Other drivers hating on Teslas on the road?

Other drivers hating on Teslas on the road?

If this has been discussed elsewhere, please point me there, but I've begun to notice a lot more aggressive driving from other cars that seems directed toward me when I'm in my Model X. Things like tailgating, cutting me off on the highway, not letting me change lanes, and some notable incidents of getting flipped off. I'm not an aggressive driver and I try to be respectful of others on the road. These are times that seem uninvited and deliberate, and it's happening enough that I'm wondering if it has something to do with hating on my car? Has anyone else noticed this kind of thing?

lilbean | 13 June, 2017

The opposite happens to me in LA. When I drove my Ford, I had someone wave their fist at me even though I was within the speed limit as opposed to someone waving and giving me the thumbs up in the Tesla.

Bighorn | 13 June, 2017

Where do you live?

I've found a lot of close driving to be more curiosity than acts of intimidation. People taking pictures and video is not uncommon. Folks with performance cars may want to see how they stack up, trying to prompt a little show of speed.

Captain_Zap | 13 June, 2017

It seems to me that there has been more aggressive speeding around me since the public became familiar with Tesla. I am not sure if there is a general up-tick in speeding and this is just a coincidence.

There seems to be more aggressive driving and a greater disregard for general safety and basic traffic rules in recent years. (Passing on the right, more people speeding up for the red lights.) There has been an increase in accidents according to data acquired in our region. Insurance rates are going up. Cell phones could be a contributor. Is it a general reaction to population growth and overcrowding that brings out the worst in drivers?

Tarla's Driver | 13 June, 2017

I've noticed the opposite in New England. I had a guy in a ICE car give me a huge thumbs up the other day. Mostly I think people treat me like they would any other car. Most drivers don't think too much about the brands of cars, and probably assume it's an Audi unless they notice the logo or EV license plates. Around here, there are tons of Audis, Porsches, and BMWs, so I don't feel like the car stands out that much as an expensive car (that was the thing that made me the most hesitant about buying it).

I'm curious as to where you are--attitudes can be very different regionally. In some places, you'll get hate for driving an EV from people who assume you're an environmentalist. in some places, you'll get hate from for driving an expensive car. I suppose some people are just anti-Tesla. Unless you run them off the road and question the survivors, you'll never know for sure. (I don't recommend that, but report back if you do).

Oh, and you'll get flak here for not deleting a double post. (Please clean up the second post--only you can do that.)

Silver2K | 13 June, 2017

mostly when other drivers get up close they are either taking pictures of the car and/or a close shot of the vanity plate. They also pull up on my blind side to take a side photo of the car. I once wondered what a person was doing on my blindside on the thru-way in NY, I looked in my side mirror and the girl driving was taking a photo and she almost drove off the side into the ditch.

I also notice when muscle car drivers pass, they are very aggressive and purposely rev they're engine. I usually floor it and blow them away to end the debate on the spot. :)

carmon | 13 June, 2017

Sorry about the double post! I can't fix till I get home to my computer but I will take care of it.

And I live in northern CA where there are a LOT of Teslas. The flipping me off was what got me wondering what's going on, and it's usually been jacked up pickups. I wondered if it was related to Elon Musk pulling out of the White House advisory council because of disagreement about the Paris Accords. Some people may be grumpy over that?

lilbean | 13 June, 2017

I just had a motorcyclist honk at me and wave their pointer finger at me. I was driving 70. Maybe I wasn't going fast enough for him. Who knows.

Bighorn | 13 June, 2017

Motorcycles tend to be Tesla lovers--he was probably giving you the "Number 1" sign. Pickups often have something to prove, but I've put a few in their place and now I get waves from a lot of them.

Frank99 | 13 June, 2017

As a longtime motorcyclist, I'd guess:
1. He was an off-duty cop who didn't like your speed, or
2. You just did something that showed you didn't see the motorcyclist - you merged into him, turned left in front of him, didn't yield to him, or something similar.
I wasn't there, I don't know squat, but I would consider it a personal favor if you reflected back on the situation and considered whether this was a possibility.

carlk | 13 June, 2017

Where in Northern Cali? No way it is the greater Bay Area where a Tesla is totally ignored other than perhaps by another Tesla owner.

rxlawdude | 13 June, 2017

I want to know how I can lane split when a donorcycle rider sits in the middle of the lane at a speed less than adjacent lanes.

I'm tired of shoulders being used as de facto donorcycle "lanes" inches from the actual lane.

