Anyone else agree that leather should have been standard with the base $35000 car?

Anyone else agree that leather should have been standard with the base $35000 car?

I'm not trying to convince anyone otherwise but I feel leather should have been standard on the 35k car. All the auto pilot hardware is standard so it leaves the possibility of activating the features later but I just don't feel right paying 35k + for a sedan without leather. What do you guys think?

eeb9 | 3 August, 2017

I disagree - leather should be optional.

That said, I think fabric should also be available with the premium option pack - possibly as a better grade of cloth

Not everyone agrees that "leather is better"

I prefer good cloth over leather in just about any kind of seating situation. No, scratch that. I prefer cloth in *every* seating situation

But I'm an idiosyncratic curmudgeon and Luddite.

finman100 | 3 August, 2017

nope. leather is for cows.

Maximillian | 3 August, 2017

I want the white leather seats so I guess it doesn't really matter to me. I don't think leather even comes standard with the S so I wouldn't expect it to come standard with the 3. I do agree, however, that is kind of sucks that it doesn't come standard with leather seats

Yamil.alquizar | 3 August, 2017

Perhaps you are right, it's just that in my brain I tend to think of most sedans in the 30-40k range as having leather. Maybe that's just my own incorrect reasoning.

Shock | 3 August, 2017

Honestly I'm okay with it. My current car was $35k and the base does have leather, but in general leather is a reasonably pricey option and/or standard in expensive cars and/or part of an expensive package.

Rutrow | 3 August, 2017

No. $35K is base. It may be hard for you to get your head around that fact, but that is reality for BEVs today. Right now, just buying the skateboard (battery, motor and wheels) is the vast majority of the vehicle's cost. The 3's minimalism is proof that every added feature in the cabin cuts into profit. Even simple things like gauge cluster, center armrest, and FOB had to eliminated to come in at $35K.

Shygar | 3 August, 2017

It's not leather is it? I heard it was a vegan synthetic.

deemo | 3 August, 2017

Why - a $35K BMW 3 series or $40K MB C class have leatherette not leather and require about $5K of options to match the model 3 standard equipment, don't have hardware for self driving and are much slower (turbo 4 cyl)

sbeggs | 3 August, 2017


And we like the textile on our Model S.

burdogg | 3 August, 2017

Um, not standard on model s our x so why the 3?

Bighorn | 3 August, 2017

If Tesla were a charity, then yes. Otherwise, it's unrealistic given the cost constraints of the large battery.

carlk | 3 August, 2017

I disagree. BTW you're not getting leather even if you go with the premium package. The synthetic material is better than leather though. It's softer and lasts longer than leather.

Mel. | 3 August, 2017

No . I paid extra to get white synthetic with my model x. This is really superior to leather.

carlk | 3 August, 2017

Bighorn Tesla is not a charity? You must be kidding me. Why I keep on hearing people shouting give me give me give me?

MarlonBrown | 3 August, 2017

I agree. A nice faux leather was standard in beamer 3 and Audi. Eeb is one of those rare guys who prefer cloth.

pmlugo | 3 August, 2017

Leather? What year is this - 2007? Leather is an inferior seat covering material IMO. My Model X synthetic seats material are better then previous leather seats we have had.

Bighorn | 3 August, 2017

Honestly, I thought this thread was a joke because it's so outlandish an expectation.

Iwantmy3 | 3 August, 2017

I am surprised that leather isn't an option for the premium interior. I will trust in the reviews that say that the supplied material is as good or better. However, my experience with leather has been very good and would be hard to beat. It is durable, comfortable, and cleans up nicely when something is spilled.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 August, 2017

I don't like leather. I prefer cloth or a nice, durable textile.

PhillyGal | 3 August, 2017

@Iwantmy3 - Check out the YouTube channel called Like Tesla.
I'm pretty sure she is the one that smeared ketchup and mustard on the white Model X seats.

Frank99 | 3 August, 2017

I'll throw in with eeb9 - I far prefer fabric seats to leather. Some of it has to do with living in Phoenix where leather seats can be excruciatingly hot in the summer, some of it has to do with enjoying spirited driving where fabric keeps your butt from sliding as much as leather.

patswin | 3 August, 2017

We ended up getting textile for our x. I really wanted leather but my wife wanted the textile. I was very impressed with the way it looks and actually prefer it over leather. If the textile in the 3 is the same that's what I would want. However, if I go with premium pkg it upgrades it to the faux Leather. I might have to make a complaint about that : )

carlk | 3 August, 2017

Everyone, myself included, who has had ultrawhite seems to like it. Leather has its history and leather has been available for a long time but it's far from the best material we can have now.

dave.m.mcdonough | 3 August, 2017

It's a RWD fast electric with over 200mi range, I would be ok building my own interior from scratch. Something only a few years ago I was accepting as reality.

akgolf | 3 August, 2017

I like the looks of the ultrawhite and will wait for that.

Xerogas | 3 August, 2017

No. Why force everyone else to pay extra for leather? It's the base model, so it should have the based features. You can pay more for options that are important to you.

