Acceleration shudder

Acceleration shudder

I'm starting to feel fairly frustrated that there still isn't a fix for the shudder the car does when accelerating quickly. Service center told me about 20% of model x cars have this issue and that they are working on a fix. Meanwhile it's been months and there still isn't a fix. Considering a spent my entire life savings and then some on a 120K car, I feel like it should be fixed within a certain amount of time or it should be replaced with a car that fits in the 80% group. (I love Tesla and this is my first negative thread. I still love my car, but I like to accelerate often and a car that shakes this much, or at all, while accelerating is not what I thought I was paying for. My shudder is bad!).

Your thoughts?

zanegler | 7 March, 2018

Taking my car in for the shudder....again. See if they try to say it is 'normal' and not even replace the half-shafts. I will report back.

dmm1240 | 8 March, 2018

Talked to a service rep about it yesterday. My 90X does not have the shudder problem, but I asked anyway. I was told the drive shafts can wear out causing the shudder problem. Tesla is working on it, but still doesn't have a true fix. Right now, they replace the shafts when the dreaded shudder problem crops up, but it's not a true fix.

The service rep also recommended setting the suspension on low or extremely low to give the drive shafts a better angle to propel the vehicle. Like others, I avoid flooring my MX from a complete stop. Done it a few times to wow passengers, but acceleration is just fine easing into it a bit for ordinary driving. MX's are quick no matter how you slice it. Why create a problem for yourself if a couple of small adjustments greatly reduce the likelihood of creating the shudder problem.

Tropopause | 8 March, 2018

“Why create a problem for yourself if a couple of small adjustments greatly reduce the likelihood of creating the shudder problem.”

I agree with you but if that’s the case then Tesla shouldn’t make a Performance variant since fast acceleration is its primary purpose. Hope they can solve the issue ASAP.

Gwgan | 9 March, 2018

Also asymmetric tire wear is worse with low suspension so it is not a great answer for daily driving.

zanegler | 9 March, 2018

Exactly Gwan. Plus this vehicle should not come with 'features' like this. It should be shudder-free at all suspension settings and all driving behaviors. In addition, Tesla should come clean with their current status, results of root-cause analysis, and prognosis for a permanent fix. They need to do the right thing like I expect from Tesla, and be transparent.

AxTrader | 16 May, 2018

Our Model X 100D started having shudder under acceleration shortly after we purchased her in Dec 2017. It has slowly and increasingly become worse over time. We normally drive in standard height with automatic lowering at 50 mpg. I dont want to blow through tires prematurely by remaining always in low. Bottom line, it needs to work as designed.

This past weekend, we added a Model S 100D to the family. It drives smooth as silk when the accelerator is put to the floor. I now expect our Model X to behave the same and will be asking to get the half shafts examined for replacements on the next visit to the Service Center.

Cuttin | 16 May, 2018

Ax trader. Was there a question there?

This is a known issue with a known fix.

I just had my front shafts replaced and I'm shudder free for the last month. I accelerate hard many times a day.

I guess sometimes it comes back and they'll fix it again. Life.

haddonezia | 7 June, 2018

I am going to call a service center to have the shudder issue addressed and will ask for the half-shafts to be replaced. Can anyone recommend a SC in the SF Bay area where they will make the fix without the "that's normal to shudder" BS? Thanks!

Tdreamer | 17 June, 2018

Front half shafts replaced Friday for the second time at 19600 miles on my Sept '17 X100D. As with my first replacement at 3400 miles or so, vibration felt in the front end between 45-65 mph. Watertown MA SC replaced with no push back. They said they had done a repeat repair on at least one other X that they recalled, but it was not a common occurrence for them to do repeat half shaft replacements. Also needed the front tires replaced due to excessive wear (rears were ok). They didn't attribute the wear to keeping the suspension on low and I went with that explanation this time around. I do tend to enjoy off ramps at speed and spent a day abusing the tires at a regional BMW CCA advanced driving skills event that I know took it's toll. | 18 June, 2018

As I left the service center on a rainy day, I turned left and had to accelerate to increase the separation from an oncoming semi. I felt a distinct shudder for the first time in two years. I immediately returned to the service center. A technician joined me in the car and did a test drive. He explained the effect of the air suspension height, lower being better. He also told me that traction control operates by the software pulsing the brakes on the appropriate wheels on a wet pavement, especially when accelerating and making a turn at the same time. This feels like a shudder.

I have not felt any shudder since and appreciate the trouble that the technician went to in order to test the car and explain its operation.

steilkurve | 24 June, 2018

I have it too on my one year old X100D. Got 20’’ wheels. I wonder, do cars with 22’’ also experience the issue? I have yet to have the issue checked out or explained the the SC but I keep thinking it’s traction control and if tires adhered better to the road, you would experience it. Thoughts?

