Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

NKYTA | 12 December, 2019

Oh, sorry Tesla-David, diff link to same news...

jlojimmy353 | 13 December, 2019

As Mike83 stated watch "Finding Altamira" on FMovies -
It shows the religious prejudice against science over 120 years ago. Lots of similarities to the current extraneous reasoning that assaults intelligence and science. At least most people have learned from the past but others are still living in fear.

Mike83 | 14 December, 2019

The lack of action on the Climate Crisis is somewhat described.

For decades humanity has been warned but continues with rose colored glasses hurtling towards extinction more rapidly than imagined
Here's some reading that may fortel the future

Tesla-David | 14 December, 2019

Thanks @Mike83 both links are excellent reads and worth the time. I am concerned that the apathy and lack of action by World leaders on Climate Emergency make me feel pessimistic about our chances of action before we exceed tipping points that make action pointless because we will be locked into unavoidable changes to Earth's climate that will make our planet uninhabitable for most species including humans. It is obvious that there will be NO meaningful actions taken at the COP25 climate conference in Spain despite the courageous youth activists.

Mike83 | 21 December, 2019

Tesla-David I am not very optimistic either.
I came across this. Why aren't people pissed off subsiding the profitable fossil fuel cartels for decades,?
The author makes a strong point about building 91 Gigafactories.

Tesla-David | 21 December, 2019

Thanks @Mike83 great link. For the cost of one year of oil subsidies we could build 91 gigafactories. That would be an insanely positive move. Let it happen. Tesla/EM is doing more to move us in the right direction than any other segment of our society, and I am immensely proud to be part of this movement and Tesla. They are so much more than an automobile company and are disrupting in every sector where they are operating. I think the Tesla-Energy solar + energy storage will be mega disrupting in the near future. Lots of folks getting Powerwalls and solar and with the antiquated energy grid in California and most other States, becoming a microgrid less reliant on the grid to power your home is the right direction. I watched a utube segment recently with Jack Rickard who thinks this is the future.

Mike83 | 2 January, 2020

The down under people put a fossil fuel advocate in power and this is making this awful. Why are people electing such ignorant people who ignore reality; is money more important than their health or living comfortably? I guess con men get elected esp. when uninformed voters are apathetic. Just watching the tragedy unfold.

Tesla-David | 2 January, 2020

Hopefully the bushfires in Australia will provide the incentive to throw out their conservative anti-environment government and replace it with one that will act on Climate Emergency. It is scary how much devastation these fires are causing.

FactDoc | 2 January, 2020

Money from lobbyists first
Public opinion and health second

Mike83 | 2 January, 2020

I use Amazon a lot but reading this bothers me. I like to support only companies that take serious actions to switch out of fossil fuel uses as much as possible.

FactDoc | 3 January, 2020

I never use amazon

Only environmental friendly companies

FactDoc | 3 January, 2020

I never use amazon

Only environmental friendly companies

andy.connor.e | 3 January, 2020

Theres other reasons to not use Amazon. Like the fact that Amazon is closing 30% of malls and stores.

I hope you never shop at retail stores because they are certainly not up to par with your standards.

Tesla-David | 3 January, 2020

Can't stand Bezos, too obsessed with making money at the expense of saving the planet and paying his workers a fair wage. Good on Amazon employees pushing for more action. I will certainly avoid Amazon for all my future purchases.

Mike83 | 3 February, 2020

As new viruses spread and evolve faster along with enormous economic damages we find that Scientists were right on. Politics and government that gives the fossil fuel industry our tax money should be thrown out.

Tesla-David | 4 February, 2020

This article should catch the attention of financial advisors investing in coastal real estate, especially in Florida. Stranded assets will be coming as reality catches up relative to Climate Emergency.

'Spencer Glendon walked onto the stage of one of the world's most exclusive investment conferences. He had a chilling message for the 3,000 portfolio managers, asset allocators, private investors, and other Wall Street elites gathered at New York's Lincoln Center. "I hope this is clear," he told them in May 2019. "Civilization is built on a stable climate and we are now moving rapidly into instability. And I'm quite sure that people's financial models don't reflect that."

