Something special for 3/31/16 in-store reservation holders

Something special for 3/31/16 in-store reservation holders

No hints yet of what those who stood in line on the 3/31 will get by way of an exclusive feature. Perhaps this will be revealed when the order is placed. Elon hinted at the end of his remarks in an almost emotional way that he truly appreciated those who waited outside of the stores and "that really matters to us and I really care."

weluvm3 | 29 July, 2017

As far as I can tell, I'm not getting anything special. Even my delivery date range seems to be the same at Nov to Jan. Maybe I'll get my invitation email a couple of days earlier?

christopher.selin | 29 July, 2017

I received some concept art of the model 3 a while back after reserving day one in store. I assume that was it.

jpadhye | 29 July, 2017

Elon had tweeted that first day reservation holders will get a special gift other than those concept art drawings.

rxlawdude | 29 July, 2017

Given that Tesla is doing everything to downsell the 3 and distinguish it from the flagship models, I'm guessing a big basket of bupkis.

weluvm3 | 29 July, 2017

I'm still hopeful. When I explained what my desired configuration would cost at the current pricing, my wife got very upset. And I didn't even tell her about the additional cost of activating autopilot, because I'm praying that Elon will throw us a bone and include it.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I dread having the conversation about the extra $5,000 on top of the $15,000 over what was supposed to be an "affordable" $35,000 car. I am starting to feel so selfish for wanting this car.

rxlawdude | 29 July, 2017

My bride heard the configuration we (er, I) want is $53K and almost had a kitten.

PhillyGal | 29 July, 2017

@Brian - I'm with you. Since AWD is next year and presumably P, which I had toyed with getting, I got very comfortable with the idea of base plus a few little extras. Didn't know the options would be packaged, or that the smaller battery would be a little delay.

Now my $42k car is like $60k. Ouch.

jefjes | 29 July, 2017

Elon also tweeted the AWD would be available in 6-9 months and that isn't happening as we now can surmise so I wouldn't count on that "something special". Of course we could take the news from last night to mean that our something special will be the added cost if we want a car earlier. I'm going to have to wait for the base in order to miss that particular extra $14k bill for the special.

eeb9 | 29 July, 2017

I think EM said right up front that very few of these would be expected to sell at the $35k price point.

I always figured $50k, and even that is proving to be a bit low. My config is coming in at $55.5k before delivery, taxes or any other fees. That's if I stay with black, and get it wrapped later.

PhillyGal | 29 July, 2017

The something special could be as simple as a "3/31" etched somewhere in the interior. Which would be really cool! Picture how Jeep Wranglers have like half a dozen little jeeps hidden around the car.

akgolf | 29 July, 2017

I'll probably opt for the RWD version and wait for hopefully an air suspension option.

eeb9 | 29 July, 2017

One thing I think I'm seeing, based on the dates people are posting for availability, is that 3/31 reservations are coming in one month ahead of others, within a given cohort (owner/non-owner)

That's kinda special

ebmcs03 | 29 July, 2017

Has any non-tesla owner been invited to configure a car yet?

DarthB | 29 July, 2017

You will get a Tesla-brand umbrella ;)

weluvm3 | 29 July, 2017

@eeb9 true, if the "something special" is just one month sooner delivery, then at least that might allow me to forgo the long range upgrade and still get the rebate. Might even forgo the premium package, too, although it looks really nice. At least, this way, we could pay for the autopilot upgrade without breaking the bank.

If Tesla does activate autopilot for folks who waited in line (I was #2 in mine), then I'd probably take the first production configuration. Again, wishful thinking, but all along I'd been assuming I'd be able to get the first production car with autopilot and I want to hold onto that dream for as long as possible. Until I get the invite, and try to configure my car, I'm just going to keep telling myself it's going to happen...somehow...

AlMc | 29 July, 2017

EM: If you read about people needing something special for the 3/31ers, like me, how about just a special verbal thank you only. That works.

Please concentrate on solving the hellacious model 3 ramp and forget anything beyond a 'thank you' to the 3/31ers.

Silv_c | 29 July, 2017

The Canadian dollar doesn't help either. Nothing to do with the car price but just saying.

peter | 29 July, 2017

Hey, it's a gift. Why would they tell you about it up front? Relax. It's not like there was a flashing blue light on 3/31 when you put in your reservation with an announcement stating that if you signed up that day you would get a gift...

weluvm3 | 29 July, 2017

@peter you are quite right, In fact, if anything, we were standing in line to give Tesla a "gift" (an interest-free loan.)

bljxn | 29 July, 2017

The 3/31 also created the media frenzy that became the sensation of now 500k people signed up for a car that until yesterday didnt "exist" for owners.

Lines of hundreds of people shown on every news station pretty much was worth how much in normal advertising air time?

Wow... got a new jewelry robot check... Had to consider if whole foods counts as jewelry since they probably take payment in Jewelry :)

kkchan67 | 29 July, 2017

If you don't mind waiting till early 2018, you can get the bottom line model 3, which is still a great car, for $35k. And if you waited in line in California there is a very good chance you'll get both the $7500 federate and $2500 state credits. Tell your wife you're getting the safest, most advanced car for 25 grands she's going to give you a hug and then some!

