When to buy a Model S?

When to buy a Model S?

Hi all - very new to this forum so I apologise in advance if this has been talked about previously (feel free to just point me in the direction of the post(s) that answer!)

I'm in the fortunate position of being ready to purchase a Model S, my model of choice is the 100D with pretty much all the options (less cold weather and faster charging). I've only just gotten to the point where I'm ready to purchase and I believe I'd be much smarter to wait for at least the Model 3 configurator to be released before I place my S order.

I figure if there's any advancements that they're planning on introducing with the release of the Model 3 those would be rolled out to the S and X at the same time. I'm also conscious that the longer I wait the better the car will be but.....also conscious that it will be an amazing car no matter when it gets built/delivered.

Does anyone have any thoughts/guidance? I figure if I wait I'll only need to wait until June, possibly July? and considering it's a significant purchase those extra 3-4 months may be worth the wait.

Thanks all.

Victorg-90D | 30 March, 2017

@james - Just buy 100D NOW!

It is impossible to win Tesla race. I placed MS90D order around Christmas-2016, and by the time it went into production in Feb it became obsolete. A bigger 100kWh battery was announced, but I was not able to get it.

The same will happen to you too: bigger 105kWh battery? Faster charging? New color available? Something else? You cannot win, just buy NOW and learn to be happy with what you got.

muddy | 30 March, 2017

Victor, you nailed it!

james | 30 March, 2017

That is what I've been leaning to.... :) thanks.

trixiew | 30 March, 2017

Do it now. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

hsuru4u | 30 March, 2017

dont get the whole biggest battery mentality. You will have a charger in your garage right?? why spend the extra $$.I mean across country superchargers are all worked out that a bigger battery isnt really an advantage..Enough of one. Its odd how people think. like the 100 will be better the the 60? lol mileage wise sure but do you drive 300 miles a day?

Mathew98 | 30 March, 2017

Just piling on. Do most owners realize that the S60/75 is more nimble and consume less energy when compared to the larger battery pack variants? I noticed anywhere between 15 - 25% difference while driving in multiple loaners in identical driving conditions.

Bighorn | 30 March, 2017

If you have the money, do it. If I were to trade my P85+ I'd likely get the 100D.

Mirlen | 30 March, 2017

If you don't already have a Tesla, DO IT NOW, you're missing out on the awesome linear feeling acceleration, no noise, no shifting, I'm hooked!

james | 30 March, 2017

hsuru4u ... I will be driving at least 350km per day with the potential to not going home to my charger every night (occasionally) so I would like the comfort of the longest range possible.

james | 30 March, 2017

Forgot to say, my other big draw to the 100D is that added acceleration, I can't justify the $80k (AUD) price hike for the 'P' but as I believe I will need the range and the 100D has that little bit extra acceleration, it just works out to be a happy coincidence :)

The flying hippie | 30 March, 2017

If you wait, you might luck out and get some added feature you didn't know existed until they announce it but I guarantee you you will lose out on having a huge grin for that much longer. Life's short, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

dvanlier | 30 March, 2017

I'm going to play the contrarian here. The reason to wait is that you might consider holding out for a model 3. I think Elon is trying to convince everyone that the model S is always going to be way better then the model 3 because those are high margin cars. But looking at the prototypes I don't know that it's going to be the case. The model S isn't really known for being very luxurious so I can't see the model 3 being far behind in that respect. And the tech will be the same. So all you're really getting is slightly longer range and slightly better acceleration.

An alternative theory might be that the model S has to move into a much more luxurious state so that people still have a reason to buy one, but that hasn't happened yet. It doesn't really compare to 80k luxury cars from other brands purely in that respect.

james | 30 March, 2017

I really don't think I'm interested in the model 3 due to the size (two young tall kids that are only going to get bigger) but you make a good point, it's things like that which are what I've been thinking, whether it be quicker charging or a more refined interior. I figure he's got to do something to further differentiate the model S from the 3. I realise he's doing that with batteries which is another reason I'm not interested in the 3. But still, good points I think. Thank you all.

reed_lewis | 30 March, 2017

If you think the car will be what you want, then purchase it now. Do not wait because once you start driving, you will enjoy it every day.

You probably already know this, but if you use a referral code, you get $1000 off the price of the car.

Use mine if you can!


reed_lewis | 30 March, 2017

I bought mine (an inventory vehicle which needed to be delivered to the store), and for the two weeks it took, I was impatient. Once I got it, the grin has not left my face. I got a 60D premium interior with cold weather, etc. I did not get the air suspension or premium audio.

I really like the car, and do not regret buying it at all.

Think of it like a computer. There will always be a little faster processor, a little better graphics, or a little bigger hard drive. But if the item you are purchasing does what you want, then buy it.

For example since mine was purchased, the headrests are now adjustable, and the seats are a little different. But I do not care.

In terms of the basics, not much will change in the next year I bet. And a 100D will get you over 300 miles per charge.

Haggy | 30 March, 2017

If you buy it now, it's possible that you will miss out on new features. In fact, it's definite. If you wait a year, it's also a sure bet that Tesla will go ahead and improve things even more. If you buy the car then, you will realize that you deprived yourself unnecessarily for a year or longer.

