Who's a member of Mensa?

Who's a member of Mensa?

Captain_Zap | 10 April, 2017

I never could figure out what the point is of joining an organization like that.

NKYTA | 10 April, 2017

If the test example wasn't in French, I might have a snowballs chance, as I'm generally good with pattern recognition. But perhaps I'm supposed to know the French language to be deemed smart enough... ;-). Don't really have time for google translate right now.

vp09 | 10 April, 2017

Tres bien compatriot Citizen NKYTA

RedShift | 10 April, 2017

I'm smart. With or without a membership at a club. What do these Mensa folks do anyway?

KP in NPT | 10 April, 2017

I took it in French. (Je parle. Oui.) I will keep my score to myself. I'm into the whiskey. but...

First part - look at the figures, which one is next in the series,

Next, of the 5 figures, which 2 do not belong,

Then, of the 5 figures on the right, which one completes the sequence

Then, what number completes the series

What domino completes the figure

Bonne Chance ;)

vp09 | 10 April, 2017

Red, I went to a Mensa meeting, years ago. A bunch of self-interested men, talking about themselves. Skip it.

KP-- Merci-- To all interested in this question, my advice, find the Columbo episode "The Sky High I.Q." That pretty much sums it all up.

Ross1 | 11 April, 2017

One of my kids

reed_lewis | 11 April, 2017

This reminds me of the old Groucho Marx line.

"I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member"

That is what I think of Mensa.

Bighorn | 11 April, 2017

There are many high IQ clubs or "societies." Mensa has the one of the lowest bars for admission--98th percentile. Pi and Mega are 99.9999 percentile if you're looking for exclusivity or bragging rights.

mntlvr23 | 11 April, 2017

I am thinking that if you are willing to pay fees to join a club so that you can identify yourself as a smart person - shouldn't that effectively disqualify yourself.

Bighorn | 11 April, 2017

but they have an awesome cribbage club

rxlawdude | 11 April, 2017

I second @reed's comment quoting Groucho.

Perhaps as one reaches a certain age, self-congratulatory organizations become less important.

Captain_Zap | 11 April, 2017

The corner tavern has an awesome cribbage club and it is free.

Frank99 | 11 April, 2017

I qualified to join, never saw the point. I work with a lot of really smart people, many of whom would qualify to join, don't know of any who are members. I had a lot more fun coaching at the local Little League than I expected I would ever have had in Mensa.

SamO | 11 April, 2017

I don't know much about Mensa but there is one organization I've joined. All you have to do is buy the car but it helps if you bought the stock early.

It doesn't denote increased intelligence but chances of having an amazing time are optimized daily.

Post here with your results.

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

part 1 c, a, e, b, d, e (?)

Tropopause | 11 April, 2017

If they're so smart why don't they do something to help the planet, like Elon!

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

part 2 (b,d), (b,e) (c,d), (a,e) (d,e) (d,e ??))

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

part 2 last one should be (c,d)

cweber | 11 April, 2017

Sean Spicer?

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

part 3
a, d, d, e(?), d, e

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

part 4

81, 256, 235, 35, 6 (?), 324, 8711, 44, 112, 31000

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

part 5

(2,0), (0,1), (3,4), (1,1), (0,6), (2,2), (4,1), (4,2), (0,6), (2,0), (5,3)

Silver2K | 11 April, 2017


Silver2K | 11 April, 2017

Your chances of success to monitored tests are average, but we invite you to come and try!


Bighorn | 11 April, 2017

The one we ate at?

carlgo2 | 11 April, 2017

@Frank99: I also coached LL and above for many years. I was always nice to my smart players because I thought I might have to ask them for a job someday. As for me, I always had my scorebook ready in order to know the score, so to say.

Captain_Zap | 11 April, 2017


Nope. The seedy one on the corner.

radami2 | 11 April, 2017

I'm too dumb

carlk | 11 April, 2017

Who are those people? Those test samples are too easy.

Fast Girl | 12 April, 2017

Mensa? Isn't that an in-person version of this web site where everyone tries to show how much smarter they are than everyone else? ;-)

Bighorn | 12 April, 2017

@Fast Girl
No, that's Menses.