Bighorn | 24 June, 2018


Bighorn | 24 June, 2018


Vawlkus | 25 June, 2018

I actually met with another X driver in my area who is having trouble with the half-shaft shimmy in their 90D that I haven’t hit in my 100D.
We’ve been comparing notes, and we haven’t been able to come up with any major differences between their X and mine. About the only major difference (other than battery size) is that he tows trailers, and I’m doing minor racing events (drag races, autoslolom, etc).

He had his half shafts swapped twice so far and is still suffering the shimmy. Comparing milages, I should have hit the point where my X should show the same symptoms, but I haven’t yet. It’s a real head scratcher.

vakil92 | 29 September, 2018

I think it’s something to do with the way they do alignment repairs on these cars ... I had no shudder on my MX P100D and turned it in for service .. car was pulling left .. they said they verified and corrected it ... now few weeks since the car has turned into a frikkin vibrator and pulls to the right and frankly undriveable... as it feels like all the wheels are gonna rip apart at 60 mph and I feel like I am sitting on top of a washing machine with an unbalanced drum and it’s on the high spin cycle ... very disappointing.. and getting worse as the days wore on .. I just left the car at the service center ... they wanted me to bring it in on Wednesday.. I just dropped it off at the service center today ... told them to fix it ... | 1 October, 2018

Starting to get a minor shudder at 40 mph when I launch. Don't do that often. I think I'll wait until the next annual service visit.

lilbean | 1 October, 2018

Sorry to hear that, @george.

markcohen | 1 October, 2018

@George, exactly the issue that I had. I do not drive aggressively and it didn't take it in order to feel it. Right around 40mph with brisk but not at all aggressive acceleration, the car would shudder. Suspension "normal". I also had a bit of a shudder braking. All fixed now - knock on wood. The SC ended up replacing lots of stuff... half shafts, jack shaft, front rotors, rear hubs, and rebalanced the front tires. There was a little discussion about whether what I felt was "normal" but once I got the lead tech to try it, they agreed and did a great job fixing it.

Redmiata98 | 2 October, 2018

George, is it only at launch or has it developed into a constant minor vibration. If so, you might check the inside wear on your back tires.

tommyaros | 4 October, 2018

2017 X in shop getting new half shaft and jackshaft. Will update if issues are fixed and part#.

peter | 4 October, 2018

I have recently started to get an acceleration shudder in my MX when accelerating on to the freeway. I currently have 21500 miles on the MX. I am planning on a trip to Montana and Idaho over the next two weeks and called the Seattle service center to be sure that there is no safety issue. I was told that this is normal as the MX gains more miles and that at highway speeds I should lower the suspension. and/or use the Chill Mode. While I don't drive with a heavy foot (average of 344 w/mi) I really don't want to use the Chill Mode. I want the maximum acceleration to be there when I need/want it.

The service rep told me that they haven't found that replacing the half-shafts or other parts help and that Tesla is working on software and other fixes for this problem.

Am I being blown off?

Redmiata98 | 4 October, 2018

Probably not, known issue but no known cure yet.

Tropopause | 4 October, 2018

Peter- you’re partially being blown off, in that the shudder will disappear after half shaft replacement but might reappear over time. I waited until the shudder was fairly bad before getting replacement, now it is smooth.

Brian Vicars | 29 October, 2018

Haven't been on this site since I picked up my sig red P90DL in June 2016. Hello again everybody.
Shudder is getting worse. SC says normal. Should I suffer through until my 4 year warranty expires? Love the car. Almost had a heart attack when I used Ludicrous mode the first time.

eveningsun | 29 October, 2018

From what I hear it depends on service center, some say 'normal' when it's not, some just replace and recommend to use 'low' once replaced (like in my case after just 10k km on my 2018 X). Maybe it sounds too simple or stupid but try another service center if possible, human factor seems here seems to be more important than in other cases

wmyers | 30 October, 2018

My X does something like this. I wouldn't call it a shudder as much as a grind. It sounds like an old diesel car if you floored it. It doesn't do it from a stop but does if you accelerate fast beginning at 20 or 30mph. Tesla must know about my problem because she asked what speed it does it from without me being specific first.

