyGal, the correct answer is to double-down ;)

barrykmd | 13 February, 2017

sentabo - with the current "irrational exuberance," if Elon sneezes the wrong way, the stock will tank :-)

Captain_Zap | 13 February, 2017

Nah. Not at this point.

Jama | 13 February, 2017

Once it hits $300, I am out.

omega | 13 February, 2017

Sold at 250 although i made a good profit, I fully regret now...

dpena23 | 13 February, 2017

I guess one of the reasons I'm concerned about selling now is tax. You get taxed more if you sell before 1 year of holding the stock---and taxed much less if you hold on longer than a year. My stock was SCTY before it turned into TSLA and I've only had that SCTY stock for a few months b4 it changed to TSLA.

It seems many believe this stock is going to dive at some point because it shot up too fast... and it seems good to profit before that happens....and buy again at a lower price, no? I should just take the tax hit right? and sell early? At $300 maybe, like Jama says. Or until the stocks start sliding non-stop?


dpena23 | 13 February, 2017

I also talked to a coworker who has TSLA stocks, but only a few.... She is also antsy about whether to sell now or not.

kevin | 13 February, 2017

What I decided to do today, after TSLA shot up another $12, was to sell half. I am long-term bullish on the stock but I think that prices are inflated at the minute and are bound to come back down before too long. When they do come down, I'll buy that half back. If it just goes up forever, the half I kept will participate.

TSLA is a speculative stock with great upside and downside potential. It's not a stock to bet the farm on, and not for someone who cannot afford the loss if it goes south. If someone gets antsy about a stock, they probably shouldn't own it.

SUN 2 DRV | 13 February, 2017

I bought TSLA at $35, held it through $290, held it as it slid once to $120 and another time down to $140. Obviously if I knew when each of those dips was going to occur I could have profited even more. But currently the stock I bought at $35 is worth $280 and I didn't miss any of the upsides as did the folks who sold last Friday.

I believe TSLA is a great long term hold value...

Captain_Zap | 13 February, 2017

I hold the stock for the long term. For short term gyrations in the stock price I use options. I'm looong.

sentabo | 13 February, 2017

kevin says, "If someone gets antsy about a stock, they probably shouldn't own it."

Couldn't agree more. If you own the stock and you're getting antsy, go ahead and sell. Save yourself the aggravation. If you're confident the stock will be a long-term success and you don't need the money right now, hang on to it and find a way to eliminate those inner demons.

kawdennis | 13 February, 2017

Iam a little fish, I bought Amazon @ $8.40 a share, I watched a so called expert on TV who said to sell it at around $43, I sold all my shares @ $43, just a few days after I sold it started shooting up like a rocket Iam 73 years old now and I plan on selling when I have enough to buy a new Tesla

carlk | 13 February, 2017

kevin That's exactly what people said about many stocks, APPL, GOOG, AMZN, NFLX, MSFT, INTC... Way too overvalued and bound to come down. Sometimes they do go down for a while. Other times they will go up another 100% before coming down some. You will never get your shares back if it's the later instead of the former. Eventually those stocks all go up 1000% if not 10000%. If you're not confident about the company you should never buy its stock. If you do then there is no point of keep buying and selling. No one could predict what direction it will go in short terms.

kawdennis | 13 February, 2017

I meant selling my shares of TSLA

carlk | 13 February, 2017

A good lesson came from our resident (self appointed) financial smart (ass) guy PD. When TSLA was hovering around 150~200 he insisted that Tesla will need a lot capital infusion and that will drive the stock down to 120~130. He claimed he sold all his shares and will buy them back when it gets down to that price. It has never went that low of course.

kevin | 14 February, 2017

Tesla is what my investment advisor calls a "story company." As long as its PE ratio is negative (-44.38) there is going to be volatility. Some of the great performing stocks you mentioned, like APPL had sharp dips along the way. Just remember that for every AMZN there is an E-toys.

frankie.fingers | 14 February, 2017

I have trailing stop limit orders on my TSLA (and a couple of other) shares. If they sell on that order, I'll then look for opportunities to rebuy.

carlk | 14 February, 2017

kevin I agree stocks like this will be always very volatile. The only problem with timing a trade is we never know when it will go up and when it will go down. Buy and hold, if you're confident with the company, is the only strategy that can guarantee work.

222 | 14 February, 2017

We've had several of these conversations in the past - and I've learnt a fair bit from listening to some of you guys.

I'm pretty sure a small fish compared to most of you guys/gals.
And to be clear to the people looking for advice - dont take it from me as I'm a total newbie in Investing and if you were smart you'd prob listen to Carik and Cap'Zap. I literally only started trading within the last 2 years.

But my take is somewhat different. I do play the volatility a little. I picked a handful of stocks I think will go up long-term but that trends like a sine wave now, and have bought low and sold high several times. TSLA is one of those that in the last year that I've made a little $$ off. I kept buying whenever it reached ~180-200 and kept selling anywhere from 240-260. I think TSLA did this 3 times in the last year.

This plan has made me a small profit. The goal is to make enough with the volatile trading to buffer my total principal investment so that in the near future I can do exactly what Carik talks about - buy and play the long game with this and other stocks.

Captain_Zap | 14 February, 2017

I was told that I was crazy to hold TSLA past 90.

222 | 14 February, 2017

Rolling the dice on crazy can make you win big sometimes :)

Newampster | 14 February, 2017

My son-in-law loves techie gadgets. He asked if I had ever heard of Tesla, electric cars. I instantly thought of a golf cart. Then I looked at TSLA performance and bought at $47. Stops were in place and I went in and out many times. When I finally saw the car, I was amazed. Thanks TSLA for totally funding my free '13 MS85. I am now buy and hold, as it just keeps growing. I am expecting my new MS90D to arrive any day, mostly funded by TSLA, yet again.