I live in the Phoenix area. It reaches 120°+ and at least two months of high humidity. Has anyone heard of problems with the a/c being adequate for these conditions? Any local S or X owners?

eleestein | 3 August, 2017

I live in South Florida. Not quite as hot as Arizona but every day for the past month it has been 90+ degrees. I would say the AC for my Model S is adequate. Not the coldest air coming out and sometimes it seems that the air is being diverted to cool the battery. I don't know if that even happens but sometimes it seems that even when I'm blasting the air it doesn't come out all that strong. On the up side, I once saw a post from an Arizona owner that said the AC works fine in 110 degrees.

eleestein | 3 August, 2017

On a similar note, the only real problem I've ever had with my Model S was when the AC stopped working multiple times. My car was in service four times before Tesla realized that it wasn't a part failure (they changed parts that weren't broken) and that the next over the air software update would fix the problem (which it did).

Bluesday Afternoon | 3 August, 2017

At the end of lunch today I checked my Tesla app and it said the interior temp was 106 degrees. I turned the AC on using the app and in less than a minute the temp was 75 degrees. I also vented the roof from the app to let the hot air vacate the cabin. Hopefully the Model 3 will work as well.

CraigW | 4 August, 2017

Simply Red,
Excellent use of the Pano Roof.

Amped Realtor lives in the Phoenix area and I travel there frequently. Both of us have the Pano Roof and neither of us has had any real problems with the A/C. The trick of pre-cooling your car with your smartphone app has been used by old time owners many times. Me, I seem to be the forgetful type, but I am comfortable fairly quickly anyway.

dd.micsol | 4 August, 2017

Just SC the AC condenser. :) I did this on my integra. 2 cans of 134a. It was so cold the air was misty. Very comfy.

reed_lewis | 4 August, 2017

@Simply Red - That internal temperature on the App is not really accurate. To see what I mean, cool the car for a few minutes, then stop and restart the cooling system. The temp will jump by 10-15 degrees in 2 seconds.

jordanrichard | 4 August, 2017

Eleestein, nothing from the AC system is diverted to cool the battery pack. The pack is cooled via well, coolant. At lest in the MS, there are radiators in the nose and if need be, cooling fans come on to help expell the heat.

Rocky_H | 4 August, 2017

@jordanrichard, I'm pretty sure that is wrong. Have you not ever seen the message on the screen where the car actually tells you that air conditioning cooling is being taken away from the cabin to add extra cooling for the battery pack coolant? I haven't seen it myself, but I've seen plenty of owners here report seeing that.

Most of the time, yes, it is just sending the coolant through the front radiators to use passive air exchange cooling, but it does have the mechanisms to actively chill that coolant using the air conditioning system too.

Rocky_H | 4 August, 2017

I might be incorrect on that, but I have seen plenty of very knowledgable owners tell about this before.

Bluesday Afternoon | 4 August, 2017


The Tesla App temperature setting may not be extremely accurate but it beats the accuracy of the internal temperature NOT displayed in the car. ;-)

The point is the car became far more comfortable by using the app in a short amount of time.