Tedl30 | 28 November, 2018

My problem sounds a little different. I feel a vibration in the steering wheel for about 2 seconds very intermittently. It can occur under any driving condition, but happens more often when turning on a curve. Took delivery in March of my Model X 100D and have about 4000 miles on it. It occurs at any level setting of the car. I sent a message to the service center on line and was told to contact my local service center. The problem is annoying, but not enough for me to go to the service center yet.

jjgunn | 28 November, 2018

Tedl30 | November 28, 2018
My problem sounds a little different. I feel a vibration in the steering wheel for about 2 seconds very intermittently. It can occur under any driving condition, but happens more often when turning on a curve.
Most likely Lane departure warning is turned on. Go into settings & turn it off.

richvtwin | 28 November, 2018

I purchased my Model X new in Sept.and noticed the shudder problem after only a couple hundred miles.It wouldn't repeat the problem when the Ranger stopped out to look at it. I now have 6,000 miles on it, the ranger stopped out again and heard and felt the shudder in the standard mode, he scheduled an appt. to go in December 12th. I will let you know the out come..

inconel | 29 November, 2018

outcome will very likely be replacement of the half shafts

chadcristi | 9 December, 2018

Try adjusting the suspension to "Low" and make sure the speed setting is set to "Always." Lowering the suspension eliminated 90% of the shudder on our MX. Approximately 15K miles later and there is no noticeable tire wear as a result. From what I understand, the tire wear issues were Model S's with the setting in the lowest mode.

Redmiata98 | 10 December, 2018

No, inside tire wear DOES happen on the model X too. My inside rear pax tire belts separated while I was driving on US66! Fortunately, I noticed the slow air leak and pulled over safely before they separated. The unrecognized early warning was an undiagnosed vibration similar to out of alignment tires that I had previously made an appointment for the next day.

drharshi | 22 February, 2019

I am having the same problem! Car shuddered and made knocking sound on acceleration. I notified Tesla service and they changed the arm and some other part of suspension. Noise did improve but temporarily. It is back now and along with a shudder there is pulling to the left as well. The service experts told me that the Very High Torque of these vehicles is too much for the suspension to handle. Guess they should have thought of it before selling the car for 160K. I have a Model X P100D. Any solution to this problem?
Lately I've noted tesla service staff to be very indifferent towards customer complaints. I have a vibrating rear seat, but Tesla service people told be if I drive with the second row folded, I should not have that problem. Who does that?
I hope they take care of this considering the kind of money they charge and promises they make.

jjgunn | 22 February, 2019

If they replace your half-shafts with the newer Rev B ones, you should ALWAYS have your Model X in "LOW"

I've kept mine in "low" & don't have this issue - Model X delivered in June 2018

PXChanel | 27 February, 2019

Model X 2018 100D 6,000 miles has no shudder yet, kept on Low suspension. Model X 2016 90D on Standard suspensión mostly had shudder after about 8,000 miles. At that point had no idea half shafts could be replaced. Will keep that in mind.

jeannestefan | 12 March, 2019

Have a model X90D for almost 2 years now with a lot shudder that started almost a year ago. The SC said it was still within spec when I brought it for service 2 weeks ago. The refused to replace parts as it might reoccur again.
I refused to take it back. They suggested to lock the automatic suspension at low.

I wonder:
- Would Tesla be able to sell a second hand car with shudder themselves? Of course not, I am sure they replace the parts for 2nd hand MX on their lot.
- How would a German premium brand (BMW, Audi) respond when you tell them your $120K car is vibrating at acceleration within the guarantee period ? Tell you it is within spec?
- Would any other car company suggest you don't use the features of a new car because it creates issues?

Is it too much too ask to have a car within the guarantee period to run within spec with the full features? If this is not resolved soon I consider legal action. With EU consumer law I can expect a product this new to perform according spec.

I feel sorry for the SC staff who need to stick to the handbook and have to treat customers like this.

inconel | 12 March, 2019

The Nissan GTR (I forgot which generations) had a launch mode that voided warranty and destroyed your gear box.
The Golf TDI had an exhaust that was killing people and the manufacturer said it was within specs.

Redmiata98 | 13 March, 2019

This is a known problem that dates back to the first model X production, mine is #61 of the line. It appears Tesla can’t or won’t engineer a fix for the problem. Some Xs are going or soon will be out of warranty and no fix appears to be on the horizon. Perhaps, a class action needs to be initiated to get Tesla to “solve” the problem or provide a feature refund for the lack of consistent performance?

