very little M3 DAYLIGHT pics after July 28 - WHY ?

very little M3 DAYLIGHT pics after July 28 - WHY ?

Don't understand why but don't seem to see any daylight M3 pics after the night of July 28 release.
Those were taken in the dark and frankly don't know why they even posted those couldn't make out anything.
But since then nothing.........whats going on

KP in NPT | 4 August, 2017

There is one taken this week on the Model 3 FB pages. Remember only 30 have been delivered. Maybe the release candidates aren't out and about as much as they were before the delivery party.

dsvick | 4 August, 2017

Because there are only 30 or so of them out there and their owners work during the day so the cars are most likely sitting in the parking lot of the Tesla factory all day and only being driven out and about at night.

jordanrichard | 4 August, 2017

No, there is something else going on. I had posted a thread questioning why there have been no videos. Those first 30 owners though are certainly not obligated to do so, but with all of the attention this car has been getting you would have thought at least one of them would have done a quick video.

minervo.florida | 4 August, 2017

They were fake cars, they were never made. LOL

Come on guys, be patient.

gavinmcc | 4 August, 2017

Surely NDA....but even just 30 on the roads going to and from Fremont should be seen a bit...where are our Fremont area sleuths?

At this point I don't think more parking lot photos are gonna tell us much...I'm hoping for a "build and price" page on Tesla so I can see glamour photos of the colors and wheels and it could help a bit with realistic expectations of price...


KP in NPT | 4 August, 2017

I saw one at the design studio when I was visiting the supercharger there on Tuesday. There were many people taking pictures of it. (Including me.) :)

Maybe now that is released it's old news. ;-)

Rajkrishnan9 | 4 August, 2017

saw that need more detailed interior daylight videos

kzodz | 4 August, 2017

You do realize the 30 cars belong to Tesla employees. Would you want to piss off your boss to satisfy the nasty internet hooligans?

Rajkrishnan9 | 4 August, 2017

what happened to the 20 engineering validations ?

carlk | 4 August, 2017

Sounds like some want to propose a conspiration theory. If there is indeed a conspiration it would be easy for the conspirator to put out a few videos to convince people. I think it's just new owners do not want to or are not allowed to show people their cars.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 August, 2017

Tesla employees work for a living. I'd be surprised if any of them have even seen their own cars during daylight.

stevenroglen | 4 August, 2017

There's a step by step posting of pictures of the configurator that I saw on the facebook.

rennerfra | 4 August, 2017

Look here and you see a lot of close-ups (production quality seems to be improved):

Coastal Cruiser. | 4 August, 2017

Rajkrishnan9 "what happened to the 20 engineering validations ?"

Those are actually on their way to Mars to act as rovers for the first colony.

It's rumored that Elon cut a deal with the Federation for transport services. In exchange he is loaning out Franz to help with a new look for the Enterprise. The crew came back in time to get a look at the 3. This is galactic people. Galactic.