"My Tesla" Page now has a Live Chat

"My Tesla" Page now has a Live Chat

I know it is silly, but I do check my "My Tesla" page about every day - and today I noticed a Live Chat. I tried it out and they answered right away. I didn't try to stump them, but I asked a few questions and got reasonable answers.

He said that he was located at the factory in Fremont. He couldn't give me any breaking news on the Model 3 - he says he only knows as much about the M3 as you can find on the website and on Elon's tweets.

up north | 28 February, 2017

No live chat on my page.

mntlvr23 | 28 February, 2017

I see it when using a laptop. I do not see it when using my phone.

Shadowmist | 28 February, 2017

Oh thank god I thought I was the only freak that's been checking that page everyday for the past year like it's gonna make me get my car faster haha

mntlvr23 | 28 February, 2017

@Paul.k9 - lol, yep I guess I am a freak too.

btw - the Live Chat is now gone missing from my "My Tesla" page - even when using a laptop.
Maybe because it is after 9 pm east coast time - or maybe they are just intermittently testing it out.

Carl Thompson | 28 February, 2017

I don't see it on my laptop.

bigd | 28 February, 2017

Me thinks that mntlvr23 may have signed into another saved sight on his computer for that live chat :-)

mntlvr23 | 28 February, 2017

@bigd - lol
he actually was talking sexy to me - "my drag coefficient equals 0.21"; "Run you hand down my alcantara headliner"; "Let me supercharge you, or if you prefer you can just use your autopilot"; "Tesla love you a long time"

bigd | 28 February, 2017

LOL what a great come back lol

KP in NPT | 1 March, 2017

It appears to be there during certain (probably business) hours - it's back today.

mntlvr23 | 1 March, 2017

yay, I am not crazy

Octagondd | 1 March, 2017

I don't have it. Just 'contact us' link which leads to contact page. I have not entered my CC info and do not currently own a Tesla.

Mid-day 3/31/16 reservation. Los Angeles, CA, USA

KP in NPT | 1 March, 2017

For me, it's on the main My Tesla page - not on the Model 3 page that you see after clicking "manage" from the my Tesla page. Just checked still there. Lower right of page in a red box.

PhillyGal | 1 March, 2017

Not weird at all to keep checking the My Tesla page :)

stevenmaifert | 1 March, 2017

10:20 PST. It's on my desktop My Tesla main page in the lower right corner of the screen. A little red box that pops up as soon as I sign on.

solomon.nathi | 1 March, 2017

i still do not see a "CHAT" option.. i am from the mid-west, Minnesota to be precise. Anyone else see the chat option?

dsvick | 1 March, 2017

@mntlvr23 - "yay, I am not crazy"

The two are not mutually exclusive ... :)

Octagondd | 1 March, 2017

It must be a current owner thing. I don't have a 'Manage' selection on My Tesla page. I have Home, Account, and Sign Out at the top right.

SamO | 1 March, 2017

Country must be set to USA. Mine had defaulted. to Canada and I saw nothing. Reset to USA, and there you are.

Octagondd | 1 March, 2017

Nope. It is set to USA. I am just not special enough I guess. Or, it is slowly being rolled out and they have not gotten to the partition of the server with my account.

Octagondd | 1 March, 2017

Just thought of something. Could be corporate firewall. Pay no attention to me about this minor change.

mntlvr23 | 1 March, 2017

It is not a current owner thing, I am not a current owner

dyefrog | 1 March, 2017

I think your first assumption was correct. I'm not a current owner and I don't have a manage tab either.
Any non-owners see the manage tab or chat box?

El Mirio | 1 March, 2017

Don't see the manage tab or chat box either, i'm non-owner TM3 reservation holder only.

SCCRENDO | 1 March, 2017

Just clicked onto the My Tesla page. It's there.

mntlvr23 | 1 March, 2017

@dsvick -
lol, you are correct - but at least I am not crazy about that.

solomon.nathi | 1 March, 2017

@Octagondd - i will go with your opinion that it could be a corporate firewall.

lilbean | 1 March, 2017

I first saw live chat when white and titanium was discontinued.