MarlonBrown | 29 July, 2017

I expect no meaningful gift. Forget this. Maybe a tshirt but that will not a life chAnger for you.

teslamodelx | 30 July, 2017

I would be very much interested to see what that something special would be, but I heard that they might provide free no charge supercharging as a token of their appropriation!

Cclcal | 30 July, 2017

Free supercharging would be worth it

JK_PA | 30 July, 2017


weluvm3 | 30 July, 2017

Free supercharging would definitely be worth it.

AlMc | 30 July, 2017

Free supercharging? Really?

I hope not and I have two 3/31 reservations and my wife has one but if so it will be for a limited time.

There is enough financial pressure on Tesla.

ebmcs03 | 30 July, 2017

Only in store reservation holders? I guess that limits the gifts. But I want to say its autonomous driving. Its essentially free to Tesla. All hardware is there software is a suck cost. Its already written and done.

And early delivery long range cars are getting bundled with premium package for $49k??? Shouldn't it be a forced option to get Autonomous driving? Since this is the car to make all cars autonomous? Elon wants this car to be autonomous. The forced premium package makes less sense.

mfstorino | 30 July, 2017

A color other than black and non aero 18" rims would be nice

weluvm3 | 30 July, 2017

@AlMc Why? Referrals still get free supercharging. Someone who stood in line all night like I did essentially "self-referred." Besides, most people plug their electric cars in every night anyway (I know I do--I've got a Fiat 500e), and Tesla is moving towards solar powered Superchargers.

So the cost of providing emergency and travel charging to those people who stood in line is hardly going to put Tesla out of business. Especially if it is limited to the original owner (and it should be.)

In fact, it will hardly be life-changing for folks like myself to have it and it won't amount to a huge windfall, either. I maybe spend $60/month on charging my car now (a lot less than I spend on my gas powered car.) Even if I drove to my local supercharger every few days to "fill up", how much money would that really amount to over the life of my car? A few thousand bucks, a the cost of many hours of time wasted and inconvenience over just plugging it in every night. I'd have to be a real cheapskate to do that. And I doubt that most people who stood in line to put down a $1,000 deposit for a $35,000+ car sight unseen are cheapskates!

In my opinion, free supercharging would end up costing Tesla about $1,000 per buyer who stood in line. Or, about the cost of upgraded paint. Or their original deposit. Or the "delivery cost" (whatever that is!) Or far less than what a legacy car company is paying in incentives or dealer profit to hawk their cars. Hardly enough to put Tesla out of business. Frankly, I find it annoying that some people keep insisting that all we deserve is a lousy T-Shirt for our troubles.

if all it takes is a T-Shirt to make you happy, I've got a whole drawer full of them for you. Knock yourself out. I'd prefer something a little bit more meaningful and useful.

@mfstorino Yes, very annoying that I feel I am essentially forced to pay for upgraded color. I could live with almost any other color besides back as a base option.

@emchang I agree, that is just a software unlock. If they provided the software free, then my family could stretch for the launch version. But it looks like we cannot afford both, and that kind of sucks. I'm feeling a lot poorer this weekend than I did last weekend... :-(

AlMc | 30 July, 2017

We shall see.

eric.whang | 30 July, 2017

Thank you card from Elon with concept sketch of the M3 was it. Bug Elon on twitter if you are aching to know.

AmpedRealtor | 30 July, 2017

If Tesla were to include something of monetary value, the one that likely would cost them the least: Autopilot and/or FSD. Those are merely software activations that do not reflect a hard cost, Tesla's internal cost for development amortized over several hundred thousand vehicles is likely not that high on a per-vehicle basis.

In fact, Tesla could throw in FSD for free to all day one reservation holders with the purchase of Autopilot. That's a long-term future feature that hasn't been released yet and would certainly be a nice "good will" gift to throw into the mix.

Bighorn | 30 July, 2017

They're not charging for the FSD hardware, so they need to make their profit on the back end. It isn't free and giving it away is an opportunity cost. They lose money if there's not a threshold capture rate. To simply say they're overcharging is baseless without knowing the sunk R&D and hardware costs and the associated labor of installation. Retrofit costs from AP1 to AP2 were estimated to be $60,000 when people started inquiring. Obviously that's not the cost de novo, but it's not inconsequential.

vp09 | 30 July, 2017

kkchan67 I am with you. I'm buying 2 of them and I'm counting on net $25,000 each, plus delivery and California 9% sales tax.

Standard battery is more than we need on range. Way more.

Stock wheels are fine.

rxlawdude | 30 July, 2017

@BrianJ: "Referrals still get free supercharging. Someone who stood in line all night like I did essentially "self-referred."

Only for MS and MX. NOT for M3.

larsso | 30 July, 2017

@emchang I think you are missing the concept of why they are forcing people to buy the premium package - it is not primarily to capture an additional $5k of revenue, it is to allow Tesla to not have to produce two sets of cars early on during the critical phase of production ramp. One battery, one options list. Musk said a long time ago that the only initial option would be color and wheel size, so no surprise.

steven415 | 30 July, 2017

We're getting nothing. Let's be real. Elon said 3 options would be cheaper. They are not. In the end he's a salesman as well and i admire the guy, but he needs money

mdjmd | 4 August, 2017

Agree with AmpedRealtor. A software unlock would be a nice surprise, and would also benefit Tesla from the free marketing about how cool "full self drive" is.