2016 x90 6 seat fold flat?

2016 x90 6 seat fold flat?


On a 2016 x90 with the 6 seat option, do the middle row seats fold flat, or at least do the seat backs fold down to roughly horizontal?


SteveMost | 17 September, 2017


bbjj33 | 17 September, 2017

There is cargo mode, which allows you to drive with the middle row at a steeply tilted angle to accommodate for some more cargo. But nothing close to flat. 7 seat config lets all rows fold flat.

Triggerplz | 17 September, 2017

OP asked about a 2016 , 6 nor 7 seat config will allow folding of all seats on a 2016

inconel | 19 September, 2017

benjaminsho16 where do we select cargo mode? Thanks