Too many Model 3 orders...could Model Y help?

Too many Model 3 orders...could Model Y help?

So with Mr Musk stating that the Y will use many of the same components of the 3, this could bring the Model Y delivery date back to 2019...and with the 3 adding orders faster than Tesla can make at full 2018 production speed (kinda a great problem to have)...could/would/should Tesla offer current reservation holders of the Model 3 a choice of moving the deposit from a 3 to a Y and being first in line...and would people do this sight/price unseen?

Not sure if this would help Tesla...the 3 will sell every one they can make for the next couple of years
And the Y should do as well or better...
Moving some orders from the 3 to the Y could relieve some of the production pressure, while making sure there are plenty of Y orders to fill in 2019...but truthfully it looks like there will be massive orders for both. So moving orders might not offer much relief...except for maybe allowing the supply chain some time to massively ramp up components needed for both cars.

So while the effort (moving customers from 3 to Y) wouldn't be much or hard, it still might still be more work than any reward.

But if Tesla did say, "hey loyal customer, if you move your Q1 2018 Model 3 order to a Model Y, we will put you at the head of the line for a Q2 2019 delivery date," would people be interested?


(Probably a silly idea...but how would the stock market react to Tesla claiming, "Hey, we haven't even fully shown the Y year and have 150,000 orders"?...I don't know why I always have Tesla starting every sentence with"hey".)

bgbythsea | 2 August, 2017

If given the option to change my 4/6/'16 Model 3 reservation to a near-front-of-the-line reservation of a Model Y, I'd jump at the chance. I doubt Tesla will offer that because the market is so skittish. Such a move would trigger speculation all over the place, likely adding to uncertainty and volatility. The mere mention of "production hell" triggered a decline.

carlk | 2 August, 2017

I'm sure there are a lot of people who want the Y but it's best for Tesla to do one thing at a time. Going to 3 production for a couple of years before tackling Y production sounds like a logical strategy to me.

attica04 | 2 August, 2017

The other half has firmly stated we are waiting for the Model Y so the Model 3 is off the cards at this time. Loves the idea of a smaller SUV with gullwing doors. Who am I to argue??

eeb9 | 2 August, 2017

I plan to take my Model 3 ASAP, just because it's the best thing going in terms of BEV tech in the $$$ range I'm willing to spend. But I'll happily and rapidly contribute to the CPO market when the Y or something similar comes to market.

I'm getting the Model 3 "in spite of" a list of compromises - I look forward to a platform that more closely aligns to what I actually want in a car.

jefjes | 2 August, 2017

I advise all Model 3 reservationist that wanted a hatch back and AWD to cancel your model 3 reservations immediately so you can be ready for your Model Y reservation. That should free up the production hell somewhat to get you your Y sooner. As a side benefit, it should get me my base Model 3 sooner...;)

Nexxus | 3 August, 2017

Looks like they're going to have to open up that new factory.....soon.

WormtownKris | 3 August, 2017

I am in the exact same position as eeb9. 3 now. Probably trade in for an early Y when available.

andy.connor.e | 3 August, 2017

I'd consider a Y. Obviously that goes without saying that i'd want to see it first. I wont switch my reservation to "a car we havent seen yet" such as how we all reserved our Model 3.

mos6507 | 3 August, 2017

I was hoping the second reveal (which turned out be a non-reveal) would also open reservations for the Y. Now I'm I'm biding my time waiting to see when the Y reveal happens, which would have to be within a year I'd think if it's two years away.

topher | 3 August, 2017

"Looks like they're going to have to open up that new factory.....soon."

Yeah, probably not going to b able to wait until they drive one of their competitors into bankruptcy, to buy their factory for cheap...

I would definitely take a Model Y over a Model 3, as long as the longer wait was at least somewhat firm, and price reasonable.

Thank you kindly.

carlk | 3 August, 2017

Chances of getting a Y just becoming a whole lot better when Elon said yesterday it be built upon the 3 substructure. It won't happen that soon when Tesla still could not meet even a fraction of the 3 demand of course.

carlk | 3 August, 2017

@jefjes You are lying. You just want others to cancel their reservations so you could get ahead. Very smart. ;)

petertdh | 3 August, 2017

I still keep my Model 3 and will buy Model Y whenever it comes out.