Utility Company Rebates

Utility Company Rebates

I am sure this topic has been discussed before. But I will ask your opinions anyway.
In NYC, Con Edison is the electric service provider. They are offering rebates for EVs, through a 3rd party, called FleetCarma. They are offering Reward Cards or Gift cards.
The rebates are as follows.
$ 50 to sign up
$ 10 to fill out the survey
$ 5 per month, every month.
.05 Cents per Kilowatt hour of charging on any charging between 12am-8am
$ 20 dollars per month from June 1 to Sept 30. For not charging between 2pm and 6pm.
Supposedly good no matter where you charge in the CON ED area. You do not have to charge at home to get the rebates.

EXCEPTION to rule. If you charge between the hours of 2pm and 6pm on ANY day between June 1 and Sept 30, you lose the ENTIRE month of the 20 dollar rebate.

What do you guys think?
Good? Bad?

How does this compare to what you guys have? I would love to know.

reed_lewis | 3 May, 2017

Much better than I have. I have a local municipal light and power company that serves two towns. The rates are lower, and the service is great, but there are no discounts for EVs at all.

There is discussion about doing something to entice EV owners to charge late at night, but it is still just in the idea stage.

SUN 2 DRV | 3 May, 2017

I don't see any costs or downsides, are there any?

Is that $0.05.kWh a rebate (as listed) or is that the price of electricity? That would be an awesome rate most anywhere. If it's a rebate, then what is the net cost/kWh...

Do you have any alternatives that you could use instead? Seems like an obvious good deal to me...

Pg3ibew | 3 May, 2017

FleetCarma gives you a gift card credit of .05 for every kilowatt hour.