DTsea | 13 June, 2017

Lane splitting is only legal in cali. Seems like a crazy thing to allow.

Silver2K | 13 June, 2017

When did lane splitting become legal? They pulled motorcycles over when i lived in San Diego from 84-87

lilbean | 13 June, 2017

Thanks, guys. I didn't change lanes at all. I am always courteous to motorcyclists. I think, bighorn is right.

vp09 | 13 June, 2017

Silver I rode from 2003 until last year when Wife made me sell the Sportster. Lane splitting was legal during all that time.

Or, not illegal. CHP changed their position a few years ago from "legal" to "not illegal" or words to that effect.

Tropopause | 13 June, 2017

Driving on small, two-lane roads in my town I notice muscle cars, traveling opposite direction, revving their engines as we pass.

I tend to receive, or perceive, positive attention from other drivers. Some just looking, some thumbs up and some wanting to dual. I live in pick-up truck country and have yet to have any problems with them. The way I see it, we're both driving American made vehicles and that's cool!

SCCRENDO | 13 June, 2017

I'm with Rxlawdude. Donorcycles are a real irritation. As a cyclist I am obviously sympathetic to 2-wheeler unprotected vehicles but most motorcyclists on the freeway are a**holes. If you don't move over quick enough in the carpool lane and scrape the middle barrier you get the one middle finger salute. Where I cycle in rural Orange County they show their arrogance to defenseless cyclists.

carlk | 13 June, 2017

I always make room for lane splitters when I see them coming especially that S is a wide car. Sometimes they will wave back to show appreciation. These are always sports bike and never Harley riders.

lilbean | 13 June, 2017

This new generation of motorcyclists don't wave anymore. Twenty years ago, they all waved when I moved out of the way.

rxlawdude | 14 June, 2017

@SCC, where do you ride? I've done Santiago Canyon a few times, and frequently do the Aliso Creek trail from Laguna to Cook's Corner.

Tropopause | 14 June, 2017

I try to stay out of the fast lane during rush hour traffic because here in California the motorcyclists split between the two most left lanes. In the other lanes I can relax with auto pilot on and not worry about checking my six every 30 seconds.

SCCRENDO | 14 June, 2017

Usually on Saturday morning I ride Santiago to Cooks and then follow El Toro to Trabuco, through Irvine back to Jamboree. My total ride is 56 miles. Started doing this when I was training for 1/2 ironman triathlons. This is the cycling distance. You will recognize me by my Tesla outfit that I usually wear versus Vineman 70.3 shirts. I hope Remnant is not reading this thread as he will likely try mow me down. If I ride with my wife I will do the Santa Ana river bed from Yorba Regional Park to Huntington Beach and back. Lately the bike path has been overwhelmed with homeless encampments and the ride has become untenable and frankly risky to cyclist and pedestrians alike. I am now doing the bike path from Portola to Newport Back bay with her and I will do an extra 15 miles. I am not that fond of the Aliso Creek trail and prefer surface streets.

stereoshopper | 14 June, 2017

I've noticed some aggression in San Diego, mostly from Euro car owners. Worst offender was an old crank in a 911.

Steven.Haver | 14 June, 2017

In case you're a new owner: it's worth paying attention to your deceleration for a little while to understand how you're communicating with the drivers behind you. It's possible the regen is triggering the brake lights in a way that you don't intend, although it doesn't sound like that would apply in some of the situations you mentioned.

Google: brake light regen

Most ICE drivers don't understand regen at all. When you're going down a mountain pass at exactly the speed you want to—not faster or slower—without needing to brake, they just think that's magic. :-) I drive a Leaf, where the lights don't come on at all via regen. That has its own set of pros and cons. Either way, it's important to understand how you're communicating from the mindset of the ICE driver behind you who has only ever driven an automatic.

Anyway, I hope this behavior towards you stops!

stereoshopper | 14 June, 2017

Excellent point @Steven.Haver. I hadn't considered the regen and associated brake lighting. I suppose that could motivate someone to drive faster to get around a Tesla that is constantly sending out stop signals.

rxlawdude | 14 June, 2017

@SCCRENDO, you are obviously hard core. Spandex and all. I ride with an old softball jersey, but totally possible we'll cross paths on the paths. I've done the river trail round trip for my 60th, but I shot for 30 miles on weekends. Mostly Peters Canyon and Aliso Creek trails and UCI to HB pier. See ya out there!