Vawlkus | 13 March, 2019

Good luck with that idea short.

cuong | 13 March, 2019

Thank you for the help, and I do still enjoy it. The service center told me to try setting it to standard, because usually I have it set to low, but I'll try switching it up again. I can handle waiting, but considering it's already been months, I feel like if they don't have a fix within another few months, then they should replace the car with one that doesn't have the issue. (Wow I hate myself for complaining, that's Joe much I love Tesla! If it were a BMW I would be way more pissed. Hahaha!)

quintman99 | 13 March, 2019

Hello there,

This is sounding like a very common issue and seems to be a known one. I was looking at the S and was then intrigued by the X. I was actually in the used market through Tesla, and of course this issue is not brought to light when I asked the SC about any known or common problems. I don't really need an SUV, and I certainly do not want to spend that kind of money and have it in the shop on a repetitive basis. I like the heaviness of the X, but it seems as though it has the same pickup and speed of the S, but that comes at a cost of the half shafts and jack shafts.... I also put a lot of miles on a car and it needs to be reliable. Can anyone share any thoughts if they had a choice now between the S and the X , especially in light of these frequent shudder problems. Are their any other common problems that anyone is aware of??? You help is appreciated.

Uncle Paul | 13 March, 2019

Had the shudder appear afte my 75X uncorking. Not to be ungrateful for the extra power, which evidently is causing the shudder, I simply set my suspension to low and it is much better.

Only notice it when I am at full throttle from a stop. Not a big issue for me, but hope they can come up with a solution.

tony_calvert | 19 March, 2019

I have a 2017 last day of the year MX vin 79xxx with 20,000 miles on it. I just started to have a bad shudder all over the car. It started last week at speeds over 45mph. I took it to my local tire shop Les Schwab in Portland Oregon area. They said it was a tire that had a “hard rubber area” that made the tire no longer round. I have had over 50 cars in my life and I have never heard this one... So I went to Tesla and purchased a new front passenger tire, and had LS install the new tire. I drove away and everything seemed OK no shudder at 45mph. However when i got onto the freeway and hit above 70 the car started to shake again. At speeds of 85 the car is dangerously unsafe, shaking so hard it felt like the tires were coming off the ground. I drive my car in SoCal in the winters where we go easily 80+ on i15 outside Palm Springs. So I need to get this fixed. I am taking the MX to the Portland Service Center on friday of this week. I will let you know what they say...

In the past I have had small amounts of shudder at extreme acceleration with my ride height set at low. This is totally different. The car is a little scary to drive over 65 now... totally unsafe over 80mph.

So far Tesla has been great at fixing any issue I have had. I hope they can fix this one. Reading the post, it does not give me a good feeling...


Tropopause | 19 March, 2019


I may be wrong but your excessive vibration doesn't sound the half-shaft shudder we've been describing here. Either way hope you get it resolved and keep us posted.

inconel | 20 March, 2019

yes this does not sound like the shudder is caused by hard acceleration.

tony_calvert | 20 March, 2019

So no more shudder at high speed... Like the above post states my local Les Schwab has a road force balance machine. My tires were way out of balance. We balananced all four tires and now I have no shudder/vibration at speeds up to 110mph. The bad thing is we had to install a massive amount of wheights to make the tires run smooth. On my drivers rear we had to ad 8 oz. and the other rear wheel has about 7 oz added. We removed the Tesla weights.

So to try and prevent my tires from getting out of balance to this extreme I am going to try the following. Run my MX at standard height rather than low. Only because the inner surface of my tires are worn and I am going to try and get more miles out of my tires. I am also going to rotate my tires (side to side) every 5000 miles. I know this is not recommended by OEM tire manufacturers. I have never done this with zr rated tires however I feel I have nothing to loose since the tires are worn on the inboard side. The rest of the tires have 5.55mm 7/32”, new they are 8mm or 5/16” only worn approx .096” or little over 3/32”. If this does not work, I feel I had nothing to loose. I guess you could say its my own experiment.

I guess I will have to keep my foot out of the accelerator so that i dont have shudder problems getting off the line. Not that big of a deal any more sense i have had the car for a year now and I know there is almost no car that is quicker off the line.


quintman99 | 25 March, 2019

I am considering a used Model X, 2016 or 2017. I'm scared about these half shaft issues that I hear about with the X. Can anyone honestly tell me are they totally happy with their X. Have they had a lot of problems... Has anyone put upwards of 45 -50 K on their X with few problems... Please advise...

Does the later Model Xs have everthing the 3 has???

Your input is appreciated.

Makemark | 26 March, 2019

From my personal experience, I wouldn't buy a used X. Its a rattle hole. 3 is so much better!

Triggerplz | 26 March, 2019

I’ve been driving my MX since May 2016 with NO rattle

jjgunn | 26 March, 2019

quintman99 | March 25, 2019
Can anyone honestly tell me are they totally happy with their X.
I can honestly tell you I'm totally happy with my X 100D.

I do have the new half shafts. No acceleration shudder.

I had a Body Control Module go out. (Self-presenting doors) Replaced via warranty & all is great again. Nothing major. I have just under 20,000 miles in 9 months of ownership. With trips to wine country, Tahoe & Las Vegas.

It's far & away the most amazing machine I've ever driven.