Other cars in the $35-$40K range are not the base models of those brands.

lilbean | 3 August, 2017

Does vegan mean it's made out of potato skins?

Rutrow | 3 August, 2017

I was hoping for kiwi skins. The fruit, not the bird.

lilbean | 3 August, 2017


Shock | 3 August, 2017

"I was hoping for kiwi skins. The fruit, not the bird."

Or the people *shock*

matt80206 | 3 August, 2017

mmm... I want alien skin, a nice iridescent purple... j/k white vegan please! Now what I am really curious about is a sunroof... option down the road please!

Tâm | 3 August, 2017

I thought all Tesla seats are now vegan:

COrich | 3 August, 2017

It's not standard on the S or X. Why would it be standard on the 3?

KiwiVagabond | 3 August, 2017

@ shock

Nah, we are all to coarse and hairy for your 'merkan backsides. ;)

PhillyGal | 3 August, 2017

@hawkeye - Lucky wife! I was vetoed on wanting textile in our S.

Bighorn | 3 August, 2017

Merkins go in front, usually.

keydiver | 3 August, 2017

Nope, sorry, I hate leather seats. As someone else mentioned, I have hated my scorching leather seats in south Florida. It doesn't work well with the shorts I typically wear. The fabric seats in my Model S are great.
I wish people would stop trying to compare the Model 3 to every other $35,000 car out there. It is a beautiful, 220 mile range, 4 door, 5 passenger EV. There is nothing to compare it to. Period.

David N | 3 August, 2017

Once was enough for me. I do not like leather. Too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter.

hapstr | 7 August, 2017

No, everyone seems to forget that a car with an all electric engine costs more than gas. You can compare an ICE price with an all electric price. EV just costs more. So why compare standard options on 35,000 ICE with T3? | 7 August, 2017

We've had leather seats in our last 2 cars. Light colored leather takes a lot of care to keep clean. Having a couple of dogs in a light colored leather is, in my opinion, crazy. Even with the darker color, the leather requires treatment if you want it to stay supple in the long-term. Other than my personal preference for the smell of leather, the "vegan leather" or textile makes more sense in the Tesla. As Tesla mentioned to the press on its introduction, it doesn't require any animal products and avoids the tannning chemicals - all good. The advantages of faux-leather include better durability and ease of cleaning. Especially for those selecting the white interior color, it makes sense. That said, I wish manufacturers would come clean about what they're using, rather than trying to convince buyers vegan leather is environmentally innocuous. Vegan leather is almost always PVC- or urethane-based. So, you are getting a nice plastic product with the environmental impact of plastic production and that new car smell. You can get details of vegan or faux-leather production impacts by doing a little research. It's not yet clear what material is used in the textile seats. It could be nylon-based textile for durability.

JuJo0 | 7 August, 2017

Hate leather seats, synthetic or not. I'm hoping the premium package doesn't only have leather or faux leather, and that I can get just higher quality cloth seats.

roushmichael | 7 August, 2017

The press kit says that textile seats are standard. Isn't that Tesla's vegan alternative to leather? Seems II have only heard good things about it.

Haggy | 7 August, 2017

Tesla wouldn't make something standard in the 3 that isn't standard in other Tesla cars. People associate leather with luxury cars because luxury cars have leather, not because leather seats are inherently better these days. They wear out over time and crack, can be hard to clean and may be less comfortable.

In the 1970s, leather was a good alternative to the cheap vinyl that was used in car seats, and cloth options weren't so great. Leather jackets were in. But you had to pay $13,000 for a Lincoln with leather seats, and that was a lot of money. It should make more sense to get something that will look nicer, is more durable, and more comfortable, but people are conditioned to expect leather.

In 1999, when the communists opened up Vietnam to US travel, relatives in the US were able to send gifts such as clothing to Vietnam. Many people there would rather sell it than have the clothing, since they could do more with the money, so much of it ended up in markets. You might have found a shirt with a WalMart label next to one with an alligator on it, and the one from WalMart might have sold for more money. People there knew nothing about advertising or whether it was fashionable to have an alligator on your shirt, so they went by which material looked heavier. As soon as you take away expectations and let people take an objective look, what they consider best might no longer be the same thing as before.

weluvm3 | 7 August, 2017

As long as my seat offers good support, and doesn't make me feel sweaty, I'm happy. I remember we used to cover bucket seats with sheepskins (fake, I guess.) Cost a few bucks, and they were pretty cozy, especially in the winter. If I don't like whatever my M3 seats are covered in, I'll see if my local pep boys has any still in stock... :-)

chhartwig | 7 August, 2017

For 35k, you should get 35k worth of car.....the company needs to make money.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 August, 2017

My rudimentary search, hardly extensive at all, didn't turn up any $35,000 cars that come with leather, standard. In each case, leather was an optional feature that cost more money to add to the configuration. I was actually surprised by that, but such is life. So, the market has spoken -- no $35,000 base car should come with leather standard, apparently.

Bighorn | 7 August, 2017

Hence outlandish.

noleaf4me | 7 August, 2017

no - I don't like leather