2016 Used 75D Pricing Help

2016 Used 75D Pricing Help

Dec 2016 Model X

3k Miles, private sale.
I'm having a hard time finding comparable cars in the inventory.

Options: white interior, six seat interior, premium upgrade package, date of manufacture dec 2016

Any red flags? What is a fair price for this car?

Model - X | 15 November, 2017

Tesla has a ton of X 75D for sale.

Wilber | 18 November, 2017

Ashot - cant think of any 'red flags' but be aware that Tesla has made various changes to the Model X over time, most of which make todays new car better than 2016 models. For instance: folding second row seats. (Not sure if this affects the six seater, but affected the five seater i bought), also - windshield distortion or 'ghosting'.. There are various threads on this. It seems it did not affect all cars. you have to check the numbers on the windshield to see if it is an "OK" batch. Cars made in the last few months all have ok windsheiels i think. The seat comfort or shape may have been improved from 2016 to 2017. Unlimited charging will only be available on new cars IF they are delvered by end of next month. There are probably a few more minor changes if forgot. I agree that Tesla isnt listing any used 75Ds, so you might as well configure a new one like yours to get a number to start with, then adjust for age, mileage and features.

Bobez.calico | 19 November, 2017

Stop being cheap. Get a new one!

lilbean | 19 November, 2017