Men's Tesla Bib Short

Men's Tesla Bib Short

Has anyone purchased the Men's Tesla Bib Shorts?. Can you provide some feedback as to their quality and fit and finish. Thanks

rxlawdude | 8 June, 2017

I dunno. I eat pretty neatly, so I don't need no stinkin' bib. :o)

Captain_Zap | 8 June, 2017

Are you talking about the biking shorts? If so, someone posted a picture of themselves with them on in the forum. I forgot who. They seemed quite proud.

Rocky_H | 8 June, 2017

I could understand a bib shirt, but shorts seem awfully far away from where you eat, so I don't see how a bib there would be useful.

Captain_Zap | 8 June, 2017
It isn't the thread I was thinking of but it might help.

Bamboo8 | 8 June, 2017

@Captain_Zap. Thank you; that's exactly what I was looking for. BTW what's the best way to search the forum these days? I see that Volkerize isn't working any more

Captain_Zap | 8 June, 2017

I found that link using

SCCRENDO | 8 June, 2017

I ordered the bib and riding shirt a few years ago. Looks cool and use it about once a week for a 56 mile ride. In less than a year my shorts developed a transparency much like you see on women wearing spandex that has worn. I bought a 2nd pair which I have used for over a year and still looks good. They are comfortable for me and generally good quality. The shirt is fine.

J.T. | 9 June, 2017

@Bamboo8 Before purchasing, you should try and test some lipstick and rouge on a hidden part of the fabric. maybe near the fly. :-)

Bighorn | 9 June, 2017

So your wife got the car?

PBEndo | 9 June, 2017

+1 JT
+10 Bighorn

Just did a covfefe (the act of spitting one's coffee on the keyboard).

KP in NPT | 9 June, 2017


J.T. | 9 June, 2017

@Bh Took a while but it sure was worth it!! Nice.

PBEndo | 9 June, 2017

What brilliant comedic timing. He waited until just before the 4th anniversary to drop that gem.

PBEndo | 9 June, 2017

Makes you wonder what other jokes he's been saving up, biding his time.

Rocky_H | 9 June, 2017

Oh, with that history of activities, maybe a bib in the shorts area makes sense.

KP in NPT | 9 June, 2017

What happened to Bamboo8?

He must be busy. "riding the bike."

NKYTA | 9 June, 2017


Bamboo8 | 13 June, 2017

...yeah guys laugh it up. I am sure some people reading this thread have no idea what you guys are talking about though. I went back and read the thread again. It was pretty funny albeit at my expense. If inquiring minds must know, I gotta get in shape instead of being a shape. Hence the bike. Yeah and apart from the hairless chest, women love men in Lycra. @J.T. Suggestion duly noted.

SCCRENDO | 13 June, 2017

Get the bib and advertise Tesla. The price is competitive compared to other bike bibs.

Tropopause | 13 June, 2017

Is there a fly on bib shorts? How did you do it, J.T.?

Bamboo8 | 13 June, 2017

@sccrendo how's the chamois? Most third party bibs are made by one of the big companies: Castelli, Assos. Can you tell which one this is made by?

SCCRENDO | 13 June, 2017

The chamois is as good as if not better than the upscale bibs that I otherwise use. It is as comfortable as it can be after a 56 mile bike ride through hilly terrain. My only concern was how quickly the outside material became transparent on the first bib but the second bib has worn well. The material is about 80% polyamide and 20% elastase with a few percent variation in different parts of the bib. A word of advice. I wouldn't take JT too seriously when it comes to bike shorts. I am guessing that the most exercise he gets is walking from his Tesla to his bagel store.

SCCRENDO | 13 June, 2017

@bamboo. It is made in Romania

Tropopause | 14 June, 2017

Romania also make good covfefe.

xhawk1011 | 4 October, 2018

Biking bib shorts no longer available?

SCCRENDO | 4 October, 2018

Update. The bib shorts don’t wear well. My second pair are already becoming transparent. The shirts are great. I am still on my first one.