Will the Model 3 have the same Tesla iPhone app as S & X?

Will the Model 3 have the same Tesla iPhone app as S & X?

I find one of the many advantages of having a Tesla is the iPhone (and Android) app that you can use remotely. If I have groceries in the car (I live in Florida) I can set the cabin to 68 degrees while I'm shopping at another store. Normally it would be over 100 degrees in the car and all the frozen food would get ruined. It's also great on any sunny afternoon if you remember to set it 5 minutes before leaving a store so you get into a nice cool car.

I also enjoy using the app to watch other people (my wife) drive the car although it kills me when she drives over speed bumps at 20 mph! One time, Tesla Service picked up my car from my house and I used the app to track it back to the service center. The young guy who was driving it was doing 88 mph on the highway. I called Tesla and said that's a little reckless. It's not a Delorean.

In any case, I hope the Model 3 will have the same app abilities or better. Anybody know?

PhillyGal | 3 August, 2017

Yes, I'm 99% certain because lots of us will have both cars. It would be crazy to have two apps.

PhillyGal | 3 August, 2017

I too love seeing the location. Hubs picked me up somewhere the other day and I never have to call and say "where are you" or coordinate where to stand. I can see him and position myself accordingly.

Tâm | 3 August, 2017


Currently, Tesla phone app is designed that you can control multiple Tesla models that you own.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 August, 2017

I remember a report some time ago that said Tesla would have 'One App to Rule them All'... Essentially, the same app would be used for every Tesla product: cars, solar panels, power wall, etc. If that was true? Then, yes, it will be the same app used for Model 3 as Model S and Model X.

Tâm | 4 August, 2017

Tesla board member, Steve Jurvetson confirmed the same app for S & X

He showed the CONTROLS screen from his phone which is exactly like S & X.