Reserve your model button

Reserve your model button

Hi, a few questions, please, and I did look at the main site, couldnt find the answers

1. if you click on reserve your model button, after putting in CC info, do you still have another page to look at before it charges you?

2. I read that it is REFUNDABLE , somewhere, right? You can cancel this when they come back to you and say it is time to do the options?

3. When do you do the options, AFTER you are given a production date?

hoffmannjames | 2 August, 2017

1. Once you put in your credit card info and hit the "pay button", it charges you.
2. Yes, it is fully refundable any time.
3. Tesla will send you an email when your reservation number comes up. You will then be able to pick your options and place your order to start production on your car or hold your place and wait.

libertaslives | 2 August, 2017


s7davis | 2 August, 2017

Once you place options order it is not refundable any more. Be sure before starting your order process you will want thed car. Right now deliveries will not be until 2019. I know this because I did my reservation just 2 weeks ago that was my estimated date.

rxlawdude | 2 August, 2017

@hoffman, I'm glad you said "when your reservation number comes up" rather than "when your number's up." :-)

libertaslives | 2 August, 2017

2019? So the tax credit will be completely gone by then, so ordering today eliminates tax credit it seems.

libertaslives | 2 August, 2017

@s7davis are you US citizen?

topher | 2 August, 2017

"2019? So the tax credit will be completely gone by then, so ordering today eliminates tax credit it seems."

Tax Credit will probably be $1275 for the first 2 quarters of 2019. It isn't going to get any more likely, with reservations coming in at 1800 per day. If you have the $1000 to spare, do it now.

Thank you kindly.

s7davis | 2 August, 2017

Well I just looked at my tesla page and estimator I am in California now showing spring to summer 2018 for delivery of standard range