Fast Girl | 12 April, 2017

I'm a member of Womansa. We get together and talk about how to control Mensas ;-)

BumblebeEV | 12 April, 2017


we have the same IQ, it seems

iTesla | 13 April, 2017

I was told if you don't know the answer, pick "C."

Mike83 | 13 April, 2017

Not me. I had to work hard in life. But it was worth it.
My computer beats me at Chess.

vp09 | 13 April, 2017

MENSA sounds good at first glance. But do read Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers.

(it's not your I.Q.; it's a lot of other factors.)

BumblebeEV | 14 April, 2017


Outliers: The Story of Success

Author: Malcolm Gladwell Category: Art of Living Other name: Diana C. Website: Date: 28-October-2012


I was searching for something to read during my flight today, couldn't be better!

BumblebeEV | 14 April, 2017

www dot lequydonhanoi dot edu dot vn/upload_images/S%C3%A1ch%20ngo%E1%BA%A1i%20ng%E1%BB%AF/Outliers-%20The%20Story%20of%20Success dot pdf

vp09 | 14 April, 2017

Yes EV that is it! Good stuff, huh? I read the chapter on Harlan County, Kentucky, out loud to my wife in our Tesla when we were driving back from Texas. I told her "this is about me."

robgorman | 14 April, 2017

Not a member, but I once delivered the potato salad to a Mensa picnic.

BumblebeEV | 15 April, 2017


Really interesting read!

I've gone through the fist 60 pages during my flight and this makes me see things differently on how to give the best tools possible for my kids to succeed in life. And now I know I am not a self made man, opportunities helped me. And now I don't care about my IQ as long as I had the basic requirement I needed to finish my PhD, number doesn't mean anything to me after I read that book! And the Matthew effect from the Roseto community study really pushes me to reevaluate the place I will raise my children based on an incredible supportive community with a school with adequate support.

A must read book for everyone!

mntlvr23 | 15 April, 2017

His other books are very good as well - Tipping Point, David& Goliath

vp09 | 15 April, 2017

mntlvr23 I started with Blink. Tipping Point was excellent too. I think Outliers is the best. I have but have not yet read David and Goliath, except the first part, about David and Goliath, which nearly knocked me over! (sorry for bad pun.)

vp09 | 15 April, 2017

High IQ certainly isn't enough to guarantee success. One thing Gladwell didn't mention was the longitudinal study of Louis Termin of Stanford on the genius-level kids based on their Stanford-Binet scores. He followed them throughout life. None of them won a Nobel prize, but two that did not make the high-I.Q. cut did-- Alvarez and Shockley.

In case anyone is wondering what this has to do with Tesla, the connection is that the Gladwell book is about genius, about the many factors that predict success, like what part of the year you are born in, for hockey success. Amazing. I wish Gladwell would do an article on Elon Musk and his success.

EV there are podcasts from Gladwell that you can hear in your Tesla. On your 17" touch screen do "search anything" and enter "Revisionist History." One of the best is about the "sudden acceleration" on the Lexus from 10 or so years ago. What a story. Stunning!

vp09 | 15 April, 2017

I totally agree with you, EVolution. The stories of Bill Gates and the Beatles show that success was not just an accident or luck or personal effort.

Garyeop | 16 April, 2017

The OP left the relationship between MENSA and Tesla adoration open. He might have related membership to success, being pompous, or being more worldly than most. We don't know.

As for a good read might I suggest

Deepak Malhotra.
Negotiating the Impossible: How to Break Deadlocks and Resolve Ugly Conflicts (without Money or Muscle)

For a good listen...

Fast Girl | 16 April, 2017

"vp09 | High IQ certainly isn't enough to guarantee success. "

Agree for sure. Example, the boy with a mental affliction so bad that he can't even dress himself or do anything, so his dad has to take care of him. Yet, they travel around the world making a million dollars a year where he gives Piano performances to play any song perfectly even if it hears it only once !

lauriebhatia | 16 April, 2017

Donald trump is member of mensa?

Red Sage ca us | 16 April, 2017

I'm not much of a 'joiner'. So, no.