Is there any specific feature you want that the car doesn't have that you think they might add? I ordered mine before autopilot v1 was announced. ACC was on my "must have" list but my previous car had been totaled so I ordered a Model S anyway. It turned out that they built my car just as the feature was added. If I had waited a bit over two years longer, I could have had the latest autopilot hardware and the latest facade, but frankly that wouldn't have been a good enough reason to hold off on my purchase. None of that was on my "must have" list.

My Model S doesn't have everything that my previous car had, but there isn't a single feature that I regret not having, even though it might have been added to a newer version.

On the flip side, I bought mine in September 2014. By mid 2016, I had a car with all the features I would have gotten had I bought a 2016 with those options. The car updated itself time and time again, adding many of the features I thought were missing. That's why Tesla doesn't advertise model years. The car keeps improving.

james | 30 March, 2017

I love my tech and completely understand the computer analogy, but I'm more coming from the perspective that there's a relatively good chance things will be changing or they will be offering a deal or adding something extra etc etc due to the Model 3 coming up soon and I'd imagine that will coincide with the 3 configurator.

If I didn't know they had that big release coming I certainly wouldn't even be considering any of this and would just be ordering but at present there's no immediate need for the car so that's why I've been considering just waiting the 3 months or so to see what happens. I am definitely still in two minds about it though.

Haggy | 30 March, 2017

One thing I forgot to add is that months after I got my car, Tesla added a self closing charge port flap. I'm stuck with the old one, and whenever I unplug the cable, I have to close the flap all by myself. Damn!

Run4Waffles | 30 March, 2017

@james - if the car has what you want, go ahead and buy it now. You can drive yourself crazy playing this game. All the while, you're not enjoying the ride. ;-)

Take a look here: | 30 March, 2017

I would recommend you wait until the M3 announcement before making any decision. The free supercharging is gone and there isn't much incentive to order now vs waiting a couple months. It's possible they will announce improvement to MS at the same time they announce the M3 configuration.

Dunginhawk | 30 March, 2017

you can get an inventory for a nice discount, still with supercharging, and its basically a brand new vehicle.. thats what i would do

Run4Waffles | 30 March, 2017

There are no discounts for an inventory car. Inventory defined as being new.

hsuru4u | 30 March, 2017

wow 350km a day......yikes..commuting sucks huh

ST70 | 30 March, 2017

I'd wait until 2022....the car will really be awesome by then...

NKYTA | 30 March, 2017

@Haggy, yeah, that half a second a few times a week really kills me. ;-)

But "snap" "clunk" is so satisfying in someway...

Victorg-90D | 30 March, 2017

It is very likely that Tesla team will be busy and spend most effort on Model 3 design/release, and leave MS to update 6 months later. Do not wait until 2022 - federal credit $7500 will expire in 1-1.5 years.

reed_lewis | 31 March, 2017

There are discounts for inventory cars. The ones that have been test drive models are discounted. Some more than others. At the Dedham store a few weeks ago, they had a P90D which was discounted a grand total of something around $300. OTOH, we have seen bigger discounts on floor models, etc.

But Run4Waffles is completely correct in that a car which has never been sold/sat in/demoed, etc. is going to be never discounted.

Sefar | 31 March, 2017

@Run4Waffles, i have to disagree. I got a 2016 inventory S75D with 1600 miles at about 5K off just this month. It was optioned perfectly for me, has lifetime supercharging along with HW2. The discount, along with a referral discount from was just enough to cover enhanced autopilot.

Lots of inventory cars have a discount and very low miles. Some are new and have no discounts, some have actually had price increases. A late build 2016 with HW2 and still has free supercharging was the perfect way to thread the needle for me. But those cars are disappearing- there were three people, according to my advisor, that called after I pulled the trigger saying they had customers interested in buying the car I got. The car you are looking at today and planning to buy tomorrow is the same car someone else looked at yesterday...

stereoshopper | 31 March, 2017

I've thought about eventually exchanging my S85 with autopilot for a M3. I like smaller cars. But now that Elon has stated that that there will only be a center instrument cluster like the Prius and that the initial models will not be AWD, it has become less appealing. Plus with the massive depreciation that I've experienced, I think I'll hold on to my current car and watch the prices drop on used M3s after the debut.

james | 31 March, 2017

I've actually looked at two vehicles which are ex-demo (both HW2), both have about 4,000km on the clock and both are being offered with a $9k (AUD) factory discount. I'm not too interested in them as the $9k difference when spending $200k+ isn't worth not getting my ideal spec (colours/glass roof/wheels etc)

David N | 31 March, 2017

Wait? Are you kidding?
You are way overthinking it.

Haggy | 31 March, 2017

For the $1000 code, I'd suggest you use

and pick the name of somebody who actually helped you by answering questions for you. That's supposed to be the point of the codes.

robgorman | 31 March, 2017


Toothless2 | 31 March, 2017

My only regret in buying my Tesla (P85D, delivered March 28m 2015) is that I didn't do it sooner.
Once you get yours, you, too, will know that regret.
Don't wait any longer.

rafamis | 31 March, 2017

Food for thought... Why are there near no S70 or & 75's for sale in the Cer Pre Owned pages?