Haggy | 1 March, 2017

There's no need to check the page until after you place the order, and Tesla will notify you when that happens. After that, checking it daily might be overkill unless you are within a few weeks of when it's supposed to be ready. But given how volatile things might be, it would likely make sense to check it more than a month out, even if not daily at that point.

Once it is getting close to when it should go into production, many people here will be checking a few times a day, and I think those people know who they are. If your car is supposed to be coming soon, and your DS contacted you and said it will be delayed by a few weeks, the temptation will be to check it constantly. It can drive you crazy.

For me it was particularly frustrating because I know what date my status changed to "In Production The Tesla Factory is building your Model S." I also know about what time, because I have an email from my DS earlier that day saying it hadn't entered production yet and the status changed that evening. A couple of days before I got my car, some pictures appeared in a forum showing strange new hardware. Some people thought it was a hoax. From the appearance, it seemed to be radar, sonar sensors and a camera. As people started getting deliveries, they started posting whether their car had the hardware and what date it entered production. Everybody whose car entered production the day after mine got that new hardware. All the posts I saw giving the day mine entered production lacked it. But mine changed status at the end of the day. Then I heard from my DS that the car failed a final check and I had to reschedule my delivery a few days out.

If you don't read forums and you don't keep checking your status, then you get to relax. Your DS will call you to schedule a delivery appointment and you'll get your car just as soon without ever checking.

dsvick | 2 March, 2017

I only check mine when someone here says there's something worth checking :)

mikeysb1011 | 12 May, 2017

I do not see the live chat on my I phone

Bluesday Afternoon | 12 May, 2017

@ mike

You need a bigger phone. 8-)

flwrman | 18 May, 2017

No live chat on my page, just a one way button to ask questions or make comments.

flwrman | 18 May, 2017

No live chat on my page, just a one way button to ask questions or make comments.

flwrman | 18 May, 2017

No live chat on my page, just a one way button to ask questions or make comments.

efodix | 18 May, 2017

Let me guess - 90+% of those live chats will start with something like "When will my model 3 be ready?".

theo.lagendijk | 18 May, 2017

No live chat on my page, but just like you I open the "My Tesla" page daily in the hope new information appears.

Iwantmy3 | 18 May, 2017

I just read your story picturing myself in your place. I could imagine every feeling that I would have gone through in that experience.

I have to know, did it come with the new or old hardware set?!? I may not sleep tonight until I find out!

dsvick | 18 May, 2017

@efodix - "Let me guess - 90+% of those live chats will start with something like "When will my model 3 be ready?".

That's probably why it now seems to be gone.

jimmyjjacobs | 23 October, 2018

I just took delivery of my new Tesla and found that there were no plugs in the rear compartment of this new car. My old tesla came with plug adapters, Can you tell me why

Magic 8 Ball | 23 October, 2018

I will tell you but first you have to tell me why you chose this old thread about "chat" to ask about plug adapters?

mjs | 8 November, 2018

Does anyone have experience with seat covers for the model 3? The Evannex seat covers in particular?

billlake2000 | 8 November, 2018

I just watched the new Tom Cruise movie. What does everyone else think???

casun | 8 November, 2018

cheese can be delicious.

billstanton | 8 November, 2018

Best thead ever.

mntlvr23 | 10 November, 2018

My favorite is Gouda

conniethrelkel | 26 November, 2018

I am checking on my order for a Tesla 3. I tried to get into my account but could not get in. Appreciate your help.

BetseyLMFT | 1 December, 2018

HI - I picked up my amazing Tesla 3 a few days ago. My app is not working yet When I try to sign in it says "There are no products linked to your Tesla Account".

I also cannot sign into What I get is a white screen that reads: " redirected you too many times."

Do you need my VIN# and my sign in?

Nexxus | 4 December, 2018


Hey! That's a gouda for me and a badda for you!

olddave1 | 18 December, 2018

I have an issue with no license plates