Mike83 | 5 February, 2020

Wow. Thanks for the link. This quote from the article gives me hope. The 1% might be changing their tune soon. Perhaps Tesla is a good investment choice and that may explain some of the large volume in the last week of trading.
Fossil fuels becoming stranded assets are not going to give a good ROI

"Glendon is trying to make that choice as stark, visceral, and urgent as possible to the people running our financial system. These investors and decision-makers can continue to "play Russian roulette with our hospitable planet" by financing industries that destroy our stable climate, he has said. Or they can do the hard but necessary work of actually waking up to the emergency bearing down upon us and transforming our entire society to avoid it.

Glendon ended his speech at the Sohn conference with a call to action crafted specifically to the one-percenters in the crowd.

"Take advantage of all the people who come to you and want to talk about things," he told the room. "You can talk to your clients, your counterparties, your lenders, the banks, the politicians who ask you for money relentlessly, and the companies you invest in. You can push those ratings agencies and say 'we should have better zoning and building codes, electrify everything, promote clean energy.' It's good for business. If you want your kids to go to conferences like this we should do this now.""

Mike83 | 8 February, 2020

People that are educated and have knowledge and common sense are divesting from fossils. Reason may trump the insanity and self destructive behaviors. A fossil free future might even end the scapegoating and stupid categorizations of different people but I am giving the boneheads too much credit for a hint of common sense.

Tesla-David | 8 February, 2020

Thanks @Mike83 for the link and excellent news. The Divestment movement is really taking off and anyone stupid enough to invest in fossil fuel companies deserve the blood bath they will receive. Students are telling their institutions clearly to stop investing in those sources.

"The decision came after 90% of students who voted on a referendum voted in favor of divestment."

Mike83 | 19 March, 2020

10 Musicians taking on the Climate Crisis. It is really odd that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not what some Americans don't like.

FactDoc | 20 March, 2020
Tesla-David | 20 March, 2020

Greenland Lost 600 Billion Tons of Ice Last Summer, Raising Sea Levels, NASA Study Finds

andy.connor.e | 20 March, 2020

There are millions of gallons of oil not being burned due to this virus. Everyone should be cheering.

Mike83 | 20 March, 2020

Thanks Tesla-David. I just found this picture from the weather service. This is scary.

Sparky135 | 21 March, 2020

I believe in freedom of choice not government forcing something on me if you want wind and solar get it that’s fine if you don’t fine live your life.

Mike83 | 21 March, 2020

You know how to tell if your a redneck. When you cut your lawn you find 5 old cars.

Mike83 | 5 April, 2020

Combining rooftop solar with EVs is spreading like wildfire(Powerwalls needed) throughout the world now. Netherlands may be the leader but the US may catch up.

FISHEV | 5 April, 2020

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2020 Americans want Climate Change Action.

We have an election in a few months on this issue.

Mike83 | 5 April, 2020


FISHEV | 5 April, 2020

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FISHEV | 5 April, 2020

That's why it's mostly you just bumping it.

Mike83 | 5 April, 2020

Not interested in your opinions which is not factual. Be considerate and mind your own threads which are excessive and redundant.

FISHEV | 5 April, 2020

Dude! You keep fluffing your own necro threads from years gone by...its a form of spam.

andy.connor.e | 5 April, 2020

necro threads are not regularly receiving new comments and info

Mike83 | 5 April, 2020

Just flag the fool. I know fossil fuel promoters dislike facts or the truth with the history of the chronology right in their face.

Tesla-David | 5 April, 2020

"Coral Reef Tipping Point: Near annual bleaching frequency"

Great Barrier Reef:
"The first two were in 1998 and 2002, and then there was a 14-year gap before the 2016 and 2017 events. The latter two resulted in the death of almost half of the famed reef's corals in just two years, NBC News reported.

""The gap between one event and the next is shrinking, not just for the Great Barrier Reef, but reefs throughout the tropics," Hughes told NBC News. "That's important, because it takes a decade or so for a half-decent recovery of even the fastest-growing corals. The slowest ones take several decades."

Coral Reef are now in the crosshairs of extinction!